Dan keng elementary school 1001112


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Dan keng elementary school 1001112

  1. 1. 自動換頁 音樂:愛爾蘭民謠< Londonderry Air (倫敦德里 之歌)>
  2. 2. ☼ Da-Ken Elementary School is a rural school in Taichung, Taiwan. ☼ It is already 58 years old. ☼ This school is very small. ☼ There are only 104 students and 17 faculty in total. ☼ However we have got whatever a big school has.  This is our principal. She is new here but she is great. She is trying hard to enhance
  3. 3. kindergarten
  4. 4. Library
  5. 5. Health Center
  6. 6. Weekly Class Schedule
  7. 7. Most of us walk to school in the morning. When we walk across the road, one teacher and two school guards stand there to protect us from traffic accident.
  8. 8. Morning Reading Time: As soon as we arrive at our classroom, the first thing to do is to read daily newspaper. Usually, 20 minutes later, our homeroom teacher will ask us some questions about it.
  9. 9. Assembly: Every Monday morning from 8:00 to 8:30.
  10. 10. Math class After the beginning of this semester we have learned weight ( kilograms and gram) , arithmetic, measure of square and rectangle, and circumference. They are easy to learn and fun.
  11. 11. In Chinese class, each unit goes with one short article. We learn Chinese characters, phrases and how to compose a good article from it. Normally, we don’t like this class much, because there are always many things to memorize. A lot of homework and tests.
  12. 12. English Class: We have English Class two times a week. Beside Taiwanese teacher, an American teacher teaches us reading English picture book once a week.
  13. 13. Break time: Let’s have fun together!
  14. 14. We learn science in class and in playground.
  15. 15. Happy lunch time. We don’t have cafeteria. We have lunch with our classmates in our own classroom. Most of the time, there are rice, soup and three dishes
  16. 16. After lunch, we take a 40-minute nap. Some classes rest on desk, we prefer lie down on the mat. We usually have a sound sleep and take a very good rest.
  17. 17. Music Class: Music class, we love it! We have a very good teacher. We enjoy learning how to play flute and play drum.
  18. 18. Computer Science class, that’s our favorite without doubts! We rush to the computer lab even before the class bell ring.
  19. 19. Time to go home. Ya!
  20. 20. Sports Day
  21. 21. Hiking: Let’s compete who runs fastest to the top of the mountain.
  22. 22. Play Happy Baseball with Hei-Yun Elementary School
  23. 23. Draw for my school before we graduate.
  24. 24. The landmark of Taichung City
  25. 25. Taipei 101