Hit Barcelona - 16 & 17 june 2010


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Hit Barcelona is a unique global event with a format that integrates spaces dedicated to knowledge, revolutionary ideas and great business opportunities. For two days, it will bring together business leaders, innovators, investors and entrepreneurs to share ideas, promote projects and redefine the keys to business success.

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Hit Barcelona - 16 & 17 june 2010

  1. 1. Plenary<br />9:00<br />9:30<br />10:30<br />Welcome<br />Keynote Speaker<br />Confirmed<br />Henry Chesbrough<br />Director <br />Center for Open Innovation<br />Visiting professor at ESADE Business School<br />CorporateVentureRoundTable<br />Moderator<br />Wednesday 16 June<br />Confirmed<br />Confirmed<br />Confirmed<br />Stefan Heuser<br />CEO, Siemens USA<br />Technology-To-Biz<br />Campbell Murray<br />Managing director Novartis Venture<br />Henry Chesbrough<br />Director Center for Open Innovation <br />Confirmed<br />Pending<br />Confirmed<br />Confirmed<br />John Riggs<br />VP ALCATEL-LUCENT Ventures<br />Isaac de la Peña<br />Head of internet initiatives NOKIA<br />Martin Kelly<br />IBM Venture Capital<br />Mark Harris<br />INTEL CV<br />Coffee Break<br />
  2. 2. Plenary<br />11:00<br />12:00<br />VentureCapital RoundTable<br />Moderator<br />Confirmed<br />Confirmed<br />Confirmed<br />Diane FrazierCo-founder & <br />Managing Director <br />FLAG Capital Management<br />Graham O’KeeffepartnerAtlas Venture<br />Randy Komisar<br />Partner Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers<br />Wednesday 16 June<br />Confirmed<br />Confirmed<br />Confirmed<br />Fergal MullenGeneral PartnerHighLand Capital Partners<br />Garrett Gruener<br />Co-FounderAlta Partners<br />David Ladd<br />Managing Director<br />Mayfield<br />
  3. 3. Plenary<br />12:00<br />12:30<br />13:30<br />EntrepreneursTrendsKeynote Speaker<br />Moderator<br />Confirmed<br />Confirmed<br />DaveMcClure<br />Serial EntrepreneurFormer CMOPayPal<br />Dennis Crowley<br />cofounderFourSquare<br />Wednesday 16 June<br />EntrepreneursRoundTable<br />Confirmed<br />Confirmed<br />Confirmed<br />Confirmed<br />Dennis Crowley<br />CoFunderFourSquare<br />GurbakshChahal<br />Founder Gwallet, Blue Lithium<br />André Vanyi-Robin<br />CoFounderBesTv<br />VerneHarnish<br />CEO GAZELLES<br />Moderator<br />Confirmed<br />Confirmed<br />Confirmed<br />DaveMcClure<br />Serial EntrepreneurFormer CMOPayPal<br />Lluís FontChairmanNTR Global<br />Marcos Cuevas<br />Founder layers<br />Lunch<br />
  4. 4. 4th Symposium on Urban Clusters and Parks<br />15:30<br />16:30<br />17:00<br />18:00<br />19:00<br />19:30<br />Cities for Excellence<br />Confirmed<br />Richard Florida<br />Director Martin Prosperity Institute, Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto, Founder Creative Class Group<br />Coffee Break<br />Urban Clusters and ParksforExcellence<br />Round Table:<br />Confirmed<br />Confirmed<br />Confirmed<br />Confirmed<br />Dr. AmitKapoorProfessor of Strategy & Industrial Economics at Management Development Institute, Gurgaon, India<br />Klaus Haasis<br />CEO MFG Baden Wüttenberg<br />Alberto Pezzi<br />President, The CompetitivenessInstitute<br />Carlos AlvarezFormer Executive Vice-President CORFO<br />Wednesday 16 June<br />Urban Clusters and ParksforExcellence<br />Round Table:<br />Dr. Joan BellavistaVice-president International Association of Science Parks<br />RaivoTamkiviCounsellorof Tallinn Technology Park TEHNOPOL in Estonia<br />Dr. Malcolm ParryManaging Director of the Surrey Research Park - University of Surrey, UK<br />Confirmed<br />Confirmed<br />Lex de LangeFounder and CEO Zernike Group<br />Confirmed<br />Confirmed<br />Clusters forExcellence<br />Speaker:<br />Clusters and Parks for Excellence<br />Confirmed<br />Dra. Tea Petrin<br />European Cluster Policy Group President, Board of Advisors and Former Minister of Economy of Slovenia<br />
