Media Case Study pt3


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Media Case Study pt3

  1. 1. The Number 23 Institutions The institutions is the information about the Director, Production Company, Release Date, Box Office Returns, etc. I have gathered all the information I need from the internet, because of it is quicker and easier and I have collected the information below from the website IMDb. Director Joel Schumacher Schumacher has worked on 32 movies in his lifetime giving him the experience to know what will make a great film and what will not. He also has a large amount of experience in the directing of thrillers that have been blockbusters such as Phone Booth, Phantom of the Opera, Flawless and the Batman films from the 90s. Writer Fernley Phillips This film was Phillips big break into the writer scene as this was his first film that he had been a part of, so he had a lot going for him on this film as he was also the co-producer. Production Company The film didnʼt just have one company it had four, which were • New Line Cinema • Contrafilm • Firm Films • Fingerling Films From looking at these companies they have worked on films that have always been blockbusters, such as, the Lord of the Rings trilogy, Blade trilogy, the Butterfly Effect, Domino, etc. This gives the impression that it is a good film Genre The genre of the film is drama, mystery and thriller, which you can assume from the poster. Release Date 23 February 2007 Country of Making The film was made in the USA and filmed in Florida, California and Los Angeles. Awards They did not win any awards but it was nominated for three, one of which they would not be proud of. These were the nominated awards:
  2. 2. Institutions Razzie Awards Year Result Award Category/Recipient(s) 2008 Nominated Razzie Award Worst Actor Jim Carrey Teen Choice Awards Year Result Award Category/Recipient(s) 2007 Nominated Teen Choice Choice Movie Actor: Horror/Thriller Award Jim Carrey Choice Movie: Horror/Thriller World Soundtrack Awards Year Result Award Category/Recipient(s) 2007 Nominated World Soundtrack Film Composer of the Year Award Harry Gregson-Williams Also for Shrek the Third (2007), Deja Vu (2006) and Flushed Away (2006). Money I have split the Money section into two sections Budget and Gross, I have done this so that I can see if they have made a profit or a loss. Budget The budget for the film was $32,000,000 which seems to be the average budget of the films, it was doesnʼt mean it is going to be of poor making, as Lucky Number Slevin was $30 million and in my opinion it was a brilliantly made. Gross The total gross for the film was $76,593,167, making a profit of $44,593,167 which is a better profit than Lucky Number Slevin, however it doesnʼt make it a better film.
  3. 3. Audience In this audience section I will go though the intend audience and the reception of the film, I will be using ratings and user comments from IMDb. Intended Audience I believe that the intended audience that the film has tried to represent is for the audience that has an interest in films that revolve around a mystery. The sub-genre is thriller giving the impression that the viewers will also like to get scared during the film or spooked for a short amount of time. There is a wide appeal across the age groups as it seems to appeal to a variety of people. It interests 15-19 year olds as the poster gives the impression of it being a horror movie due to the darkness around the poster, this is what the teenagers look for in a film, that can make them jump. It attracts the older age group as well because it has the effect of being a mystery and the older age group like a film that can make them think about the information in the movie. Audience Reception The information on the left I have collected from the IMDb website. From the graph I can tell that the age group 18 and under gave it the best rating of 7.2, showing that the film was mainly aimed at the 18ʼs and under. The film also seems to have been mostly liked by females by giving an average vote of 6.4, however the amount of females that voted is a tiny amount compared to the male voters. Making the male vote more precise due to the large amount of voters. I was wrong about the film having a wide spread age range as the 18 and overs gave it 6.6 and lower, giving the impression that the didnʼt like the movie. The comments on the IMDb website are varied through the dislike and like situations. A commentator from the Untied States said “One of the worst movies I have ever seen” giving the impression that the person didnʼt like the film, he also gave it a rating of 1 out 10. The writer also backs up his opinion with naming all the things that he thought were bad about the film he said that there are “too many plot holes.” After he had gone through them I realised that he had been mainly stating it as a bad film, and not giving any good pionts to the film. Another commentator called theLPgoonie said that the film did what it was meant to - “be an entertaining thriller” leaving me to assume that maybe the film wasnʼt as bad as it was to said to be. The commentator rated it 9 out of 10 again promoting the film to me as being good, and throughout the posted comments got better and better, especially by commenting on Carreyʼs acting and the ending of the film, yet again adding to the positive side of the film.
  4. 4. Technology In this section I will talk about how the technology has increased the audiences knowledge and access of the film. The Audiences Knowledge The Audiences knowledge of the film varies from the impression that you get from the poster and watching the film. If you look at the poster you would have no idea about the plot you can only assume; the first thing that you notice is the number 23 written all over his face so you assume that the plot has to do with the number. You can also concluded the number has some sort of danger to it because of the red writing. If you go by the film in the first five minutes you donʼt understand what is happening as it is suggested that it has something to do with the future due to the character saying “if I did this....”. However the character is shown to be in an everyday situation with his job as an animal catcher, it is also suggested that he doesnʼt like his job, we assume this by the way he does not listen to the owner of the restaurant as he shows him where the animal is. They do these hints and suggestions by using technology to make our understanding of the character better for example by suppling the equipment that an animal catcher would have and with the poster using the best way of editing the it to hint at the plot and maybe the character. Audiences Access The audience is now able to access the film in a variety of ways because of the way that the film industry is changing. The person that wishes to see a film could easily go down to the cinema and watch it, but now there is more than just one way of watching a film, they could watch it normally or in 3-D by wearing special glasses. The new way of renting films has changed over the decade, no more walking down to the local shop and renting one of a very small collection of DVDs. You can now rent a DVD off the internet, the companies that do this are Lovefilm and Amazon which send you your DVD. The way of renting a film of iTunes is that you download it from the software you then have it for about 30 days after which it automatically deletes itself. This is a great way of renting films as you can put the film on to your iPod letting you watch it when you are out.
