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Marketing recommendation

  1. 1. Marketing Recommendation<br />Cassandra Looloo<br />
  2. 2. PERSCPETIVE<br /><ul><li>Online marketing helps builds brand image
  3. 3. Many loyal consumers , are most likely going to be a “friend” on the company’s page
  4. 4. Many people would search online before purchasing the product
  5. 5. Word of mouth is a very effective marketing tool (people either really like a product or hate a product …very powerful tool</li></li></ul><li>Overview The blog topic is about college students and their experiences , and over coming their troubles of being in college .<br />Persona <br />This blog is for the college student who is transitioning into having their full independence and becoming a responsible adult . <br /> “ The college grad”<br />Blog titles <br />1. health <br />2 .have an education but no qualification <br />3. light at the end of the tunnel <br />4. Relationships or me <br />5.The right decision for you <br />6.Frenemies <br />7.Confused <br />8. Be Happy <br />9. Graduating / making a decision <br />10. Thinking about dropping out <br />
  6. 6. Performance of blog <br /> since I have started the blog , and communication project I have realized that many of the followers, and hits comes from people who you may know . They are the ones who start the viral marketing of branding the blogs. After I realized changes in visitors from when I first started to the end of the semester that word of mouth is a good way to go when marketing a brand image.<br />Twitter<br />Hub spot graders <br /> After making the social media releases , I have found more people have visited my blog daily .<br />Since I have been on hub spot grader , I have checked my ranking a couple times , the first time I checked it without any social media releases I have ranked at 48% and began with a 24%.<br />
  7. 7. Key learning <br /> social media wasn’t one of the things I really knew about . <br />I have really learned if anyone who is trying to be a marketer they need the key knowledge of internet marketing , and understand and keep up with all the new media outlets that are trends to new and old generations.<br />Blog<br /><ul><li>Learning about Google ( analytics , ad words , ad planner)
  8. 8. creating a blog
  9. 9. Tracking </li></ul>Face book <br /><ul><li>Social media share buttons </li></ul>Twitter <br /><ul><li>Grader
  10. 10. Pr releases</li></li></ul><li>Indication Actions <br />Here are some steps that would be useful for someone to know how to use the new social media outlets :<br />Twitter , and face book have many tools that marketers can use . As I was beginning the project I never really knew the full effects that these two websites have. <br /> a way that I learned how to use them was going through there help sections on the pages , these pages actually outline and give you step – to step details of what they are and what they do.<br />
  11. 11. Actions Continued …<br />On Google I had an assumption that the tools on Google that I had to pay , this would make some people little hesitant on wanting to use this system .<br />Using Google analytics , and ad words was a little difficult at the beginning , but it wasn’t easy signing up with their step- by step process it was simple to use because you couldn’t move on unless the step was completed.<br />Videos ( tutorials)<br />
  12. 12. Indication Actions Continued …<br />3 . Doing your own pr is kind of difficult trying to persuade your target audience because finding the key words that attract your audience you have to know them well and do a lot of research if their not like you.<br /> doing a lot of research finding the right template is key, and getting it to all the right people is even better <br />Finding the right people can include going to social media sites , or even knowing where to find them on blogs , even forums<br />
  13. 13. **Recommendations<br />
  14. 14. Displaywish list :<br />Twitter <br />Google <br />Face book <br /> <br /> <br />Horoscope .com<br /> <br />School websites <br />Linked in <br />
  15. 15. SEO And Pay per clicks <br />A way that really help the search engine rankings is using keywords that tie the blog with what you “think “ your target market is searching for .<br />With my site my keywords were :<br /><ul><li>School
  16. 16. College
  17. 17. Friendship
  18. 18. Money
  19. 19. boyfriend
  20. 20. girlfriend
  21. 21. education …etc </li></ul>GOOGLE AD FOR BLOG <br />
  22. 22. Social media <br />For social media recommendation a good promotion for a blog , website , video is using a press release ad . <br /> just a short ad of what you are advertising , and the benefits of it. For example :<br />- This is what I had broadcasted on my twitter over numerous times over the semester . <br />
  23. 23. **Affiliate marketing <br />This is one that I haven't done and ideas that I thought of for it would be marketing my blog through a website or company relevant to what I was writing about . <br />This can be done by sending an email asking someone to help brand an image , or just asking to brand theirs.<br />*This is one I definitely should of did .*<br />
  24. 24. PR<br />Pitch engine is a good tool to make a press release , there is certain press releases that can be used , there are ones for blogs , products , service , and even events . <br />On pitch engine I used it for the press release of my blog on social media websites , <br />For the press release I used I created it on constant contact.<br />PR and social media release schedule <br />
  25. 25. Email marketing <br />RELEASES<br /> JUNE 20 <br /> social media <br /> Release <br />JUly14 <br />PR release <br />Social media <br />Release <br />JULY 2 <br />E-news letter <br />release <br />Topics<br /> health - June 13<br /> have an education but no qualification - June 14 <br /> light at the end of the tunnel –June 14 <br />Relationships or me - June 14 <br />The right decision for you - June 14<br />Fernemeies - June 20 <br />Confused - June 29 <br /> Be Happy - July 2nd<br /> Graduating / making a decision – July 2nd <br /> Thinking about dropping out- July 14<br />
  26. 26. **Mobile marketing <br /> sms sending mass text messages ( like e-newsletters)<br />Apps for social media can be used for :<br /><ul><li>Face book
  27. 27. MySpace
  28. 28. Twitter
  29. 29. E-mails
  30. 30. Blackberry messenger ( codes )
  31. 31. msn chat </li></li></ul><li>Rationale<br />For my add I would try and be more interactive with who I was trying to market to , as for the next website they had done most of the recommendations that were added in this presentation .<br />My blog in comparison to successful blog <br />Recommendations <br />I have chosen a blog that is quite successful and similar to what I was trying to prevail . I pointed out what they have done on the recommendations list .<br /><ul><li>affiliate marketing
  32. 32. Interactive with consumers
  33. 33. More e-newsletters
  34. 34. More press releases
  35. 35. Ads more effective </li></li></ul><li>Rationale <br />Shopping is available on this site <br />Their own twitter page <br />Quizzes<br />Interactive with consumers <br />