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Winner framework


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Published in: Business
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Winner framework

  1. 1. presents… By Sanjoy Kumar Malik
  2. 2. W • Wake UpI • InnovateN • Nail downN • NavigateE • ElevateR • Renovate
  3. 3. Business coaches orowners should use thisframework incompetitive situations.
  4. 4. WFrom time to time every business encounters competition. At thissituation, small businesses should wake up and think beyondtheir normal flow.Never consider competition as a threat, rather take it as anopportunity. Here mentoring is extremely essential.Small businesses should consult with business coaches howto take the wake up call.
  5. 5. IInnovation is the key to face competition. Small businessesshould learn to be creative as much as they can.Remember, you can always improve your services orproducts.Change your thinking and innovate.
  6. 6. NFind out exactly where you can improve your business.Most of the time, it may not be obvious. You need togive time and analyze.
  7. 7. NWhen you are clear about your improved services orproducts, choose the path to follow and steer yourefforts to achieve that.
  8. 8. EShow your improved products or services to thecustomers in more competitive manner. Remember,don’t go by comparative manner. Focus on yourservices and products. N.B. Comparison may beuseful during Wake Up, Innovate, and Nail Downstages.
  9. 9. RIf needed, just remodel your business. If you need tochange your business model to remain competitive,just do it if it is beneficial. Renovate your businessthrough remodeling.
  10. 10. Business coaches should take only the Bloom’sTaxonomy part ofItthe CAAS Framework. Here you sounds funny. Basically, when‘Analyze’ and ‘Create’ should be given more take or your business feels tired, justemphasis. advantage of the situation. Change perspective and do differently.
  11. 11. Thank YouYou can reach me at sanjoy.kumar.malik@hotmail.comAlways visit the site for latest update. Have a great day!