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Improv(e) collaboration in your team


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Recording of Elizabeth Hodos (HIL Training) presenting at Twin Cities Product Conf 2019.

Published in: Technology
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Improv(e) collaboration in your team

  1. 1. HIL Training Improv(e) Collaboration in Your Team Elizabeth Hodos HIL Training
  2. 2. HIL Training Agenda Hard truth about soft skills A little background The what and why of improv Breaking down skills for effective collaboration
  3. 3. HIL Training Building these skills may lead to a 49% increase in productivity (Hay Group, Korn Ferry) Why are we chatting about collaboration? 1 2 3 75% of job success is based on soft skill mastery and only 25% on technical skills (Stanford Research Group) Developing these skills may be the difference between average and high performance (Goleman, Harvard Business Review)
  4. 4. HIL Training A little bit about me HIL Training
  5. 5. HIL Training The What and Why of Improvisation HIL Training
  6. 6. HIL Training Skills for effective collaboration Active listening for understanding and support Postponing judgement to experiment and iterate
  7. 7. HIL TrainingHIL Training YESAND
  8. 8. HIL Training On our vacation EXERCISE
  9. 9. HIL Training Active listening in your team APPLICATION
  10. 10. HIL TrainingHIL Training Postpone judgement
  11. 11. HIL Training Superhero EXERCISE
  12. 12. HIL Training How to create a safe space at work APPLICATION
  13. 13. HIL Training Takeaways Set intentions and upfront contracts Take in the “yes, and…” mindset Find the fun and iterate
  14. 14. HIL Training Thank you Elizabeth Hodos HIL Training Illustrations by Freepik and RawPixel
  15. 15. HIL Training Additional References Goddard, Paul. Improving Agile Teams: Using Constraints to Unlock Creativity. Goddard, 2015. Levels of Listening. Kulhan, Bob. Getting to Yes, And… Crisafulli, Chuck. Stanford University Press, 2017. pp 32-36, 47-51. Spolin, Viola. Theater Games for the Lone Actor: A Handbook. Northwestern University Press, 2001. pp 109-113. Miller, Frederick A. The Inclusion Breakthrough Unleashing the Real Power of Diversity. Katz, Judith H. Berrett-Koehler Publishers, Inc., 2002. pp 59-64.