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Mentaltech Landscape for experiMental November 3, 2018

This presentation addresses how the MentalTech and MentalPharma sectors are collaborating. It was given at UCSF at the experiMental digital mental health conference.

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Mentaltech Landscape for experiMental November 3, 2018

  1. 1. + The Digital Mental Health Territory: A Pharma Overview Craig A. DeLarge, Curator/Researcher, The Digital Mental Health Project November 3, 2018 1 Copyright, 2018, WiseWorking, LLC
  2. 2. + The Digital Mental Health Project? ■ Research & Strategy to Accelerate the Responsible Adoption of Digital in the Mental Health Space. ■ A project portfolio to educate, connect & curate the work & experience of, the global digital mental health community of researchers, entrepreneurs, treators and users 2 Copyright, 2018, WiseWorking, LLC Digital Stress Mgmt Survey dMHp Blog DMH dbase DMH Literacy Events
  3. 3. + Copyright, 2018, WiseWorking, LLC Applications Across the Care Continuum 3 Categories/ Care Continuum Prevention Diagnosis Treatment Recovery PsychoEducation x x x x Care & Wellness Platforms x x x x TelePsych x x x BioSensors x x x x Mixed Reality (Virtual, Augm.) x x x Data Algorithms x x x x Some Caveats: ● Mobile apps, games, neurostimulation not called out as they have significant presence across all categories ● Care & Wellness Platforms subcategories include eMHR, eCBT, tele-psych, meditation apps, etc.,
  4. 4. ++Significant Gap Fill Opportunities are Emerging with Rise of DMH! Gaps PsychEd T-Psych BioSensor C&W Platf. VR Data Geo/Time Access x x x x x x Financial Access x x x x Early Detection x x x x x Addressing Stigma x x x x Education x x x Diagnostic Accuracy x x x x x Rx Effective./Efficiency x x x x Tx Personalization x x x Adhere & Follow-up x x x x Tx Monitoring x x x Suicide x x x x Copyright, 2018, WiseWorking, LLC 4
  5. 5. + 5 Barriers to DMH Adoption ■ Stigma ■ Privacy & Security ■ Understanding of Clinical Efficacy ■ Affordability & Reimbursement
  6. 6. + DMH Applications & Categories Copyright, 2018, WiseWorking, LLC 6
  7. 7. ++PsychoEducation: Providing Ubiquitous Knowledge & Support ■ Manifests as websites, social media, mobile apps, online video & podcasts & virtual reality & games ■ Value is expanding mental health education reach and access for treators, consumers, carers, etc., anonymity for stigma-concerned ■ Risk/barrier is accuracy, overwhelming choices & sources Copyright, 2018, WiseWorking, LLC 7
  8. 8. ++Care & Wellness Platforms: Improving “Line of (In)Sight” ■ Manifests in solutions providing multi-function eXBT, records, (yes eMR too!), monitoring, coordination, decision support, etc. Take us beyond point solutions. ■ Value is improved wellness/care & treatment “line of sight” across care continuum, silos & time; improved decision support, coordination & outcomes. ■ Risk/barrier is usability, security/privacy, interoperability, social/bureaucratic inertia & reimbursement Copyright, 2018, WiseWorking, LLC 8
  9. 9. ++TelePsych: Bridging Space & Time (often also in C&W Platform subcategory) ■ Manifests as apps & sites giving players (treator, consumer, carer) access to one another via video, phone, chat, etc., VR, & digital therapeutics ■ Value is address of engagement supply/demand discrepancies, expanded access to proven therapies & treator practice opps. ■ Risk/barrier is privacy/security, social inertia, training, licensure jurisdiction, reimbursement Copyright, 2018, WiseWorking, LLC 9
  10. 10. ++BioSensors: DMH’s Eyes & Ears ■ Manifests as wearables, digital therapeutics, sensor- leveraging mobile apps ■ Value is in objective biometric assessment & monitoring; decision support expanding ecosystem capacity to prevent & treat ■ Risk/barrier is security/privacy, ongoing efficacy proof & social inertia Copyright, 2018, WiseWorking, LLC 10
  11. 11. ++Virtual, Augmented & Mixed Reality: The “Other Real” that Heals ■ Manifests in solutions providing alternate reality simulations delivering exposure, CBT, embodiment (pain) & eye-tracking therapies ■ Value is relatively low-cost, high- access, controlled “trauma re- exposure”, rich simulation & biological monitoring ■ Risk/barrier is usability, tech limits, social inertia, reimbursement and ongoing efficacy proof Copyright, 2018, WiseWorking, LLC 11
