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Cprime Automated Jira and Confluence Health Checks: Boost your Operational Efficiency, Productivity and Scale


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Looking for those leadings indicators that highlight risk? Looking for quantitative ways to drive better application and process enablement? As you implement your plan to execute on your Agile initiatives, you must ensure your Atlassian systems and processes all have business alignment, traceability and are healthy enough to stand one their own. Learn how you can audit, manage and implement an Atlassian application governance strategy that paves the way to optimize for better governance and operational efficiency.

Don’t let your tools become a liability to your business!

Using Power Scripts for Jira and our Software & Process Health Reports, we have combined together an advanced Jira administration scripting framework and a complimentary process & system audit report into a powerful Atlassian Solution that helps you highlight and address system configuration issues, hardware and data integrity errors, process inefficiencies and other common issues affecting your transformation and governance initiatives hiding inside your instance. Knock down the walls today!

In this session you will learn:

***Best practices for Jira Admins who need to optimize for performance and reduce operational issues
***Best practices for Agile teams looking for better productivity and efficiency
***How to leverage Power Scripts’ scripting framework to run your own custom health reports and measurements
***How to leverage the Confluence integration to embed this report in Confluence spaces, baseline and version progress over time

Learning what to look for is half the battle. Let us help you uncover, highlight and improve the performance and productivity of your Atlassian instance. Trend this data over time to ensure your system has a healthy application governance footprint across your people, process and software.

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Cprime Automated Jira and Confluence Health Checks: Boost your Operational Efficiency, Productivity and Scale

  2. 2. CPRIMEAPPS | PRODUCTS@CPRIME.COM | CPRIMEAPPS.COM MONTE MONTOYA Product Marketing Manager • Building Atlassian products, integrations and custom solutions for customers over the past 6 years • Collaborating with software development teams from vision to execution • Passionate about growth, product management and all things product strategy • Live at the intersection of people, process and product to maintain sanity
  3. 3. CPRIMEAPPS | PRODUCTS@CPRIME.COM | CPRIMEAPPS.COM TIM REIKING Scripting Developer (Products) • Developer for 11 years working in Information Technology and Services • Skilled in DevOps, Databases, Java, Objective-C and J-Unit • Certified Jira and Confluence Administrator • Atlassian advocate for 9 years Tim helps our largest clients leverage our products for automations, integrations and custom solutions across Atlassian products
  5. 5. CPRIMEAPPS | PRODUCTS@CPRIME.COM | CPRIMEAPPS.COM Custom Product Development • Atlassian Plugin Development Atlassian Marketplace Coverage • Solution focused on problems & use cases • Governance, Compliance, Workflow Automations, Integrations Blending Software + Services • Health Reports • Product-to-Product Integrations (Riada, Tempo, Jira Portfolio, Structure, Automation For Jira,, Comala Workflows & more…
  6. 6. CPRIMEAPPS | PRODUCTS@CPRIME.COM | CPRIMEAPPS.COM One Strategic Software Solutions Provider • Streamline process & workflow • Consolidate plugins & use case functionality Leveraging One Framework of Apps vs Many • Establish Governance & Guardrails • Reduce technical debt • Consolidate point solutions Automated Jira System Administration • Workflows • Integrations • Custom Solutions
  7. 7. CPRIMEAPPS | PRODUCTS@CPRIME.COM | CPRIMEAPPS.COM Reduce implementation time by 50% AGILE OPERATIONS Implement Fast Solutions • SIL language allows for quicker solutions • Doesn’t break on upgrades out of maintenance periods Portable • Universal across server & cloud • Reduce technical debt • Consolidate point solutions Simple to Use • Non-technical /batteries included • No Groovy, Jira SDK, Jira Plugin Development knowledge needed
  8. 8. CPRIMEAPPS | PRODUCTS@CPRIME.COM | CPRIMEAPPS.COM Application Governance and the popular ways customers leverage us. Permissions & Restrictions • Read-Only Issues • Locking Issues • Restricting Issue Creation • Inline editing Field Manipulation • Field Capture (*Requiring) • Automating Field Values on Issue Creation • Show & Hide Jira User Interface Manipulation • Custom error messages • Alerts • Conditional Notifications Process Automations • Advanced JQL Reporting • Auto Prioritization • Issue Aggregation / Sum Up • Custom Calculations • Critical Risks, Blockers, Dependencies
  10. 10. CPRIMEAPPS | PRODUCTS@CPRIME.COM | CPRIMEAPPS.COM • The Technical Jira Admin / Sys Admins: a user who implements, sets up and configures and has to maintain • The Business Side: a user who sits on the business side, who owns the governance, standardization, normalization initiatives • Consultants & Partners: freelance consultants, consulting companies, Atlassian partners Who are our customers?
  11. 11. CPRIMEAPPS | PRODUCTS@CPRIME.COM | CPRIMEAPPS.COM • Query, read and retrieve conditional information about your Agile process and Atlassian system configuration • Confluence Integration helps you proactively version reports and monitor progress • Run quick ongoing automated health assessments and baseline progress • Extensible framework for custom tailored reporting and health metrics • Configurable thresholds allow you to define success for application governance
  12. 12. CPRIMEAPPS | PRODUCTS@CPRIME.COM | CPRIMEAPPS.COM GET VISIBILITY Helping to uncover context and insights about your process and technology with prebuilt scripts. TWEAK & OPTIMIZE Being able to optimize your process and system once you highlight key risk areas. QUANTIFY OUTCOMES Being able to measure and quantify the quality inside your Atlassian system.