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How to set up automated email marketing and social media campaigns

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  • Before we get started – why are you here?Let’s go around the room to see what kinds of businesses you have and the types of problems.
  • Marketing on Autopilot

    1. 1. Marketing on Autopilot Susan Prince August 30, 2012
    2. 2. About Susan Susan Prince  President and founder of Cadence Marketing  10 years working with small to medium sized businesses  We provide marketing strategy and design services  More than just marketing, we have the creative ideas you need to take your business to the next level.
    3. 3. Marketing at a typical SmallBusinessToo little moneyToo little time
    4. 4. Common Pitfalls You’re either doing the work Or You’re doing marketingMarketing doesn’t have to beeither or – you can focus onwork while marketing runsin the background
    5. 5. Marketing works A little planning A little technology Results
    6. 6. Marketing on Autopilot Make marketing work for you…  4 Simple Steps:  1. Have something to say  2. Set your schedule  3. Chose your technology  4. Load your content and let it run
    7. 7. Have something to say Marketing is a conversation. You have a reason to talk to your customers and prospects  Promotions  Tips  Your news and events  Industry news  People love photos Think about what you want to say
    8. 8. Set your schedule Get a calendar How far out in advance can you plan? Think about the whole year At a minimum, think 1 month in advance  Plan promotions  Editorial calendar (i.e., blog posts)
    9. 9. The goal is to stay in touchwith your customer How often? It depends. On you and your customers. Don’t over commit (i.e., the “monthly newsletter that goes out 5 times a year) Don’t make a pest of yourself Somewhere between once a week and 4 times a year.
    10. 10. Combine what you know witha little creativity You need to figure out what’s going to work for you.1. Who is your target?2. What are you doing now?3. What’s working?4. What’s not? Evaluate the options and decide which tactics will work for you.
    11. 11. Time vs. MoneyThink about where you want to spend your time and money Cost/Contact TimeSocial Media Free HighEmail Marketing Low MediumBlogging Low MediumPR Medium MediumDirect Mail Medium MediumPromotional Events Medium MediumTradeshows High HighAdvertising High Low
    12. 12. Chose your technology Think about streamlining  Which tactics can we automate? Social Media Blog Posts Email Marketing
    13. 13. Focus on the main players Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+
    14. 14. How can you automate SocialMedia? Use Social Media scheduling tools  Hootsuite (  Tweetdeck ( Pre-schedule your content. Create a spreadsheet of posts with dates and times to load ahead of time. Hubspot has a great template and tutorial: The world will never will know you’re not sitting at your computer.
    15. 15.  Social Media Dashboard – can see every social media platform at one time Load bulk posts at one time Pick and choose which platform to post. All or some.
    16. 16. Blog Posts Word Press Blogger Blog at least twice/month Promote through social media
    17. 17. Drip Campaigns – Nurtureleads Set up a series of emails that go out on a scheduled interval to keep cold prospects warm and to convert hot ones into customers. Email marketing:  Constant Contact  Vertical Response
    18. 18. Web Autoresponders What happens when someone contacts you through your website? The time to market to someone is when they are interested in you!
    19. 19. Marketing Iterations Do not set it and forget it! Make sure to throw in some “live” posts – respond to what’s going on in your world. Marketing requires regular evaluation Schedule time once a quarter to review where your new business is coming from
    20. 20. Building Relationships Your biggest source of business will come from existing customers – either as repeat business or as referrals. Use automated marketing to strengthen relationships and generate more business.
    21. 21. Congratulations!You now know everything to put your marketing on autopilot! You’re now ready for takeoff!
    22. 22. Follow-up Feel free to contact me if you have more questions.Susan PrincePresidentCadence Marketing22 W. Jefferson St., Suite 405Rockville, MD 20850www.cadencemarketing.com301.340.2520Follow me on Twitter @CadenceMarketBecome a fan on Facebook @Cadence Marketing