The Scaled Agile Framework® in JIRA by cPrime


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We are excited to introduce an Agile Scaling solution that is easy to track, manage and implement. By bringing together the most popular Agile Software (JIRA) with a popular Scaling Agile Framework, (SAFe®) and using our expertise as a Atlassian Platinum Expert Partner and a Gold SAFe Partner, we have developed a solution to address your Scaling Agile needs on JIRA.

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  • --- work broken into features and scheduled…
  • --- work broken into features and scheduled…
  • The Scaled Agile Framework® in JIRA by cPrime

    1. 1. SAFeTM on JIRA Addressing your Scaling Agile needs on JIRA
    2. 2. Who is cPrime? • Gold SAFeTM Partner • Atlassian Platinum Expert Partner • Scrum Alliance & PMI REP • VersionOne Premier Partner • Largest Agile Training Provider in US • Focused on Agile Transformations for large Enterprises • Provide Agile Software & Consulting Services
    3. 3. Who Are You? How would you rate your knowledge of the Scaled Agile Framework® on a scale of 1-5? (5 Being extremely knowledgeable)
    4. 4. Who Are You? How would you rate your knowledge of JIRA on a scale of 1-5? (5 Being extremely knowledgeable)
    5. 5. After the webinar… We will send directions to collect the PDU you will earn from attending this webinar We will also send a links to the recorded webinar and presentation slides once they are posted online For more information, visit
    6. 6. Today’s Presenter Zubin’s education includes a B.S from USC, and a joint Masters' from Columbia & UC Berkeley. He started his professional career as an Analyst at Deloitte and quickly worked his way up to a Senior Consultant before becoming the youngest Director at a large Communication company. After a successful tenure, he moved to the Bay Area to become a co-founder and CEO of cPrime.. Throughout Zubin's career he has been involved in large scale multi-million dollar Projects on engagements as large as 400 people. Engaging with clients such as, AT&T, Ericsson, Oracle, SAP, Disney, Macys, Visa, Sony, and Wells Fargo. cPrime has been ranked Top 50 Private fastest growing companies in the Bay Area 5 years in a row and is the largest Agile Training company in the United States. cPrime is a full service consultancy focused on Agile Transformation and Project Delivery and has built a successful practice delivering solutions for the biggest names in Silicon Valley and across the country. Zubin Irani, CEO, MBA, CSM, PMP, ITIL
    7. 7. What we will cover today • An introduction to some of the SAFe® Portfolio concepts • An example of how you can setup JIRA Agile to support the SAFe® levels (Portfolio, Program, Team) • Note: There are multiple ways this can be done, we are showing one example, but we have a number of other solutions which we’ve implemented for Clients • We will spend most of our time in Portfolio & Program levels • Given the high-attendance, we have made some basic assumptions that folks are familiar with the basics of SAFe® and JIRA, but we will briefly review those
    8. 8. A Few Logistics • Large-group, limited interaction and primarily one-way • Other online training, tailored demo’s, and public or private training options are more personalized and interactive if you want those • Questions can be addressed to me (Presenter) or our Moderator • Will try to address themes and patterns of questions where appropriate • Other feedback collected will be used for future blog posts, updates or input for future iterations of this presentation • Given the high-attendance, we may not get to your question during the webinar • We will do our best to answer those questions after the webinar
    9. 9. SAFeTM – The Big Picture
    10. 10. Two Types of SAFe Epics Business Epics: • Large chunks of scope • Customer-facing initiatives • Realize business benefits • Maintained in the Portfolio Backlog Architectural Epics: • Large chunks of scope • Technology initiatives • Realize technological change – performance and scalability – infrastructure obsolescence – integration • Maintained in the Portfolio Backlog
    11. 11. Business Epic Workflow Decision Points: • Validation of epic with a lightweight business case • Research & Analysis • Decision to go/no-go Process: • Kanban
    12. 12. Business Epic Workflow Funnel: • Identification of Business Epics takes place • Ideas are captured / discussed • No cost or value is assigned • Epics stated in any format – “Single sign on across all products” Backlog: • Queue of work that warrants further exploration • WIP Limits pace resources • Epic Owner is assigned to carry the scope through the system – rough sizing of effort – estimated potential / value
    13. 13. Business Epic Workflow Analysis: • Research & Analysis prior to implementation • Effort & Economic Impact are further defined – WSJF Prioritization – Decision Matrix • Lightweight Business Case Developed – Decision to go/no-go Implementation: • Business Epic has been approved • Awaits space to schedule to a release train • Epic can be further broken down to decentralize – Split epics
    14. 14. Let’s Visualize the (BE) Workflow Copyright © 2008-2013. Leffingwell, LLC.
    15. 15. Epic Implementation Granted Allocate Epic to Release Train: • Epic passes analysis queue • Ownership transferred to Program Level – Decentralized planning – Epic decomposed into features • Program backlog queue of features – WIP limits dictate capacity of the teams
    16. 16. Agile Release Trains Program Team: • 50-125 people – Teams of Agile teams • Dedicated to consistent development flow – Value / Investment theme focus – Release in sync on a fixed cadence PSI’s: • ~8-12 week increments • Ongoing Frequency & Sequencing – Define – Build – Test – Deliver • Scope is variable
    17. 17. Investment Themes A more holistic view: • Visualize your strategic intent – Portfolio backlog of initiatives • Investment themes are a capacity allocation – Budgeting – Resource Planning
    18. 18. Add-ons Some of the addons you saw today: • Structure • LinksHierarchy • Gantt Chart • Folio Others we like: • Roadmaps for JIRA • Burnup/Program Gadget Contact us for more information about addons or licenses purchases or trials