  5. 5. Global Marketplace<br />Welcome<br />8:45<br />9:00<br />10:00<br />10:30<br />11:00<br />12:00<br />12:30<br />CleanTech – New Venture RoundTable<br />Confirmed<br />Confirmed<br />Confirmed<br />Confirmed<br />Confirmed<br />Confirmed<br />Confirmed<br />Pablo Marquez<br />Head of Strategic Iniciatives GAMESA<br />Christopher Vargas<br />Founder<br />Cleantech Circle LLC<br />Eduardo Galván<br />CEOGreenPower<br />Charles Vaslet<br />Partner<br />EmeraldTech. Ventures<br />Ann Scheman<br />Partner IBM<br />Alexander Schlaepfer<br />Partner<br />Aster Capital<br />Bill Magill<br />Managing Director<br />TeleSoft Partners<br />Elevator Pitch 1<br />Thursday 17 June<br />Coffee Break<br />Electric Vehicle Mobility<br />Pending<br />Confirmed<br />Confirmed<br />Confirmed<br />Confirmed<br />Confirmed<br />Raul-David V. Poblano Smart Cities,MiT Media Lab<br />Olivier Paturet<br />General Manager<br />Nissan Europe Zero E<br />CristianoCarluttiVice President TESLA<br />Hans de Boer<br />Head Global BusinessBetterPlace<br />Guillem Ricarte<br />Managing Director<br />CREAFUTUR<br />Frank Bekemeier<br />VP R+D SEAT<br />Elevator Pitch 2<br />City of CAPE TOWN<br />
  6. 6. Global Marketplace<br />12:30<br />13:30<br />14:00<br />15:30<br />16:30<br />17:00<br />Media – New Venture RoundTable<br />Confirmed<br />Confirmed<br />Confirmed<br />Confirmed<br />Confirmed<br />Confirmed<br />Confirmed<br />Irene Au Google user experiencedirector<br />Jerome Engel<br />Chairman GEC - HiT<br />Giuseppe Flores<br />CEO BesTv<br />Phil SandersonManaging Director<br />IDG Ventures SF<br />JimHornthal<br />Partner CMEA Capital<br />Noah Doyle<br />Managing Director<br />Javelin Ventures<br />MikaSalmi<br />VP GDM MTV <br />Former President Viacom<br />Elevator Pitch 3<br />Thursday 17 June<br />Lunch<br />HealthCare – New VentureRoundTable<br />Confirmed<br />Confirmed<br />Confirmed<br />Confirmed<br />Confirmed<br />Confirmed<br />SanderSlootweg<br />General PartnerForbion Capital<br />Campbell Murray<br />Managing director Novartis Venture Fund<br />Elisabet de los Pinos<br />Founder and CEO Aura Biosciences<br />David Berry<br />Partner Flagship Ventures<br />Laura Morse<br />Entrepreneurship Ventures, Inc.<br />Joël Jean-Mairet<br />Cofounder YSIOS<br />Elevator Pitch 4<br />City of CAPE TOWN<br />Coffee Break<br />
  7. 7. Global Marketplace<br />17:30<br />18:30<br />19:00<br />19:30<br />20:00<br />IT – New Venture RoundTable<br />Confirmed<br />Confirmed<br />Confirmed<br />Confirmed<br />Confirmed<br />Confirmed<br />Confirmed<br />Andrew MitchellProject Leader Informatics VC<br />Miguel Garcia-GosalvezCTO Casals & Associates Inc.<br />Manel SarasaCEO Openbravo<br />Kenneth MorseESADE Business School<br />Carlos DomingoHead of R+DTelefonica<br />Mario GirardVP Quebec Entrepr.Found.<br />Jeff HoffmanfounderPriceLine<br />CorporateTrendsKeynote Speaker<br />Thursday 17 June<br />Confirmed<br />Bradley Horowitz<br />Vice President Product<br />GOOGLE<br />ChairmanConclusions<br />Confirmed<br />JeromeEngel,<br />Chairman GEC - HiT<br />Global Judge Committee<br />Cocktail Awards<br />Video Elevator Pitch<br />
  8. 8. Global Judge Committee - HiT Barcelona 2010<br />
