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This is a DRAFT research deck I pulled together for a recent informal talk with colleagues. I will continue to develop these ideas and appreciate any inputs, challenges and dialogue around it you would like to contribute.

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  • Thanks for sharing and giving me an opportunity to share my thoughts. Would suggest you consider looking at this from a content creation angle as well. Remember that compelling stories make great content. One thing our industry does not do well is capture actual patient testimonials. Allergan does a good job with their Restasis commercials, but imagine the power of patient health advocates putting out their success stories.
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Digital storytelling in healthcare (WiseWorking) 12 2 12

  1. 1. Digital  Storytelling   in  Healthcare     Craig  A.  DeLarge   Strategy  Storyist    December 2, 2012
  2. 2. Discussion Topics•  What is a story & storytelling?•  What is “digital storytelling”?•  Why should we care about digital storytelling?•  What applications do we see in healthcare?•  Some recommended next steps, if they are not already being taken. 2012, Craig A. DeLarge 2
  3. 3. What is a story & storytelling?•  Medium of understanding & relationship•  Basis for society & culture. No story, no culture•  Facts & opinions (beads) + narrative arc (thread) = story (necklace)•  performance involving 2 or more co-interpreting experience•  sequence of dramatic events that evoke an emotional response•  the preferred sensemaking currency in human relationships 2012, Craig A. DeLarge 3
  4. 4. The Narrative Arc makes a story a story, says most experts 2012, Craig A. DeLarge 4
  5. 5. How we use stories?“The story is one of the basic tools invented by the mind ofman(kind) for the purposes of gaining understanding. Therehave been great societies that did not use the wheel, butthere have been no great societies that did not tellstories.”Collison, 1999 2012, Craig A. DeLarge 5
  6. 6. How we use stories? 2012, Craig A. DeLarge 6
  7. 7. What are the varieties of stories? 2012, Craig A. DeLarge 7
  8. 8. What is Digital Storytelling•  Telling stories using digital content & channel means –  Content: audio, video, animation, images –  Channel: YouTube, social media, websites, email, etc.•  Revolutionary in its access via cheap digital production & distribution tools. Make formerly corporate media, a people’s media•  Key aspect of “ALITERACY” trend – 21st century stained glass windows•  Tends to be: –  short form narrative –  diversely sourced & styled (persuasive, historic, reflective) –  strongly emotive –  cause/advocacy/education related 2012, Craig A. DeLarge 8
  9. 9. Why should we care about digital storytelling?•  Diverse  content  for  relevancy  •  Emo<onal  communica<ons  to  drive  decision  and  behavior   change    •  Earn  trust  &  value  •  Strengthen  learning  •  Engage  customers  &  stakeholders   2012, Craig A. DeLarge 9
  10. 10. Common storytelling applications 2012, Craig A. DeLarge 10
  11. 11. What are some healthcare applications?•  Attitude/Belief Education•  Treatment & Compliance Barriers Education•  Disease Awareness•  Patient Experience Awareness•  Some immediate examples I came across in my research: – – – – – – 2012, Craig A. DeLarge 11
  12. 12. Some recommended next steps, if not already being taken•  Awareness of opportunities in customer education & communications strategies•  Understanding examples of current successful use in healthcare and beyond•  Envisioning as opportunity to cultivate customer relationship & engagement 2012, Craig A. DeLarge 12
  13. 13. Additional Links•  I can be contacted at –  eMail & G+: –  Twitter: @wiseworking –  Twitter: @cadelarge –  G+:•  My delicious bookmarks on this topic are at: – – – 2012, Craig A. DeLarge 13