  12. 12. ++Data & Algorithms: DMH’s Brain, Mind & Mouth ■ Manifests as rules-based decision support component in a variety of solutions as well as firms working to establish objective MH biomarkers, outcomes models ■ Value is objective biometric diagnosis & monitoring; decision support expanding ecosystem capacity to prevent & treat unwellness ■ Risk/barrier is security/privacy, validation & interoperability Copyright, 2018, WiseWorking, LLC 12
  13. 13. + DMH Pharma Overview 13
  14. 14. + MentalPharma, pharma companies that continue to focus on MH Copyright, 2018, WiseWorking, LLC 14
  15. 15. + DMH Engagement: Copyright, 2018, WiseWorking, LLC 15 Collaboration to deliver caregiver resilience support for caregivers of people with schizophrenia. Also doing with Genentech Collaboration for development of Japan- specific ADHD solutions, tied to CSR stigma program, HealthyMinds. Indigenization play. J&J solutions suite with mobile component, and part of multi-disease platform offered to disease specific customers. Collaboration to develop ISTEP (Integrated Smart Trial & Engagement Platform), for clinical trials application
  16. 16. + DMH Engagement: Copyright, 2018, WiseWorking, LLC 16 Collaboration to deliver MDD app. Related to a current drug commercial partnership and shows how companies are bridging traditional configurations to emergent. Collaboration to deliver genomic MDD assessment. Example of intersectoral collaboration: pharma, digital health & foundation.
  17. 17. + DMH Engagement: Copyright, 2018, WiseWorking, LLC 17 Collaboration to develop digital biomarkers related to heart rate, motion and sleep Collaboration to develop 1st FDA DTx approval of pill + sensor + app offering under single label Collaboration with IBM to develop care management platform for high-utilization payor member management
  18. 18. + DMH Engagement: Copyright, 2018, WiseWorking, LLC 18 Collaboration to deliver and apply digital biomarkers via digital phenotyping Collaboration with Cognition Kit to integrate Apple Watch sensors into MDD assessment
  19. 19. + DMH Engagement: Misc. Mentions 19 Collaboration to deliver meditation instruction to company employees for wellness Collaboration to develop drug + app digital therapeutic for schizophrenia Collaboration to develop drug + app digital therapeutic for depression
  20. 20. + DMH Engagement: Misc. Mentions Copyright, 2018, WiseWorking, LLC 20 Collaboration to use wearable to improve seizure detection in drug clinical trial Collaboration to improve ADHD clinical trial performance using games
  21. 21. + MentaPharma’s Application Trends Copyright, 2018, WiseWorking, LLC 21 MentalPharm Janssen Otsuka L’beck Sunov. G’tech Sanofi Novartis /Sandoz Takeda/ Shire Pill Augment X X X Trial Improve X X X Stigma X Caregiver X X 3-way Partner X X Strat. Extend. X X X Care Platform X Indigenize X
  22. 22. ++ MentaPharma’s Opps & Challenges Opportunities: ■ Needs new business futures ■ Has development, trial, regulatory, commercial & scale expertise ■ Deep, though hesitant, pockets ■ Rigorous, and thus good mentor & partner Challenges: ■ Can be overly proprietary ■ Bureaucratic navigation & threat ■ Rigorous, and thus slow partner ■ Can be easily distracted & lacking sense of urgency 22 Copyright, 2018, WiseWorking, LLC
  23. 23. + Pharma Approach Considerations § Pharma’s Pet Peeves with DTx: • more interested in short-term selling than in longer term partnering • point solutions versus holistic platforms • viewing pharma as sales & distribution channel § When proposal failure occurs, often because of lack of: • societal need, • value-based & behavioral change case • integration with Pharma BU • integration with established care pathways § Pharma loves the value in DTx data and its insights Copyright, 2018, WiseWorking, LLC 23
  24. 24. + 24 Craig A. DeLarge Phone: +1-267-367-9867 Email: Twitter: @DMentalHProject Blog: Digital Mental Health Project Contact Information: Copyright, 2018, WiseWorking, LLC
  25. 25. + Copyright, 2018, WiseWorking, LLC • Founder, The Digital Mental Health Project + Former NAMI Board Member; • Digital Health Strategist, Pharma Marketer @ Takeda, IMS, J&J, GSK, NNI, MSD • Advisor: MedStartr, HackMentalHealth, Galen Growth Asia, Henry Health, etc. • Certified (Change) Leadership Coach • Marketing, Strategy & Communications Professor • Author, The WiseWorking Handbook • BS, Marketing, TJ University (US); MBA, Design Mgmt., Univ. of Westminster (UK); MPH candidate, King’s College London (UK) Who Is Craig A. DeLarge? 25