Encuesta a m ily


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Encuesta a m ily

  1. 1. De: AskALibrarian@oclc.org <br />Para: milyro_60@yahoo.com <br />QuestionPoint - Encuesta recibida [Consulta #5410959] <br />Jueves, marzo 18, 2010 12:53 P.M.<br />Ocultar detalles <br />A survey has been completed for Question ID: 5410959I received a better answer from this resource than I would have found on my own:Positive or YesI received the answer in time to meet my needs:Positive or YesI received an answer that helped me locate additional information regarding my question:Not SubmittedThe librarian was helpful.Positive or YesI have used electronic resources from the library before.Positive or YesI prefer asking questions online, using e-mail or chat.Neutral or N/AWas the service easy for you to locate?Positive or YesWas this service easy to use?Positive or YesI would recommend this service to someone else.Positive or YesThe quality of the library staff service in answering this request was?ExcellentIs this the first time you have used this service?YesAdditional Comments:<br />