My Virtual Work Life


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This is a deck I presented recently to illustrate for a group of colleagues the tools and attitudes I use as a part of my virtual work life.

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My Virtual Work Life

  1. 1. +My Virtual WorkLifeCraig DeLargeJune 6, 2013Copyright, 2013, Craig A. DeLarge
  2. 2. +Virtual Working Contexts I play inall dayCommunication(typed/written word,voice, screen, face, body)InformationStorage/RetrievalTask/ProjectMgmt.Copyright, 2013, Craig A. DeLarge2
  3. 3. +Virtual Working Contexts,Tools & CasesWorking Context Collaborative Tool Used Case in PointCasual Communication(akin to walking hallway orturning around at my desk)IM: GoogleTalk,WhatsApSMS: iMessage, SMSeMail (and some protest)Saying “good AM” to colleagues onIM often leads to impromptudiscussions that yield learning,innovation and shortcuts tosolutions. It also creates a “casualpresence & access” with staff.WorkCommunication(akin to sitting in a meeting)Community Posting: G+, LinkedIneMail: Outlook, GMailTcon: UberConferenceVcon: Google HangOut, Skype, Immersive 3D: VenueGenUsing videoconferencing foradded affinity of non-verbal & faceto face interaction spawning greaterconnection than pure voice.Task/ProjectManagement(processes of informing,discussing, assigning, tracking &clarifying status)eMailTrelloEvernoteBaseCampTrello to centrally assign & tracktask & milestone progression withteam members w/ less email clutter,and w/ in-context commentingacross team. Information Store/Retrieval(processes of tagging, storing,retrieving & sharing information/files)Tagging: EvernoteStoring/Retrieval: DropBox, Evernote,GoogleAlerts , BaseCampSharing: Evernote, Diigo,Evernote to capture, tag & retrievenotes & files in audio, image & word,written & typed.Diigo to capture & tag itemsresearched online for archival,retrieval & sharing with teams &stakeholders.Copyright, 2013, Craig A. DeLarge3
  4. 4. +A Day In My Virtual WorkLifen  5am: Answer a quick question via What’sApp IM from EU colleaguen  6am: Adhoc casual AM greetings & catch ups with EU colleagues viaIMn  7am: Face to face Vcon with colleague via Google HangOutn  8am: Google Hangout screen share with vendorn  9am: Share links to relevant SME articles, and comment to offer SMEon LinkedIn & G+n  10am: Use BaseCamp to get informed on key projectcommunications sent by teamn  11am: In & between meeting send/answer iMessage IM tocolleagues to support one another’s “micro inquiries” & decisionmakingCopyright, 2013, Craig A. DeLarge4
  5. 5. +A Day In My Virtual WorkLifen  1pm: Use Trello to input & to check on progression of tasks assignedto team & vice-versan  2pm: Use Evernote to retrieve, & share handwritten meeting notes onmy laptop that I recorded earlier in a meeting using PenUltimate onmy iPadn  3pm: Browse my daily Google Alerts list on “Google Glass inHealthcare”n  4pm: Use Diigo to share relevant links, with team, on competitivesocial media programs I collected in a tagged list.n  5pm: Use Skype Vcon for face to face with vendor via my iPhone as Iwalk to garage to head home for day.Copyright, 2013, Craig A. DeLarge5
  6. 6. +Behaviors & Mindsets Aiding Virtual Workingn  Important to remember that the power of virtual working isin my attitudes & behaviors more than in the technologiesn  I use tools to cultivate a “virtual open space” where I can“turn around” and gain/offer access from/to team membersregardless of space & time barriersn  I negotiate effective “rules of virtual engagement” withmy teamn  I am clear about the strategic role each tool plays in mypersonal communications & collaboration strategyn  I use tools to mimic each type of appropriatecommunications context from casual to teamworking toinformation management.Copyright, 2013, Craig A. DeLarge6
  7. 7. +A Manageable Proposal for Virtual WorkingSetupn  Identify gaps in effective & efficient communications &teamworking owing to barriers of space & timen  Experiment with & learn ONLY those tools that can bestclose gapsn  Think through rules of virtual engagement that boost youreffectiveness without violating your desired accessboundariesn  Consider your audience based on channel preference,generational cohort, etc.Copyright, 2013, Craig A. DeLarge7
  8. 8. +Videos of Select Tools (for further education)n  Trello:  Evernote:  n  DropBox: n  Diigo: n  Google Hangout (same as Skype):  VenueGen:  BaseCamp:, 2013, Craig A. DeLarge8