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  1. 1. Internet
  2. 2. Starter Activity: Any idea what this is? Internet
  3. 3. In this lesson you will learn about Internet. You will create a diagram to illustrate the Internet, think like a router to take the most efficient path to a destination and trace the path of a website. Lesson Objectives  Understand how the Internet works  Be able to explain the protocols TCP/IP and HTTP  Be able to describe the role of a router  Be able to explain the role of an IP address Internet
  4. 4. Watch the Internet video, this will show you how the Internet works in 5 minutes. Internet
  5. 5. The Internet is: •A network of networks •It connects millions of computers from around the world and allows them to communicate •Data is transmitted from one computer to another using telephone systems and satellites •Computers use common languages so they can communicate. There are called protocols. Internet
  6. 6. Task ??: Internet Diagram Using clipart images create a diagram to illustrate how the Internet works. Internet
  7. 7. Protocols HTTP is the first part of a web address – it stands for HyperText Transfer Protocol and is used to request and deliver web pages. TCP/IP stands for Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol it allows computers and servers to communicate with each other across the Internet. Internet
  8. 8. Broadband Router •Broadband allows fast download speeds and is permanently connected •>4Mbit/sec is considered to be broadband •A broadband router allows computers to connect to the Internet through a telephone line •They guide data packets around the Internet through the quickest route •Some broadband routers have a wireless access point to allow wireless Internet access Internet
  9. 9. Broadband Router Internet
  10. 10. Task ??: Think like a Router! The one way system in school is established to help students and staff move around the school efficiently. What route would you go if you have to take a message from this classroom to the main office as quickly as possible when: 1.All lessons are taking place 2.All students are moving between lessons 3.Its dinner time the corridors are empty of students Internet
  11. 11. IP Address Every computer and router on the Internet has a unique IP (internet protocol) address. It is made from a series of numbers separated by dots like: Special servers called DNS (domain name server) servers link IP addresses to website names. - Internet
  12. 12. Task ??: Trace the path to a website 1.Go to: 2.Use the tracecert tool (proxy trace) to find out: – How may routers did your request pass through before reaching the server where the website is hosted – Where is the physical located on the server – How many miles did your request travel – How long did your request take to reach the server – How many routers did your request pass through in Great Britain Internet
  13. 13. Task ??: Internet Diagram Annotation Annotate your diagram to explain how the Internet works. Internet
  14. 14. Plenary: Postcard Using a maximum of four lines at font size 20 summarise what you have learnt in this lesson. Be ready to feedback what you have written to the rest of the class. Internet
  15. 15. Keywords  Be able to the explain how the Internet works  Be able to explain the protocols TCP/IP and HTTP  Be able to describe the role of a router  Be able to explain the role of an IP address Objectives  Internet  Network  Broadband  Protocol  HTTP  TCP/IP  Router  IP Address     Internet