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Yes, You Can! No, You Can't! Yes, You Can!

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Yes, You Can! No, You Can't! Yes, You Can!

  1. 1. “Yes, You Can!" “No, I Can’t!” “Yes, You Can!” Lee Zukor, SVP Product and Engineering
  2. 2. Current: SVP of Product and Engineering at SportsEngine Previous: • VP of Product and UX at Bluestem Brands
 • Founder and CEO at Simple, Good, and Tasty
 • VP of Product and Bewiki
 • Chief Experience Officer at
 • IT leader at Best Buy and Accenture
 • Ecommerce leader at Target
  3. 3. This book is amazing
  4. 4. Four distinct types 
 of culture
  5. 5. 1. Anarchy: I can do whatever I want, it’s all about me
  6. 6. 2. Blind obedience: I’ll do whatever 
 you tell me, I’m just happy to have a job
  7. 7. 3. Informed acquiescence: I know what’s expected, and I’m motivated to do it
  8. 8. 4. Self-governance: My values guide my 
 behavior, I don’t need to check with my boss
  9. 9. Getting to “Yes, You Can”
  10. 10. First, listen
  11. 11. Establish values, principles, and 
  12. 12. Principles: the “why” behind our values Practices: the behaviors that support our values and principles Values: fundamental beliefs that guide us
  13. 13. Bottoms up!
  14. 14. Product and Engineering Values Earn Trust
 Leave It All on the Field
 Exhibit Craftsmanship
 Build Products Customers Love 
 Clear the Path
 Fundamentals First
 Be Consistent
 Amplify Innovation

  15. 15. Value: 
 Clear the Path Practices: • We try to simplify things for our customers • We focus on improving system performance • We prioritize technical debt along with feature development • Establish goals to provide focus Principles: • Customers have limited time and very little interest in technology • Our best employees spend too much time addressing “overhead”
  16. 16. Set clear goals
  17. 17. Value: 
 Build Products Customers Love Practices: • Value and incorporate user research throughout the process • Create MVPs and iterate to ensure we’re solving customer needs • Our estimates support our desire to build great things Principles: • Customers love our product when they can quickly and confidently get the job done and get back to their kids • Successful companies build fanatics, not just users
  18. 18. A word about estimates
  19. 19. Value: 
 Earn Trust Practices: • Be clear about where we’re headed • Acknowledge when things aren’t working and admit mistakes • Show progress • Walk the talk Principles: • Our customers and employees understand that we can’t do everything at once. Still they expect - and deserve - our best effort • We’re in it for the long haul, and we want our customers to be too
  20. 20. Walk the talk
  21. 21. “No, I Can’t”
  22. 22. We have so much baggage
  23. 23. “Yes, You Can” (Really)
  24. 24. Pro tip: read this great book
  25. 25. Apply constant gentle pressure
  26. 26. You need to be much more prescriptive than you think
  27. 27. Appreciate those who 
 apply constant gentle 
 pressure on you too
  28. 28. Be patient
  29. 29. Questions? Thank you! Lee Zukor, SVP Product and Engineering