  9. 9. Global Judge Committee - HiT Barcelona 2010<br />Confirmed<br />Confirmed<br />Confirmed<br />Confirmed<br />Confirmed<br />Confirmed<br />Sean Foote<br />Labrador Ventures<br />Judith Iglehart<br />Vice PresidentKEIRETSU FORUM<br />JimHornthal<br />Partner CMEA Capital<br />GarrettGruener<br />Co-FounderAlta Partners<br />Phil Sanderson Managing Director<br />IDG Ventures SF<br />Rodolfo Lara<br />World Economic <br />Forum<br />Confirmed<br />Confirmed<br />Confirmed<br />Confirmed<br />Confirmed<br />Confirmed<br />AnuNigam<br />President Sand Hill Angels<br />Randy Komisar<br />Partner Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers<br />Laura Morse<br />Entrepreneurship Ventures, Inc<br />Xavier LazarusPartnerElaia Partners<br />Mark Harris<br />INTEL CV<br />Bill Magill<br />Managing Director<br />TeleSoft Partners<br />Confirmed<br />Confirmed<br />Confirmed<br />Confirmed<br />Confirmed<br />Confirmed<br />SanderSlootweg<br />General PartnerForbion Capital<br />Fergal MullenGeneral PartnerHighLand Capital<br />Pablo Marquez,<br />Head of Strategic IniciativesGAMESA<br />Carlos DomingoHead of R+DTelefonica<br />Diane FrazierCo-founder & M. Director FLAG Capital Management<br />Joël Jean-Mairet<br />Cofounder YSIOS<br />
  10. 10. Global Judge Committee - HiT Barcelona 2010<br />Confirmed<br />Confirmed<br />Confirmed<br />Confirmed<br />Confirmed<br />Confirmed<br />Campbell Murray<br />Managing director Novartis Venture Fund<br />Andrea Böhmert<br />Co-ManagingPartner<br />HassoPlattnerVentures<br />Graham O’KeeffepartnerAtlas Venture<br />David Berry<br />Partner Flagship Ventures<br />Martin Kelly<br />Partner IBM Venture Capital<br />David Ladd<br />Managing Director<br />Mayfield<br />Confirmed<br />Confirmed<br />Confirmed<br />Confirmed<br />Confirmed<br />Confirmed<br />Joan Roure<br />President AEBAN<br />Spencer Tall<br />Managing Director<br />Allegis Capital<br />Jeff HoffmanfounderPriceLine<br />Isaac de la Peña<br />Head of internet <br />initiatives NOKIA<br />Antoni AbadPresident ESABN<br />Christopher Vargas<br />Managing Partner<br />Cleantech Circle<br />Confirmed<br />Confirmed<br />Confirmed<br />Confirmed<br />Confirmed<br />Confirmed<br />Confirmed<br />Andrew MitchellProject Leader Informatics VC<br />Alexander Schlaepfer<br />Partner<br />Aster Capital<br />Noah Doyle<br />Managing Director<br />Javelin Ventures<br />Mario GirardVP Quebec Entrepr.Foundation<br />Stefan Hauser<br />CEO, Siemens USA<br />Technology-To-Biz<br />JacoboÁlvarez<br />Director de negocios<br />Grupo INTERCOM<br />Charles Vaslet<br />Partner<br />EmeraldTech. <br />
  11. 11. Global Nominating Committee - HiT Barcelona 2010<br />Chairman GEC<br />Confirmed<br />Confirmed<br />Confirmed<br />Confirmed<br />Confirmed<br />Confirmed<br />Prof. Jerome Engel<br />University of<br />California, Berkeley<br />Prof. David Charron<br />University of<br />California, Berkeley<br />Prof. Jose Esperança<br />AUDAX / ISCTE<br />Lisbon University <br />Prof. Evgenia Kakaeva<br />The State University <br />Management<br />Prof. Wong Poh-Kam<br />National University of <br />Singapore (NUS)<br />Mr. Mansoor Mohamed<br />City of Cape Town<br />Confirmed<br />Confirmed<br />Confirmed<br />Confirmed<br />Confirmed<br />Dr. Jorge Talavera<br />ESAN University <br />Prof. Edward Rubesch<br />Thammasat Business <br />School - Thailand<br />Kenneth MorseESADEBusiness School<br />AlessioRocchi<br />CBM Cluster in <br />Biomedicine<br />Trieste Italy<br />Marcelo Vásquez<br />Fundación Chile<br />
  12. 12. Global Nominating Committee - HiT Barcelona 2010<br />Confirmed<br />Confirmed<br />Confirmed<br />Confirmed<br />Confirmed<br />Mr. RaivoTamkiviTEHNOPOL Tallinn Technology Park<br />Prof. PetkoRuskovSofia University<br />Prof. Daniel Rouach ESCP Europe UK<br />Prof. Claudio FurtadoFundaçâo Getúlio Vargas<br />Dr. Liao LiTsinghua University<br />Confirmed<br />Confirmed<br />Confirmed<br />Confirmed<br />Confirmed<br />Confirmed<br />Prof .Lourdes Casanova<br />INSEAD<br />Prof. Helmut SchöenenbergerTechnical University of Munich<br />Prof. Shigeo Kagami<br />The University of<br />Tokyo<br />Prof. Carlos Scheel<br />EGADE<br />Monterrey Institute <br />of Technology<br />Mr. Lex De Lange<br />Zernike Group B.V.<br />Malcom Parry<br />Surrey Research Park<br />London<br />