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Cacjohnson Invites You To Visit Www.Cacjohnson.Com


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Cacjohnson Invites You To Visit Www.Cacjohnson.Com

  1. 1. Welcome to cacjohnson<br />Independent Consultant/Bargain Hunter/plus A Personal Shopper<br />Consumer Affairs Consultant <br />Sales& Service Manager<br />
  2. 2. A message from your Consumer Affairs Consultant , Sales & Service Manager:<br /> is here to bring you the consumer the most<br />accurate, relevant and up to date information on thousands of products you<br />use daily. I am here to go the distance for you. As your Independent <br />Consultant and Personal Shopper http :// is <br />offering a new way to spend and save your hard earn <br /> features informative  biweekly articles plus relevant <br />consumer alert information. is a small minority/web site <br />start up, currently, is only able to provide  a <br />glimpse of product information. Here at http://www.cacjohnson.comis on <br />the cutting edge of trimming the cost allowing all our patrons, <br />sponsors, donors to purchase items they use daily at an affordable price . In <br />December 2008/January2009, buy in bulk, buy for two, or <br />buy for one. Shop here at for any <br />occasion(Anniversaries, Holidays ,& Birthdays). Read to see what is New <br />and Improved& Shop with us each month starting in December <br />2008/January 2009.  <br />A special note to readers:<br />Up dates, in reference to editing and revising of articles allow 24 to 72 hours <br />for corrections . Estimated time to complete and thoroughly read <br />cacjohnson web site 2 to 4hrs including visiting hyperlinks.<br />Sincerely,<br />cacjohnson<br />Consumer Affairs Consultant Sales and Service Manager<br />
  3. 3. About cacjohnson<br />Product tester:<br />At I test products everyday varying from household , cosmetics, foods, and electronics items . With over ten years in sales and customer care experience , the overall goal of is to offer affordable prices, for variety of products , at low cost to consumers.<br />Consumer Affairs Consultant Sales&Service Manager---cacjohnson<br />
  4. 4. The views and opinions expressed on this <br />Web site and Blog are solely those of <br />cacjohnson and not of its <br />Patrons , Sponsors & Donors<br /><br /><br />
  5. 5. 365 Days to Shop<br />365 Days of Shopping , on <br />one of those days, I visited<br />
  6. 6. 365 Days of Shopping , on one of those days , I…<br />I caught a sale , Buy one Get one Free.<br />I saved $$$.<br />I paid my Rent.<br />I filed my taxes.<br />I had my nails done.<br />I bought a pair of jeans(not designer).<br />I wore pink.<br />I stayed home.<br />I clipped coupons.<br />I watched Good Morning America(GMA).<br />I voted for a President.<br />I wrote my New Year&apos;s Resolution.<br />I made a Return & Exchange. <br />I joined the ACLU.<br />I signed up for Twitter<br /> I checked my E-mails.<br />I added my profile to Facebook<br />I bought a Virgin Mobile phone.<br />I read Forbes Magazine.<br />I watched an episode of Gossip Girl.<br />I watched my favorite movie.<br />I viewed the new season of America&apos;s Next Top Model.<br />I wore my cac T-shirt<br />...<br />.I recycled.<br />I wore red for Go Red Women&apos;s Day.<br />I took pictures w/my friends.<br />I listened to my favorite CD.<br />I made chunky chocolate brownies by Duncan Hines.<br />I went to my favorite restaurant.<br />I bought a handbag.<br />I dyed my hair.<br />I went to the manicurist.<br />I had my legs hot waxed.<br />I had my eyebrows arched.<br />I closed my checking account.<br />I paid off one of my credit cards.<br />I joined Social<br />I visited cacjohnson on Twitgoo<br />I opened an Gmail  account<br />I  shopped online w/cacjohnson<br />I joined FAMU&apos;s Alumni Avenue<br />365 Days of Shopping,on one of those days,I visited<br />
  7. 7. Apparel<br />Domestics<br />Select Specialty Catalog<br />Accessories <br />(fashion, home, car ,& more)<br />Bargains &More<br />
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  14. 14. A Day & Life of A Consumer Affairs Consultant Sales & Service Manager<br /><br /><br />
  15. 15. shopping , texting , blogging ,&tweeting<br />“365 days to shop & blog”---cac<br /> “365 days to shop & tweet”---cac<br />
  16. 16.<br />365 DAYS TO SHOP <br /> “365 days to shop on one of those days , I visited <br /> cacjohnson”@<br />
  17. 17. visit cacjohnson @FAMU Alumni<br />Twitter<br /><br />Twitgoo<br /><br />Facebook<br /><br />MySpace<br /><br />&Wordpress<br /><br />