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Nsta pd priorities ct solutions conference mar 26


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NSTA Product Development Priorities 2014 & 2015. Presentation by Erin Hume, Tourism Development Officer, Nova Scotia Tourism Agency. March 26, 2015

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Nsta pd priorities ct solutions conference mar 26

  1. 1. Cabot Trail Solutions Conference March 26, 2015 Development Priorities
  2. 2. Packages & Experiences
  3. 3. Packages & Experiences • Increased profile for operators—for FREE  Enhanced listing on  Travel planning is easier for visitors—extend their stay  Creates partnerships among operators, while leveraging their marketing reach  Packages/ Experiences are used in other NSTA marketing activities, such as monthly email campaigns, which are sent to 72,000+ people • Currently 31 Packages and 18 Experiences in the Cabot Trail region listed on
  4. 4. Leverage Reach
  5. 5. Development Priorities
  6. 6. Cabot Trail Outdoor enthusiast Cultural enthusiast Culinary enthusiast • Working to elevate the Cabot Trail as a world class destination • Collaborating with partners to implement Roger Brooks’ recommendations (2013) • Priorities:  Kiosks  Viewpoints  Gateway Signage  Enhance Signage
  7. 7. Celtic Shores Coastal Trail Outdoor enthusiast Cultural enthusiast Culinary enthusiast • Nova Scotia’s first destination trail targeting cyclists  Travel motivator  69% of PEI visitors plan to visit the Confederation Trail prior to travelling  PEI trail visitors account for over $2.7M annually  2010 VES found that 39% (1.04M) of visitors to NS took part in outdoor activities  If every outdoor enthusiast spent $5 more during their stay, tourism $$ would increase by a minimum of $2.03M
  8. 8. Celtic Shores Coastal Trail Outdoor enthusiast Cultural enthusiast Culinary enthusiast • To succeed as a destination trail, the CSCT needs:  Industry Support (packages/experiences, trail- themed products/services)  Municipal Support (infrastructure, bike racks, signage, washrooms)  Community Awareness & Support
  9. 9. Paddling Outdoor enthusiast Cultural enthusiast Culinary enthusiast • TCT waterways project  Identifying paddling routes across the Bras d’Or Lake  Identifying and developing access points  Community consultations were held over the winter • Connection to other initiatives:  Bras d’Or Lake UNESCO Biosphere Reserve  Cape Breton Blueways
  10. 10. Culinary • Enhanced promotion of our high-quality culinary experiences • Currently, there are two culinary experiences in the Cabot Trail Region  Baddeck Culinary Creations: A 100km Menu  Fall Fungi Foraging and Feasting • What could be added?  Crab/ oyster-based experience – Top of the Island?  Seafood-based Acadian cuisine?  Lobster experience?
  11. 11. Cultural • Currently, there are three cultural experiences in the Cabot Trail Region:  Lantern Walk Through Time (CBHNP)  Shipwrecks, Ruins & Pottery on Cape Breton Island (Learn about Highland Scots and meet CB artisan – Top of the Island)  Atlantic Fisheries Bike Tour on the Cabot Trail (Learn about fishery at Top of the Island) • What could be added to better showcase your living Acadian, Mi’kmaq, and Celtic cultures?
  12. 12. New CTC and NSTA Partnership • NSTA to oversee onboarding of provincial signature experiences • Canadian Signature Experiences must be trade-ready • Interested in becoming a Canadian Signature Experience?  Review the CSE program info on CTC website  Contact Heather Yule, Acting Manager of Development, NSTA at 902-798-6768 or