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Happy & Healthy - Automated Process and System Health Checks for your Atlassian Enterprise Platform


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As you plan to scale your agile development initiatives by implementing new projects, adding new practitioners and end users and delivering business value across the enterprise, you need to ensure the health, governance, and overall operational efficiency of your underlying enterprise software solutions.

In this webinar we’ll introduce cPrime’s a Software & Services Health Report. This service analyzes your Atlassian environment highlighting critical process & software issues hiding in your instance.

In this session you will learn how:

Best practices gleaned from our team of agile thought leaders and technical solutions experts were distilled into an automated audit report
The report can be customized by adding your own specific health measurement and metrics
The report can help you in the laying the solid foundations you need in order to scale and implement governance and best practices.
The frantic pace of innovation, growth and scale can ultimately win over governance, guardrails, best practices and sound management of your underlying software platform.

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Happy & Healthy - Automated Process and System Health Checks for your Atlassian Enterprise Platform

  2. 2. POLL QUESTION #1
  3. 3. Who We Are Our Vision Atlassian Platinum Solutions Partner • Strategic software + solutions provider • Streamline process and workflow • Consolidate plugins / use case functionality
 One marketplace partner vs many apps • Establish governance & guardrails • Reduce technical debt • Consolidate point solutions
 Framework for Jira System Administration • Workflows • Integrations • Custom Solutions

  5. 5. An apple a day keeps the doctor away. ENGLISH PROVERB “ ”
  6. 6. Health Check Objectives Quantify Outcomes Helping to uncover context and insights about your process and technology with prebuilt scripts Tweak & Optimize Being able to optimize the system once you highlight key risk areas. Get Visibility Being able to measure and quantify the quality inside your Atlassian system.
  7. 7. • Collaboration • Communication • Planning & Refinement • Tracking & Reporting • Traceability • Process Enablement Six Scaling Principles for Success
  8. 8. POLL QUESTION #2
  10. 10. • Disconnected projects and issue types • No insight into the big picture • Complicated status, productivity & financial reporting above Epic level • Too many custom fields and/or plugins complicates aggregation • Custom reporting to support Agile frameworks • Accumulation of plugins is slowing down Jira • Duplicate feature sets from plugins are driving up the cost of Jira Common Challenges Customers bending Jira and Confluence in a complicated way to understand productivity and efficiency.
  11. 11. THE SOLUTION
  12. 12. Why Run This Health Check?
  13. 13. Assess & Measure CEREMONIES Quantifying the quality of your Atlassian instance with a framework for reporting and health. • Process Normalization • Status & role-based reporting • Capacity + resource planning • Sprint & release reporting • Work Item Efficiency • % of issues incomplete by period • Ratio of work completed relative to team members • Planned vs unplanned work percentage • System Standardization • # of plugins in your system with duplicate functionality • Integrity checking • System performance metrics
  14. 14. • Leverages existing Marketplace App (Power Scripts for Jira/Conf) • Power Scripts module enhancement • Prebuilt script framework run in your environment • Extend reporting with your own • Conditional automated email report Power Scripts Health & Reporting Recap A framework for reporting that uncovers productivity and efficiency in your Atlassian environment
  15. 15. What’s in your instance? Run this in your environment and see what comes back. ?
  16. 16. DEMO
  17. 17. Questions?