Capitalism Gone Mad (Trinidad y Tobago)


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Capitalism Gone Mad (Trinidad y Tobago)

  1. 1. CAPITALISM GONE MAD By Mighty Sparrow You got to be a millionaire or some kind of petit-bourgeoisie Any time you living here in this country You got to be in skullduggery, making your money illicitly To live like somebody in this country It's outrageous and insane, them crazy prices in Port of Spain And like the merchants going out dey brain And the working man, like he only toiling in vain. Chorus: Where you ever hear, a television for seven thousand Quarter million for lil piece of land A pair of sneakers - two hundred dollars Eighty, ninety thousand for motor cars At last here in Trinidad, we see capitalism gone mad It's sad and getting more bad because, doudou, capitalism gone mad! To provide for your family today on your present salary Is an impossibility in this country So many bills to pay, there is no conceivable way To save for a rainy day in this country Avariciousness to be precise, is why every damn thing so overpriced Big business making everybody feel Government give them an open license to steal. Chorus: Would you believe me, one nylon panty is nineteen ninety Twenty dollars for some baby milk The cheapest jersey cost over sixty Two hundred and change a yard for silk It hard here in Trinidad, lord have mercy, capitalism gone mad It's sad, things getting more bad, oh lord, capitalism gone mad! To buy a pack of cigarette does leave you with a hole in your wallet And money is so hard to get in this country Necessity or luxuries, it doesn't matter what the item is They charging anything they please in this country Primary school books prices lewd Is highway robbery, the price of food All hopes and dreams elude the poor man But politicians still expect good work attitude. Chorus: Just imagine this, the cheapest coffin over three thousand Not even dying today easy Thousands of dollars for the undertakers So you could get a spot in the cemetery It hard here in Trinidad, oh lord, capitalism gone mad The gladness that once we had is gone because capitalism gone mad! You got to have heavy contact, know how to move up in society To make any kind of impact in this country You got to know how to gyp the field How to scheme and swindle properly Perfect the art of wheel and deal in this country I say, survival in this land isn't easy for no man With unemployment and high inflation Some of we go dead before the end of this recession. Chorus: Wey de hell is this, a Mango Julie costing three fifty Forty dollars for one watermelon Half your salary for fish, meat and poultry Time you buy greens all your money done. It hard here in Trinidad, lord, have mercy, capitalism gone mad It sad and getting more hard, put a hand, lord, capitalism gone mad!
  2. 2. Music: Capitalism gone mad (Mighty Duke)