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What's next for the Internet of Things? #IOT


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What's next for the Internet of Things (#IOT) industry? How will IOT devices transform what we do, from Smart Stadiums through to Amazon IOT Dash button?

We look at how the Internet of Things tech trend is set to change our lives in 2016 - from quirky innovations through to upgrades in networking speeds.

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What's next for the Internet of Things? #IOT

  1. 1. What’s next for the Internet ofThings Industry? How the IOT industry and innovations are set to evolve
  2. 2. Overview  How 5G connectivity will change IOT device adoption  Amazon’s IOT button  Blockchains and IOT  Intel focusing on IOT and cloud  Vodafone building smart stadiums for QatarWorld Cup  The problems created by the Internet ofThings and the companies springing up to solve them
  3. 3. 5G  As consumer connectivity gets better, so does the ability for IOT devices to be used.  The ability to deliver high speed networks and connectivity to many devices at a relatively low cost will mean that IOT devices can be integrated into many different processes – often replacing expensive legacy technology.  IOT devices will be able to be connected to you whether you’re on aWi-Fi network or in the park. Find out more about IOT, Big Data and Cloud at
  4. 4. Amazon’s IOT Button  Amazon have released their Amazon Dash IOT button – which sold out in the first day.  AWS IOT button: A small device that comprises of literally a button.  Can be programmed to enact a command, meaning that developers can repurpose it for almost any requirement.  The possibilities are endless, and could shape how we order, pay, engage, communicate and also build machinery. Image courtesy of Jay Cross
  5. 5. Blockchains and the IOT  InformationAge suggests that blockchains will provide a way for IOT devices to interact with each other and share information securely.  Blockchains could be a way of storing the data that is collected without the data being readily available to hackers.  An example of two relatively new technologies coming together to deliver a solution to a problem we don’t yet have.
  6. 6. Intel, IOT, and theCloud  Intel has reported that it is focusing its efforts on IOT and the Cloud.  Intel sees IOT devices as “transforming everything and every experience”.  They see the future of tech being split into IOT devices and sensors on one side, and Cloud and data centres on the other side.
  7. 7. Vodafone and Smart Stadiums  Vodafone has announced it will be designing ‘smart stadiums’ for the QatarWorld Cup due to the success of theVodafone Arena inTurkey.  During a recent match at theVodafone Arena, nearly 12,000 people used a total of 413 GB data throughVodafone’s 4.5G network – and even more data was consumed through the Wi-Fi system within the ground.  Technologies are being employed across stadiums to enhance the fan match-day experience: HD screens broadcasting a range of content, and apps for fans within the stadium to giving queue information and live action replays.  Eight stadiums at the 2022 QatarWorld Cup are set to receive the ‘smart stadium’ experience fromVodafone – will football be changed forever?
  8. 8. NewTech: Problems & Solutions  Pwnie Express Inc has raised a considerable amount of funding to launch its service offering dashboards to organisations to show all wired,Wi-Fi and Bluetooth devices in the vicinity.  Useful for businesses with BYOD policies where staff devices need to be closely monitored, or by public organisations who need to understand what devices are in use nearby at any one time.  The technology was utilised at the 2016 Super Bowl game at Levi’s stadium to monitor access points.
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