China Payment Services Overview


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Expand your online sales to China by accepting UnionPay cards on your website. China Payment Services offers an online payment gateway to accept all China-issued UnionPay cards.

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China Payment Services Overview

  2. 2. About China Payment Services (CPS)China Payment Services (CPS) offers ecommerce payment solutions to allowdomestic and International businesses to accept payments from all Chinese credit anddebit cards (China UnionPay cards) on their website.There are reportedly now over 530 million Internet users in China, and approximately500 million UnionPay cards on issue. CPS can help businesses to target ChineseInternet users by providing a supportive and targeted payment facility to startaccepting UnionPay cards with complete ease.China UnionPay is the central (and only) domestic bank card association in China; allcards issued in China bear the UnionPay logo.We are in partnership with a leading online payment subsidiary of China UnionPay(ChinaPay), as well as numerous banks within China. This allows CPS to offermerchants the ability to accept payments from China, whilst settling into their choice ofmajor currency, into their domestic bank account.Fact: There are more UnionPay cards on issue worldwide then there are Visa orMasterCard.
  3. 3. Ecommerce in ChinaThe enormous scale and potential of ecommerce in China:• China is already the 2nd biggest consumer of luxury goods in the world• China has over 513 million Internet users (more internet users than the USA and Europe combined)• China has 193 million online shoppers (more than the USA)• China‟s eCommerce volume in 2010 was 703 billion USD, by 2015 it is expected to reach 2.8 trillion USD• The Chinese government is actively working to promote ecommerce growth and development
  4. 4. CPS Partnered With ChinaPayThe previous challenge faced by international businesses selling to Chinesecustomers was the inability to accept payments in Renminbi unless they had aChinese bank account.CPS has established a partnership with ChinaPay that closes this gap by offering across-border online payment facility that allows merchants to accept payments fromChinese customers in Renminbi whilst settling in their choice of major currency intotheir local bank account.Benefits of CPS’s partnership with ChinaPay: • UnionPay Trust – Especially within the luxury brands market, shoppers prefer to purchase with a trusted brand. Being government owned and on all Chinese cards helps build consumer trust. • Global Experience – UnionPay has a rapidly spreading global presence and systems development, which places ChinaPay in a leading position to support global companies. CPS is helping to fill the gaps and provide a true global support system. • B2C Market Share - In terms of market share in the B2C market, ChinaPay is on an equal footing with AliPay, the largest direct competitor in the market. • Superior Support – Our experience shows that companies making a healthy profit in China provide better support. ChinaPay has made healthy profits for the last three years. • Foreign Currency Settlement – Due to the unique ownership structure of ChinaPay and the relationship with The People‟s Bank of China, it is easier to facilitate cross border settlement.
  5. 5. Core Benefits of the CPS Payment FacilityCPS Core Benefits: • True Bi-lingual Interface - View everything in English or Chinese within our gateway • Multi-Currency - Display local pricing and settle in any major currency (e.g. USD, GBP) • 99.99% Uptime Reliability - The gateway is very reliably hosted in Hong Kong with top tier security and redundancy • Easy to use - The CPS gateway has an easy to use informative gateway interface which provides access to useful data and reports • Real-time reporting - View all approved, declined and abandoned transactions in real time in the CPS secure back-end system • Australian-based – Reap all the benefits of trading with China, without having to deal with Chinese organizations. CPS is based in Australia, and offers solutions and support to merchants across the globe.
  6. 6. CPS Setup OptionsChina Third Party Payment Facility • Ideal for: business based outside of China, wanting to receive payments in a currency other than RMB • Available Settlement Currencies: USD. Other currencies are available upon request; application is dependent upon expected monthly processing volume (over USD$10,000) • Activation timeframe: 24-48 hours for USD. 2+ weeks for other currencies (if approved) • Settlement timeframe: Weekly • Rates: Refer to Table 1 of the online rate cardChina Merchant Account • Ideal for: businesses based in China, wanting to settle into their Chinese bank account • Available Settlement Currencies: RMB • Activation timeframe: 1 – 2 weeks • Settlement timeframe: Every 2 days • Rates: Refer to Table 2 of the online rate card
