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Social Media & Networking Why Theyre Not A Waste Of Time


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Social media and social networking are a integral components of a job search strategy. And thinking they\'re a waste of time is a mistake. Learn reasons why it\'s worth the time to give social media and social networking a second look...

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Social Media & Networking Why Theyre Not A Waste Of Time

  1. 1. Social Media & Social Networking 5 Reasons Why They’re Worth Your Time Carol Camerino Career Coach & Strategist to Comeback Moms May 17, Social Media & Networking ReportCopyright 2011, Carol Camerino, LLC Page 1
  2. 2. Social Media “I don’t have the time.” “That’s for kids.” “I don’t know much about it.” “It seems pointless.” “It’s scary.”Hmmm.....sound familiar?Many women transitioning from at home mom to Career ComebackMom share similar sentiments.But social media and social networking are here tostay.What started out as something for the younger set(did you see The Social Network?) have becomemainstream applications for all ages. They are now important networking, information, and communication tools that can be major assets while looking for the on ramp back to work and returning to the job market. Not convinced yet?Here are 5 reasons why social media and social networking Social Media & Networking ReportCopyright 2011, Carol Camerino, LLC Page 2
  3. 3. worth your time, including some examples and sitesto consider.REASON 1: IT’S ANTI-AGINGWhat?!?It’s true. Knowing about Social Media/Networking canshave years off your real age without handing over even1 cent at the cosmetic counter!Seriously, though...most women I know aren’t interested in trying tolook like they’re twenty years old. But virtually every one of myfriends wants to be current, vibrant and relevant. One way ofachieving this is to continually be learning new things and stayingabreast of trends.Remember the first cell phones? They were a tad smaller thantoday’s carry on luggage. The early adopters thought they were thebest thing since the pet rock and 8 tracks (hey, it was the early 80s).But there were also people who thought they were silly, would nevercatch on, were a waste of money.Guess what? Today, there are about 223 million mobile phone users,aged 13 or older, within the United States alone!1The social media phenomenon is similar. Initially, it was a kid’sfad...the late 20th century’s version of squeezing into a phone boothor hula hoops.1 Social Media & Networking ReportCopyright 2011, Carol Camerino, LLC Page 3
  4. 4. Today, however, it is no longer a fad. It is as mainstream as cellphones and email. Usage of Facebook and Twitter has more thanquadrupled since 2007, and Linked In has increased its user base bymore than double, according to Nielsen.2So knowing about Facebook and Linked In, texting, and being awaresome of the big names in social media will help you to create a brand YOU that is ageless. And you’ll position yourself as a candidate who enjoys learning! REASON 2: IT IS A LEARNING TOOL Yes, your kids really WERE doing their homework online. At least sometimes... Social media has become a real-time news and information source as well as a how-to guide forvirtually everything and anything under the sun.Want to know how to dress for an interview in the banking industry?It’s online.Want to find the weather forecast for your upcoming weekend away?It’s online.How about researching information about computers and printersbefore a purchase? Or comparing brands? Or gaining valuable insightinto a company before an interview?Yup. All online.2 Social Media & Networking ReportCopyright 2011, Carol Camerino, LLC Page 4
  5. 5. But there’s more...There are teleseminars 3, webinars, how to videosand online classes all at your fingertips. Can you believe that manyare free or low cost, too?Your fingers can literally do the walking and unlock a treasure troveof knowledge that was previously unavailable (or very hard to findand/or expensive to acquire).Leveraging this information for your job search in terms of finding jobleads, researching target companies, enhancing professionalknowledge and reading about industry trends cannot beoverestimated. And the networking opportunities areamazing...which brings me to Reason #3.REASON 3: IT’S NETWORKINGGOLDIt’s been a while since you’ve had co-workersand bosses. If you’re like most of us, you’velost touch with most, if not all.Unfortunately, many of us also lose touchwith high school and college friends, oldneighbors, and even current acquaintances -people you’ve worked with on localfundraisers, friends of friends, etc.All of these people are potential network connections for you. That’sespecially important when you realize that there are tons of job3 Visit my site ( to learn about my Social Media & Networking ReportCopyright 2011, Carol Camerino, LLC Page 5
