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Question 6


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Published in: Art & Photos, Technology
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Question 6

  1. 1. +What have you learntabout technologies fromthe process of constructing Question 6this product?
  2. 2. + Scanner  For my layout ideas I wanted to draw them by hand as I thought it would be easier and quicker, therefore I needed to transfer my ideas onto my blog using a scanner. I also used the scanner to transfer images of the textual analysis. I found the scanner easy to use as I had used it before. It was also helpful as it didn’t take long.
  3. 3. + Publisher Apart from blogger, publisher was the most used piece of equipment. I used publisher mainly for the contents page as it made it easier to line up the text to the photographs. I also used publisher for the double page, to line up the article. I did this by adding 6 tables where I could fit the article. I also added the introduction onto a purple background and lined the text with it.
  4. 4. + Photoshop I used the skills I learned from the preliminary task and put them into this one. I learned how to brighten up photographs and crop them this is what I mostly used photoshop for. I also learned how to a images on the internet on to your magazine.
  5. 5. + Digital camera  For the photo-shoot I used a high- quality camera to take good images for the magazine.  High quality camera do not blur as easily and therefore product clear images. The camera was useful as the clearer the photo the easier it is the adjust the image in Photoshop .
  6. 6. + Blogger  My blog was the most used piece of equipment.  As I had already learned how to blog from my preliminary task and therefore I found it the easiest piece of equipment to use.  I learned how to post my photographs and text, but most importantly I got my audience research from using my blog. This helped me to research what people my age would want to see in a music magazine and what would be the best way to layout my pages.  Blogging helped me to see where I went wrong and how to improve.  I also kept my interacting with my target audience as I got there views and opinions.
  7. 7. + Polls  I only used one poll which was to see what my target audience thought would be a good name for my music magazine.  Polls where helpful as they told me the majority of peoples view not just one person.  I learn from the poll that choosing the right name for your magazine is important because if people don’t like or understand the name they won’t buy the magazine.