  7. 7. CPS Gateway Integration OptionsHosted Sales Page Integration • Add UnionPay as a payment option to your existing shopping cart system so customers can make multiple purchases at once • CPS can integrate with most major shopping carts.“Buy Now” button • Quick and easy option that is added to each individual item on your website • Works best when only one or a small number of items are purchased at the one time • Allows customers to purchase items without the need for your website to have a shopping cart, or allowing Chinese customers to by-pass the shopping cart procedureWant to learn more about these integration options?Contact your account representative, Chantelle ( for ourhandy integration guides.For account holders, log-in to CPS secure and navigate to Account > Documentation >Integration.
  8. 8. CPS Online Payment ProcessThe “Push Payment” Principle:Payments made via a UnionPay card are much different from Visa / MasterCard etc. inthat they work on a "push payment" principle. What this means is that whencustomers elect to pay via UnionPay, they authorize the payment from their end.I.e. when directed though the external CPS payment gateway, customers are sent totheir personal bank account where they confirm and transfer funds out of their bankaccount and back through the secure payment gateway.This works much like a wire transfer, however is much less complicated, and is thestandard payment process in China.Please see the next 4 slides for a step-by-step demonstration of how this processlooks from your customer‟s POV.
  9. 9. CPS Online Payments Demonstration Your Checkout / Payment Page1. Select Payment MethodOnce an item has beenselected for purchase onyour checkout / paymentpage, customers have theoption of acceptingUnionPay as their preferredpayment option.When UnionPay isselected, users areredirected to the CPSpayment gateway.Depending on your chosencurrency setup, customersmay first be directed to ahosted currencyconfirmation page ordirectly to a bankselection page. Example Payment Page
  10. 10. CPS Online Payments Demonstration Currency Confirmation Page2. Currency Conversion PageThis page only appears ifyour sale currency is notRMB.Here, customers arepresented with a hostedredirect currencyconfirmation page, whichconfirms the amount they willbe deducted in RMB.Example used: USD to RMB
  11. 11. CPS Online Payments Demonstration ChinaPay Bank Selection Page3. Bank Selection and Payment AuthorizationThe customer thenchooses which bankthey wish to pay via.They authorize thepayment with theirown bank and willsee a “PaymentSuccess”.This is the standardonline paymentprocess in China.
  12. 12. CPS Online Payments Demonstration Your „Thank-you‟ Page4. Select Payment MethodImmediately after thepayment is authorized andaccepted through the CPSpayment platform, thecustomer is redirected backto your website. Example ‘Thank-you’ Page
  13. 13. eCommercePayment Flow
  14. 14. CPS Secure AdministrationThe DashboardView all completed andabandoned transactionsin real-time via your CPSSecure account.The dashboard iscustomizable with yourchoice of „widgets‟.Widget reports include:• Account Balance• Transaction Count• Transaction Feed• Transaction Volume• etc. Contains Sample Data Only
  15. 15. CPS Secure AdministrationTransactionDetails Contains Sample Data Only
  16. 16. CPS Secure AdministrationTransactionCustomerDetails Contains Sample Data Only
  17. 17. Fraud ScreeningAt CPS, we approach payment processing and fraud management with a consistentemphasis on security, across a range of areas. The CPS Gateway has more thanseven separate fraud detection and prevention systems that work seamlessly toidentify and block suspicious transactions.These tools detect, among other things: • suspicious purchasing patterns, • velocity levels and, • failed identification checks which raise alerts and or block a payment altogether.
  18. 18. I‟m Ready to Apply for an AccountTo set up a Chinese payments account with CPS, simply make an online applicationfrom the CPS website.Application Process:1. Make an online application at: Upon application, you will be provided with a unique log-in to the CPS secureback-end system where you will find all integration and testing information.2. Application URL is underwritten in 24-48 hours3. Once approved, an email will be sent out requesting supportingdocumentation and completion of CPS Setup Form, and any other required forms4. Once documents are returned and approved, account will be activated (insome cases, this can be done in a matter of hours)I Require Further InformationContact your CPS account representative:Chantelle 7 3113 4029Brisbane, Australia
  19. 19. Looking for International Card Options?China Payment Services is part of the PNI Group. If you are also looking forInternational payment solutions to accompany your China payment solutions,contact the team at PNI for more informationPayment Network International (PNI)Phone: +61 7 3113 4007Email: Office: Level 1, 360 St Pauls Terrace, Fortitude Valley QLD, Australia
  20. 20. Thank you for your timeCHINA PAYMENT SERVICES