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DevSecOps Value & Its Organizational Impact: A CSO's Perspective

  1. DevSecOps Value & its Organizational Impact: A CSO’s perspective Milinda Rambel Stone VP & CISO
  2. Agenda • Path to Provation ( My Story) • FUN! Teambuilding Exercise ☺ • Scaling DevSecOps • Measuring DevSecOps • Key Takeaways
  3. Path to Provation ( My Story)
  4. My Path to Agile & Provation….
  5. • Products focus on high physician productivity and satisfaction, maximum reimbursement, cost reductions and improved efficiencies and outcomes. • Our software to enable the physician to quickly, accurately and completely capture all relevant procedure details. • Provation procedure documentation solutions are trusted by leading gastroenterologists worldwide.
  6. Divestiture from Wolters Kluwer Wolters Kluwer Provation
  7. I am a builder! I Got This! My First Day at Provation
  8. After a month or so, I learned the company secret. Office Shaped Like……. a :
  9. Time for Teambuilding….☺
  10. Team Building Fun in 3 Easy Steps! 1. Turn to your Neighbor. 2. Did I hear Milinda correctly? 3. Did she just say the Provation office is shaped like a COLON?
  11. Yes. You heard me correctly.
  12. Scaling DevSecOps
  13. The purpose & intent of DevSecOps is to build on the mindset that “everyone is responsible for security” with the goal of safely distributing security decisions at speed and scale to those who hold the highest level of context without sacrificing the safety required. DevSecOps & Agile Source: What is DevSecOps? (Author: Shannon Lietz)
  14. DevSecOps Learnings DevSecOps Manifesto Partner Business Driven Measure Automate Monitor 24x7 Share Success Stories
  15. Security Story……Agile at Provation
  16. Measuring DevSecOps Success
  17. • The Truth is in Data • If you do not measure it, you will miss the opportunity for pattern and trend identification Measuring DevSecOps Success
  18. • Number of Self Reported Incidents • Percent of Business Processes • Security Risk Vector Reduction • Percent of Security Controls Automated • Crossfunctional Team “Happiness” Key DevSecOps Measures
  19. Key Takeaways
  20. • Use Agile to Manage Change • Change will happen. Macro and Micro level (people, process, technology) • People at on different phases of the change lifecycle. Understanding this helps get you through the tough time Key DevSecOps Takeaways
  21. • People. Team is everything. • If there is no team collaboration, results are limited and SILO’s occur. • Cannot scale DevSecOps alone. Need partners in crime to build common goals. Team Driven Approach
  22. Automate & Measure PEOPLE PROCESS TECHNOLOGY
  23. • Agile and DevSecOps Work. • Celebrating your Wins and Learnings helps you scale. • Never underestimate the value of Agile. It is worth the start-up costs! Parting Thoughts
  24. Thank you!
  25. • Thank You!