  5. 5. Codes/Forms & Conventions of the Thriller Genre Conventions The first convention that is shown is the titles, the titles always hints at what is going to happen in the movie. The titles are written on an old typewriter giving the impression of the film having something to do with time when the typewriter was invented, the text is also layered on paper that is stained making it also look old. As the names start to appear there is a flash of numbers that are shown before giving the impression that the film has to do with numbers. After a couple of names there is a shot where the number 23 is written over and over going in a sequence down the page. The title of the film is then shown, it is coloured red maybe suggesting that it is dangerous. Above and below the title there are Xs this could be hinting that death surrounds the number. Which explains why after the showing of this blood spatters appear on the paper which then spreads to show 23 Later in to the opening there is a shot that shows the number 23 appearing on his radio communicator, showing that the number is everywhere. Setting After the titles there is a downwards pan fading to a suburban area, with a park full of people having fun and a lush grass area, giving a nice atmosphere to the place. However as it pans to the left there is a grey van and a concrete house that gives the area a grungy look. The setting then changes to a flash of a Christmas party, you can tell because of the multi coloured fairy lights shown in the background and also due to the people running around with Santa Claus hats on
  6. 6. Codes/Forms & Conventions of the Thriller Genre Sound For the sound section I will split it up into non-diegetic and diegetic sounds. The first part of non-diegetic sound that you hear is the sound of a violin which, gives the impression of the film having a mystery. Later the sound of a flute and a drum are added, making the title sequence more dramatic. When the title of the movie appears there is the sound of a thud to add tension to the film, after that the music starts to get faster and faster until it shows the number 23 in red where it fades out. Throughout the titles there is the sound of a typewriter, giving the impression of the title sequence being typed as you watch it. There is also the sound of paper turning that could be done to represent a book, which might be hinting to further in the film where there is a book. The next part is of the main characters voice narrating the opening, as he speaks you can clearly hear a hint of regret in his voice, this could be to represent what is going to happen later in the film. The first part diegetic sound that you hear of the main character talking to himself, he says “oh” while there is a shot of the time suggesting he is late or that he finishes work soon. The next part you hear is of a flash back where there is Christmas music playing in the radio, setting the time around the Christmas holiday, after that he says to his son “I look like a rock star” in a modest way giving the impression that he wants to look good for where he might be going. The wife later reveals that they are going to a party which leaves the audience to assume that it is a Christmas party. At this part the couple are shown to be loving as he tryʼs to stay with her, but she reminds him about a cake he was supposed to take to the party, and he has to go. Which leads him into bigger trouble as she is not there because a women he works with tries to kiss him and he say “I wouldnʼt go with you if you where the last bitch on earth” which he says jokingly. However it still offends her as the music completely stops as he says it. After the flash back the women who tried to kiss him makes him do another job before he finishes work, due to her humiliation.
  7. 7. Representation The character that Jim Carrey plays is shown to almost be three different people at the opening of the film. The one on the left is shown to be wise as he talks about the past and the way if he had done something else he wouldnʼt be in the situation that caused him all the trouble. As he speaks his voice is very calm but yet there is hint of regret in it. The other here is shown to be a loving farther and husband, he is shown as loving when his son comes down the stairs and starts to talk and have a laugh with him. When he sees his wife and notices that she is ill, he starts to say I will stay home with you I donʼt need to go to the party, so that he can stay home and look after her. When he is shown to be catching a dog he looks almost fierce, mainly because of the high angle shot but he starts to almost tease the dog about how in places people eat dogs. His voice stays very calm as he is about to capture the dog almost showing a darker side to him. The different part of the character shows what he could be like and what he is like, maybe hinting at a change of the characters personality. The main character is represented as an animal control officer due to the uniform he is wearing which has the logo on the front and the name of the company. It is also shown by him having a long stick with a hoop on the end to go round the animals neck and also by the gloves that he puts on before he goes to touch it incase it bites him.
  8. 8. The characters face is the only thing that is lit up, this could represent him looking in to the light, the light could be a symbol of the truth so he is looking at the truth of the number 23. The person has bags under his eyes to show his tiredness The maybe to character work out the has the number 23. number 23 As you can written all see the over his character face so the has the audience word help in assume that a speech the film is bubble about the written on number 23. the side of This also his face this give the could be impression hinting that of him being the insane as character is he has going to go written it all insane over his face. The text on However the poster is some of of an old these are typewriter, equations this could be suggesting suggesting that the number everything 23 has refers to 23. something to do with the past This sentence the truth will find you, I find a bit strange as it will find you not that you will find the truth. This could be revealing that the film could be about destiny, as you cannot change destiny, and the character cannot stop finding the truth. It is also highlighted in red suggesting that the truth has danger to it, maybe that he dies from the truth or goes insane