SharePoint Workflows - SharePoint Saturday Twin Cities April 2012


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This was my presentation for SPSTC April 2012.

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  • SharePoint Workflows - SharePoint Saturday Twin Cities April 2012

    1. 1. SharePoint Workflow:Taking the Manual Out of Your Process Donald Donais
    2. 2. Donald DonaisAvtex IT Pro Consultant ddonais@avtex.comBlog – Tales from IT Side http://talesfromitside.wordpress.comTwitter @dondonais
    3. 3. Overview• Business Process Management• Crawl, Walk, Run Approach• Crawl  OOB SharePoint Workflows• Walk  SharePoint Designer 2010  3rd Party Vendor Workflow Products
    4. 4. Business Process Management What is Business What is Process What is a Business Mgt? Process? Process? Systematic A series of Activities or set approach lookingActions, directed of Activities that at org workflowtoward a specific accomplish more effectively, aim or goal Business Goals by reducing human error
    5. 5. BPM Survey• June 20th, 2011 Assoc. for Information and Image Management (AIIM)• SharePoint Survey – Expectation for future users• #1 – “Lack of strategic plans on what to use it for” with to SharePoint**
    6. 6. Survey ContinuedWhich of the following types of add-on packagesplanning to use with SharePoint? Workflow /BPM #1 Search #2 /Analytics Secure #3 & Rights Mgt
    7. 7. Survey ContinuedWhich of the following process have youautomated with SharePoint Project Mgt #1 Internal #2 IT Other #3 Support LOB Processes
    8. 8. Tips when Automating BusinessProcess• Make sure to define the process• Define reasons for automation• Necessary to define initial investment and maintenance costs• Do not automate every step in the process• Take the time to analyze potential ROI from process automation• Make sure to consider the human element within process
    9. 9. Approaching SharePoint WorkflowsCrawl, Walk, Run…
    10. 10. Crawl• Out of the Box Workflows
    11. 11. Walk• Introduce SharePoint Designer 2007/2010  Workflows  CodePlex Actions• Introduce 3rd Party Workflow Tools 2007/2010• Use Visio Services to Visualize Business Processes 2010
    12. 12. Run• Develop more robust workflows• .NET workflows• Integrated systems• Custom .NET Actions and Conditions for SharePoint Designer• Advanced 3rd Party Workflow Tools
    13. 13. Why Workflow?• One version of the truth• Flexibility• Auditability
    14. 14. Basic Workflow Capabilities• Start Workflow Manually or Automatically• Visibility into Running Workflows• Collection of Historical Workflow Data – Status of approval, errors,…• Stop (or Terminate) a Running Workflow• Tight Integration with Office
    15. 15. Understanding The Workflow Lifecycle Remove Association Initiation Running Termination Association• Association  When a workflow is associated with a list  Data can be associated with the workflow• Initiation  When the workflow is first started on a list item  Data can be associated with the instance of the workflow• Running  Status page reflects state of the workflow  User primarily interacts via Tasks• Termination  End an instance of a workflow• Remove Association
    16. 16. Workflows 2007 Out of the Box SharePoint Designer 2007 Visual Studio 2005 & 2008
    17. 17. Workflows 2010• Out of the Box  New Site Level Workflows  Customizable with SharePoint Designer  Visualization with Visio 2010• SharePoint Designer  Parallel Execution Paths  Reusable Workflow  Visualization/Design with Visio  Exportable to Visual Studio• Visual Studio Workflow  Built-in Deployment/Debugging Tools  Workflow Events  Pluggable Workflow Services
    18. 18. Out Of the Box SharePoint 2007 •Approval Site Content Types •Collect Feedback •Collect Signatures •Disposition Approval •Approval Lists and Libraries •Collect Feedback •Collect Signatures •Disposition Approval Lists •Three State* •Translation Management Publishing •Publishing Approval *WSS 3.0
    19. 19. Out Of the Box SharePoint 2010 •Three State* •Approval – SharePoint 2010 Site Content Types •Collect Feedback – SharePoint 2010 •Collect Signatures – SharePoint 2010 •Disposition Approval •Three State* •Approval – SharePoint 2010 Lists and Libraries •Collect Feedback – SharePoint 2010 •Collect Signatures – SharePoint 2010 •Disposition Approval Lists •Three State •Translation Management Publishing •Publishing Approval * SharePoint Foundation
    20. 20. Out of the Box Workflows
    21. 21. SharePoint Designer 2007• Next version of FrontPage!• UI comprised of multiple panels• Only Compatible with SharePoint 2007 (all versions)• Allow Users to Create Workflows• Associate Workflow to List or Library• Workflow Designer• Conditions & Actions – Augmented by CodePlex
    22. 22. SharePoint Designer 2010• Redesigned for SharePoint 2010• New UI• Only Compatible with SharePoint 2010• Allow Users to Create New Workflows• Associate Workflow to List, Library or Reusable (Content Types)• Import/Export to Visio• New Workflow Designer Wizard
    23. 23. SharePoint Designer and Visio Workflows
    24. 24. Let’s set it up!• Sales Documents Process• If Estimate is >$100000 then . . .• Automatically approved if less• Manager Approved and email Sales and VP of Sales
    25. 25. Custom .NET Workflow• Bring in the Reinforcements!• You are here because:  Missing Specific Feature  SharePoint Designer Missing Action  Custom Data or Actions Needed  Existing Windows Workflow Investment  State Machine Workflow Requirement  Expose the Full Power of .NET• Word of Warning – There is a steep learning curve
    26. 26. Custom .NET Workflow – The Platform• Windows Workflow Foundation• Its not just a SharePoint Platform  Built into .NET 3.0
    27. 27. Workflow – Platform Implications• Workflow a Core .NET Feature  Workflow can be ‘hosted’ anywhere  SharePoint was Microsoft’s first host (CRM 4 uses it now too)• Custom applications can host it as well• Standardized Format  XML based file format (XOML)• Widespread Availability
    28. 28. 3rd Party SharePoint Workflows• Nintex  Workflow 2007 & 2010  Forms 2007 & 2010• K2  Blackpearl  Blackpoint  K2 Forms
    29. 29. K2• Visual Designer based in SharePoint• Implement workflow logic without code  Also has Visual Studio integration• Rich visual designer from SharePoint• Connect to AD or LOB data sources
    30. 30. Nintex• Expand workflows beyond SharePoint Designer• Implement workflow logic without code• Rich visual designer from SharePoint• Connect to AD or LOB data sources
    31. 31. Nintex• Small Installation Footprint• Start in SharePoint, stay in SharePoint• Document Assembly and Conversion• User Defined Actions (UDA)• Lazy Approval• Workflow Change Approval
    32. 32. Nintex Workflow 2010
    33. 33. ResourcesSharePoint Workflow:• Workflow Resource Center | SharePoint 2010 (Dev):• Workflows in SharePoint Server 2010: us/sharepoint/ff819861SharePoint 2010:• SharePoint 2010:• SharePoint MSDN: us/sharepoint/default.aspx
    34. 34. Questions?
    35. 35. Donald Donais Blog – Tales from IT Side Twitter @dondonais