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Media Case Study pt4


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Media Case Study pt4

  1. 1. V for Vendetta Institutions The institutions is the information about the Director, Production Company, Release Date, Box Office Returns, etc. I have gathered all the information I need from the internet, because it is quicker and easier and I have collected the information below from the website IMDb. Director James McTeigue V for Vendetta was McTeigueʼs first directing job so he probably wanted this film to go well so that people would know his name. However he had already been Assistant Director or Second Unit Director on 19 films so he would have already known the important things. Writer The Wachowski Brothers The Wachowski brothers are Lana and Andy Wachowski, who work on all their films together whether it is writing or producing. The brothers had written for 15 other films before they took the V for Vendetta job, giving them lots of experience. Production Company The film did not just have one company it had seven, which are • Silver Pictures • Anarchos Productions (in association with) • Warner Bros. (as Warner Bros. Productions Limited) • Fünfte Babelsberg Film (as Fünfte Babelsberg Film GmbH) • Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg (with the assistance of) • DC Comics (Vertigo) • Virtual Studios Through doing this case study I have noticed that there is always more than one production company, I believe that it could be to do with getting enough money to make and to receive the workers for the film. Most of the companies had previous work with other films, except the Anarchos Production who had V for Vendetta for it first film. Genre The genre for this film is Action, Sci-Fi and Triller Release Date 17 March 2006 Country of Making The film was made in the UK, USA and Germany, it was filmed mainly in the UK, but there was some filming in Germany.
  2. 2. Institutions Awards The movie won 3 awards and was nominated 16 times for other awards. The three that they won where Best Actress, DOP award and Best Product Design. Money I have split the money section into two parts Budget and Gross, so that you can have a clearer look at the money. Budget The film had a big budget of $54 million, this could suggest the companies thought that it was going to be a good film so they gave the movie a high budget. Gross The film had a worldwide gross of $132,511,035, which means they made a profit of $78,511,035 which is a great profit. This makes me assume that the film is well made and will appeal to me.  
  3. 3. Audience In this audience section I will go though the intend audience and the reception of the film, I will be using ratings and user comments from IMDb. Intended Audience I think that the film has a wide appeal range with its intended audience. I believe this because before the film it used to be a comic, so the people who used to read it would want to go and see the film, to find out what it is about. However the film also has the sub genre action so I believe they also wanted to get people who like to see action in a modern day hero. Also being a thriller gives the impression the action part of the film will be intense and skillful, making the action people want to see it even more. The intended age group of the audience would be between the age of 15-25 I would say this age group because if you watch the trailers they seem to only show fighting parts of the film. This age group has a tendency to watch films with action and with a bit of thrill. Audiences Reception Overall this film scored high on the ratings with 8.2, showing that the audience enjoyed watching the film. My prediction of the intended audience was correct as the under 18 and 18-29 scored the highest for this film showing the films popularity. What does surprise me though is the fact that from the age 30 up scored the film highly showing that they also enjoyed watching the movie, which surprises me with the amount of violence that is shown. One comment agrees with the ratings above, J.R. Thompson an author from Hollywood, CA gave the film 10 out of 10. From what I can get out of his comment I can see that the film did what it was trying to do - entertain the watcher and make them feel that they are part of the film - I assume this because the commentator writes “I got seriously emotional during a lot of the parts.” This gives the impression that the film was so well made that the audience can feel part of the film. However some of the commenter disagree like, CineCritic2517 from the Netherlands only gave the film 1 out of 10 and with giving the subject title, “Some movies are arguably overrated, but this is just pathetic” this is the complete opposite to commentator above, suggesting that the film is not everyones cup of tea. Through the reviews the comments seem to bring down the film such as, “couldn't act her way out of a high-school drama” suggesting the acting is poor and unbelievable.
  4. 4. Technology In this section I will talk about how the technology has increased the audiences knowledge and access of the film. The Audiences Knowledge The audiences knowledge depends on what they did before they watched the film, if they were to research the film before they went to the cinema they would have found the out the plot reviews and that it is a graphic novel. If the audience searched for the film they would have easily found out the plot by simply clicking on a reliable movie review website, letting them know more about the film. The audiences knowledge of the main character V is unreliable due to the fact you donʼt know why he saved the woman and who he is. This is because of the technology that they used when V put on his mask because as he lifts it to his face you go through the side to a great camera technique and because of the editing done on the computers makes these tiny things better. It also can either make it easier or harder to understand who the character is. The same thing is done with lighting, when it comes to masking the persons identity, this is done when he is fighting the people who are trying to attack Evey there is a shot of him it only shows half of his face making it hard to see what the mask looks like Audiences Access Because of the fast changing technology it has become easier and easier to access films via renting, buying or cinema. The new way of renting films has changed over the decade, no more walking down to the local shop and renting one of a very small collection of DVDs. Now it is renting a DVD off the internet, the companies that do this are Lovefilm and Amazon which send you your DVD. You can also buy DVDs for a very reasonable price from these websites The cinema is changing greatly because of technology, to watch a film at the cinema you would have to queue to buy your ticket, now they have added touch screen machines where you can choose anything you want and then put in your credit card to pay for the ticket. They are also thinking of bringing in the idea of having the films on DVDs instead of having it on a film reel. The DVD way would allow you to watch the in High Definition making everything crystal clear which makes the visual experience even better.