  6. 6. vacancies that never get posted (they are filled through word ofmouth or referral) AND that the possibility of landing an interviewfor any job is increased when you have a connection.Social networking provides an unparalleled opportunity forreconnecting with past colleagues and friends as well as current ones.The fact that you’re looking for your on ramp, or planning a return tothe world of work, is something to share with your network. Theyknow you, understand the value and talent you bring to a potentialemployer, and will keep an eye out for possible opportunities.Facebook and LinkedIn are two sites to check out. Articles and booksabout using both for networking and job searching abound online(check my website for resources).You can discover other networking opportunities online, too. Forexample, if you’re interested in the Human Resources field, you mightdo an online search for Human Resources Professional Organizations.From the results, you can zero in on those with chapters in your area.Perhaps they’ll have programs and speakers that you can attend.Voila - networking AND learning!REASON 4: THERE ARE JOB LEADS ONLINEIf you’ve been checking the classified ad section of your localnewspaper as your main source of job leads, you’ve probably Social Media & Networking ReportCopyright 2011, Carol Camerino, LLC Page 6
  7. 7. pretty disappointed.Did you know that many jobs aren’t placed inthe classifieds? They are, however, placed oncompany websites, LinkedIn, and job searchsites like Career Builder and Monster.Getting to know the sites that are important in your industry andgeographic ares will multiply the opportunities you might beinterested in.Another benefit is that you’ll begin to pick up current buzz words andimportant skills which you can use to tailor your resume and coverletters. If you see terms or phrases you’re not familiar with, you cando some research (back to reason # 2!) and increase your knowledge.REASON 5: IT CAN BE FUNHey, it doesn’t always have to be serious work,does it?!Yes, there is lots of fun information availablethrough social media/networking.You can research vacation itineraries (at siteslike , catch episodes of yourfavorite shows (at sites like,play scrabble online, read reviews of movies (,4I include this site and the following sites for example purposes only. Please notethat I receive no remuneration from these sites and their mention is not Social Media & Networking ReportCopyright 2011, Carol Camerino, LLC Page 7
  8. 8. make restaurant reservations (, or find the bestprice on that great new pair of shoes you’ve decided you must have( though it’s for fun, using social media to research these willincrease your internet IQ, adding to your skills and smoothing the onramp back to work.MY FINAL 2 CENTS I encourage you to venture into the brave new world of social media and social networking to increase your knowledge and skills for your return to work. For additional reading about social media/ networking and to gain insight, minimize your reservations, and learn tips for safeguarding your identity and privacy, check out my resources liston my website.If I can be of any assistance to you as you look for your on ramp and returnto the world of work, please let me know.Best wishes on your return!! ---------------------------------------About Comeback Moms - Looking For the On Ramp:When women leave the workplace due to family commitments or choices, it’s calledoff-ramping. When the time comes for them to return to work, or on ramp, Social Media & Networking ReportCopyright 2011, Carol Camerino, LLC Page 8
  9. 9. may feel unsure of their path and in need of assistance to find their way back to theworld of work. Comeback Moms - Looking For the On Ramp provides coaching,workshops, teleseminars, and other programs and services to help moms return to ajob and career that meets their goals for today and beyond. For information, ---------------------------------------About Carol Camerino:Carol Camerino leverages her professional experience in Human Resources, PublicRelations and Freelance Writing to provide support, information andencouragement to women returning to work after a significant time away. She isknown for her compassion, insight and knowledge as well as the positive resultsachieved by her clients. She prides herself on seeing the gem of potential in eachand every one of her clients and is the voice cheering the loudest when they landjobs and find their on ramps. To work with Carol or to have her speak at yourevent or meeting, email her at Social Media & Networking ReportCopyright 2011, Carol Camerino, LLC Page 9