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  1. 1. Liezel R. Cabugayan Oct. 11, 2010 Mr. For-Ian Sandoval AIT2-1 NARRATIVE REPORT IN Y4IT 2010 INTRODUCTION First when I knew that we are going to UP DILIMAN,I was so happy because in my imagination that school was so very big and has a quality. because the truth is I was only Second time to go here. AT HOME Whenthe night is coming before the exact day to go to UP DILIMAN, the truth is I can’t sleep because I’m so excited. And while I’m waiting a time, I would arrange those things na aking dadalahin. And after that I’ll cook My food, and after that I’ll eating, then I’ll take a bath, then wearing my Uniform, and also I’ll make my self beautiful!!!! GOING TO LSPU At the time of 2:30 I’m going to Lspu, because there is the assembly I went in our school at the of I think that is 3:00am. And we just ” a little bit waiting” because our service are not already there. At nakaalis kami sa school at time of 4:30am. While we are in “beyahe”, they has a different doing. Merong madaldal,merong text ng text, merong kain ng kain,and also allof us are sleeping. Andafter our long “beyahe”, we went in UP DILIMAN, while there is the place that the “Y4IT” celebrated. We went there at time of 7:30!!!!! IN THE THEATER Whenwe went there in UP DILIMAN, we are going in the theater where the place that the Y4IT celerated. And before we go inside they give us a bag, ballpen, and small book, kung saan doon na kalaman those topics. That’s why we eat for a while and After that we come back in the theater. DIFFERENT PROFESSOR “SPEAKER”
  2. 2. Before they start to present their speech told us to stand for a while to sing our National Anthem, and after that they start the seminar. 1st Speaker  Ms. GRACE FABROS-Tyler, National Secretary Philippine Society of IT Educatiors (PSITE)  He said that “knowledge is power”, because if you don’t finish your study or you don’t has education that you will say to yourself that you is one of a professional person. You cant’s find a nice job. This is the best thing that we need on us “ knowledge “. Because it is are “power”, to the face our future in life”. It follows keynote speech. Fortunato “Boy” dela peña, - Under Sectary (DOST) at the time 9:20am to 9:50am. 2nd SPEAKER  Mr. CHUK MUNN LEE –Senior Developer Consultant and Technology Evangelist For Technology out reach. Sun microsystem (Sinapore) His Speech is all about the habits an effective Developer • Strive for Simplicity • Keep your Code Clear • Learn to Debug • Leverage what is a Variable • Plan a Head Pagkatapos kung isulat ang mga sinasabi ng Speaker we take our lunch with my friends namely Margie, Jaiscey, Maricris, Justine, Christine May, Sofia, Kara Crystal, Janeth, Maria Dana, Mara and Jestoni we eat in the bus, I think, I imagine that the we are in the beach because there is a look a like resort over there “We Ordered Cup of Rice and a Plate of chicken”, “Busog na Busog” was the right term for it After we take our lunch we take a short of rest, and after that we went again in the theater. To get the topic or ideas about the “Y4IT SEMINAR” and when I inside again in the theater the truth was I
  3. 3. was bored because there is anything of us, and I can’t deny the fact that I slep’t during the seminar during the prof. is talking in the afternoon because I’m tired!!!!!And after all this time at the time of 4:00pm. We when out inside the theater and we planned to go the mall. At the time 4:00pm we good bye UP DILIMAN and going to MALL OF ASIA. And after a short time of during at last we arrived in the mall inside the mallthere so many thing you want to buy because it has a beautiful design and has a quality. Like differentsn kinds of clothes but di ko nagawang bumili kasi it has a high price at di ko kaya kasi yung pocket money ko konti lang. A make a pasalubomg Dunkin Donut, and Chocolates na lang ang binili ko dahil dun lang kasiya pera ko. We eat in the a fast food chain called “Jollibee” togrther with my Friend’s. Then umuwi na kami nang 9:00pm while we are in the way going to Laguna I’m just only texting and I don’t remember whats happening because I got sleep…nagising ako nasa Sta. Cruz na kami at dun ako nag palipas nang gabi sa Bahay ng Classmate’s ko…. PHOTO IN Y4IT