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Function of arts


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Function of arts

  1. 1. Functionof ARTSChristian Bjorn R. CunananMaEd PE
  2. 2. MusicIt is the art of combining andregulating sounds of varying pitch toproduce compositions expressive ofvarious ideas and emotions that arepleasing is basically functional.
  3. 3. Music and Its Functions• Music are marches and game songs.• It has a way of expressing our emotions.• The therapeutic value of music mayinfluence the healing process and speedof recovery of patients• It can also help do away with themonotony of labor and acted asstimulant.• Music is an art that best shows thecharacter and mood of cultural traditions.
  4. 4. Will TimeBig TimeKanTanongA music game
  5. 5. SculptureIt is the art of carving, molding,welding or producing works of art inthree dimensions, as in relief, orintaglio, is more functional thanpainting and literature.
  6. 6. Sculpture and Its Functions• Is the commemoration of the lives ofimportant people.• One very common functional use ofsculpture is seen in the coins. Every coinshows a relief.• Use for instructional purposes.
  7. 7. Symbol of Life• Make a sculpture made-out of clay• Mold your creation that symbolize yourpersonality.• Exhibit the work for evaluation.
  8. 8. Interior Designdescribes a group of variousyet related projects that involveturning an interior space into an"effective setting for the rangeof human activities" that are totake place thereI
  9. 9. Elements of Interior Design• Basic consideration• The over-all plan• Style and Period• Color and Color Schemes(Psychological Effects)• Windows and WindowTreatment• Floors and Floor Covering• Lighting and Lamps• Accessories• Room Arrangement
  10. 10. Design and Relax