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Empowering Women in the BusinessWith the advent of the many changes of the world, we have seen the surges of development m...
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Empowering women in the business


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. It has given new direction for people to have a reality check of what happened before and comparing it now to the present situation. Unlike before women are considered as second class citizens.

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Empowering women in the business

  1. 1. Empowering Women in the BusinessWith the advent of the many changes of the world, we have seen the surges of development may it bein the human resources or in technology. The latest is empowering women in all facets in our society.Women are now part of nation building in every country. They become professionals and executives intheir own field of expertise. Before women are just at the mercy of the husbands’ n terms of income andpersonal growth right now, women are owners of business establishments like men do.Business have seen so much evolution if women are the owners and managers. Naturally women areinnovative and critically inclined. They can find solutions to whatever problems. If they need somethingthey can find it or reinvent it. What is interesting about women? Women love to mix their familyconcerns with work concerns. Some resort to home business jobs but others still have the traditionaljobs. May it be in the home business jobs or the traditional one they can still perform the duties of beinga mother and a career woman unlike men.Empowering women are expanding throughout the world and its gaining acceptance. Many bigbusinesses are hiring women because they have so many bright ideas when it comes to design, marketthe services and products. They can easily find the right market for business. It is an edge against maleexecutives but this is not a discriminatory acts. But this is one way of saying that the world has beengood to women and humanity should embrace the role of women in the society.Lastly, women empowerment is not so easy because there still countries which has this attitude ofconsidering the former as second class citizens. This is really true in many countries in Africa and Asia.Reality bites but these countries still uphold the masochistic concept of governing the society. It is still amale dominated. But one for sure, women in those areas are finding ways and strategies how to beindependent and be heard. It is gratifying when we see women holding and running their ownbusinesses.