  5. 5. Codes/Forms & Conventions of the Thriller Genre Conventions The opening has many conventions of a thriller, the first one is the title of the production companies, they have altered the colour of the logos so that they are black and white, this might have been done to represent the city, consumed by darkness. The next convention that you see is to do with a flashback of Guy Fawkes, to show that it is a flashback they use a blurring effect on everything except the person they are focusing on. This is a convention that they do in every thriller film. After the flashback there is a shot of fire spreading, after a few shots it is shown to be a symbol of a V contained in circle, this could be hinting that there is going to be a fire or an explosion. This hint explains why there was a flashback of Guy Fawkes, as he tried to blow up the houses of parliament, that could suggest that the film might have something to do with the government. The red in the title is hinting at danger in the film, it could be also be hinting at fire which is why there is an orange colouring in the title. Another big convention is the character V wearing the mask to conceal his face from the public, this is done to bring up the questions “who is he?”, “Why does he wear the mask?”. This is the main convention that films like to do, because it makes you want to watch the rest of the film. Before there is going to be a fight there is a big hint that most people miss, if the character who flicks out a blade or plays with his gun, that is the hint of a fight. The character that attacks Evey flicks out a badge as soon as you see it, you can tell that is the logo of the villains of the movie. You can tell this because of the red hinting at danger and it is surrounded in black suggesting that it is evil. The red is almost blood colour which hints that the badge is meant to be a threat, which explains why Evey tries to run away. Throughout the fight the character V keeps himself to the shadows to hide his face and to create an aura of fear to him, so it puts off the attackers.
  6. 6. Codes/Forms & Conventions of the Thriller Genre Settings From the shot scene of the city that is shown the area has cobble roads, the strange thing that you notice is the fact there is no street lights, so the area is only lit up by the moonlight, which gives a mise-en-scene effect to the place as being a place to be feared, also all of the houses have no lights on, showing the people are scared as well. Sound For the sound section I will split it up into non-diegetic and diegetic sounds. The titles of the production companies is the first non-diegetic sound that you hear. The sound is of army marching music, however it is more intense giving the impression that the film is about the military. During the flashback there is the sound a high cord of a violin getting louder and quieter to add tension to the flashbacks, also making you know something is about to happen. The next bit of sound is when Evey is leaving her house the noise of the violin starts to build up with her footsteps, indicating she is going to get into danger. As the fight starts the violin starts to go from high to low chords to make the fight seem fast paced and aggressive. The fist part of diegetic noise is the sound of Evey repeating the Guy Fawkes rhyme, which shows the flash back of Guy Fawkes getting caught. Over the top of the flashback she talks about how she “has witnessed first hand the power of ideas….. I have seen people kill in the name of them and I am defending them” giving the impression that she revolts against the idea. The next part of sound is an insight into the society that the characters lives in. There is a man on TV who talks about why America has got to where it is today, “the worlds biggest leper colony, why? …..Godlessness…...we did what we had to do...Islington, Pemfield, I was there I saw it all immigrants, Muslims, Homosexuals, terrorists, disease ridden degenerates!” this shows that the UK now treats anybody with different beliefs as unworthy of God. After she switches off the TV she says “Oh shit” as she looks at the time giving the impression that she is late. It changes shot to a high angle pan down as it does a voice says “Yellow automated curfew, any caught after hours will be arrested, this is for your safety” this show there is something controlling the UK. When she is about to get attacked a man pulls a badge out Evey says “Oh my god your finger men” she then starts to plead with him, hinting that these people have control over the streets at night and people are scared of them.
  7. 7. Representation V Although you donʼt really see what V is wearing you can tell he has a cape and a hat on, making him look like Guy Fawkes. I think this is who they were trying to represent him as because in the film he tries to take down the parliament. In the open you can tell V is a skilled swordsman, shown by the way he disarms a man in one swift attack. This makes you think that the character may have been a fencer or may be in the arm, which would explain the way he hit a man flying in to a wall. During the fight scene he is shown to have no care for life by the way he goes to a man who is trying to crawl away but as he is trying V goes up to him and the camera goes to show his shadow stabbing the man. V is shown to be intelligent by the way he starts to rant on to Evey about why he helped, it starts off with him speaking normally but as he get angry he gets quicker and quicker and starts to say words that begin with V, giving the sense that he is smart. Evey Is shown to be the complete opposite to V as when they are both getting ready, she takes her time puts on her make up, dress, hair and making sure she looks good. As V dresses he only puts on his mask, cape and secures his daggers into place. She is represented as being very weak by the way one man grabbed her arm and she couldnʼt move. The opening makes her out to be a stereotypical blonde women, cares to much about her make up and doesnʼt have any strength to stop the attacks, not even a kick. However she does know these are dangerous street so she carryʼs round a can of mace in her bag for protection, giving the impression she likes to be prepared.
  8. 8. This statement below gives the impression that the film has something to do with the government having too much control and maybe the people should try to take it back, that is why the government should be scared of the people. The statement being in red could be to suggest that the government or the people are dangerous The character looks like he has is wearing a mask this could be to hide a scar or to hide his identity from people He has a fist clenched The while character is holding the also in a daggers silhouette, making it this could look like he show that is ready for he has a a fight, hidden past hinting that that he the film has wants to fighting hide from or scenes, so that he is it will seem trying to like an complete a action vendetta genre The title suggests that the film has something to do with revenge, as vendetta is when you give a promise to someone that you will have revenge on them for some reason. This could mean the film has murder in it, which explains why the title is red.