Drew, drugs and deceit


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Drew, drugs and deceit

  1. 1. Drew, Drugs and Deceit By Thomas Hartwell
  2. 2. DREW, DRUGS AND DECEITACT 1 SCENE 1London 2012, Richmond. DREW is 19 and a bit of a "jack thelad". He is in a club in Richmond on his own as his friendshave all gone home early. The club is owned by a notoriousdrug lord named FRANK.£1million of drug money is stashed in a duffel bag andis being exchanged in a dingy, dark room at the back of theclub. FRANK, DEALER ONE and DEALER TWO are present. DEALER ONE show us the money before we hand it over, you cant be trusted DEALER TWO yeah damn right go on we aren’t stupid, £1million this lots worth FRANK oh shut it, disrespect me like that again and ill kill you. understand me?Frank begins to wave his gun around in the air in thedirection of Dealer One and Dealer Two. DEALER ONE sorry Frank. DEALER TWO Yeah, sorry Frank we were only joking!Frank hands over the drugs to the dealers. DEALER ONE thanks a lot mate! DEALER TWO yeah, nice doing business with ya!Meanwhile DREW is dancing with a GIRL on the floor, she isabsolutely stunning and every man in the room is jealous.Drew is conscious of the angry looks he is receiving from alot of the men on the dance floor. (CONTINUED)
  3. 3. CONTINUED: 2. DREW i better watch my back every bloke in the room is jealous and definitely pissed off with me! GIRL ha ha, and why is that exactly? DREW oh i recon you know why! GIRL nope, go on tell me? DREW well your drop dead gorgeous arent ya! GIRL yeah, i suppose i amDrew smiles and she looks at him in a sexually invitingmanor. DREW ill be back in a minute babe GIRL ok sexyThey share a passionate kiss and drew heads towards what hebelieves are the toilets, he walks past a GUARD who isdistracted by girls hugging his biceps and flirting withhim, the Guard is clearly very vain, dim and pleased by theattention. CUT TO: DEALER ONE here’s my card, call me if you want to do this again FRANK fuck off mate, do i look gay to you? DEALER TWO (under his breath) a little bitFrank cocks his pistol, the dealers hurriedly leave the clubout the back door. Frank turns to walk back to the roomwhere the money is stashed. (CONTINUED)
  4. 4. CONTINUED: 3. CUT TO:Drew has stumbled into the room which the money is in, hevomits onto the floor, lifts his head from between his kneesand spots the bag, he approaches it. Unzipping the top hestares greedily at the money, running his fingers over it,he cannot resist and his intoxicated state of mine leads himto taking the bag. He heads back towards the dance floorwhere the Girl is eagerly waiting his return. GIRL you were ages? DREW Lets go, quick. (arm in arm with the beautiful woman)Drew and the girl leave the club CUT TO:Frank notices the bag is gone. FRANK WHAT THE? OI (to the guard) WHAT HAPPENED?! GUARD what boss? FRANK THE FUCKING MONEY!!! GUARD THE DOORS!(LIGHTS ON) FRANK RIGHT, i want every one of you lined up along that wall your getting searched, THE LOT OF YA!!Meanwhile Drew, the cash and Girl are heading back to hisplace, as quick as they can. Darting down alleyways andrunning occasionally an over paranoid Drew wants to get homeand safe. They arrive back at Drew’s house and enter throughthe front door. DREW quick up the stairs GIRL what is it? whats in the bag? (CONTINUED)
  5. 5. CONTINUED: 4. DREW ill show you in a minute!They head up the stairs and into Drew’s bedroom DREW Look. GIRL (PAUSE) how, how much is there?! DREW i dont know, a million?! GIRL oh my god, what have you done?! they will come looking drew! they will find you! DREW i know but ill find a way dont you worry about that gorgeous. GIRL (laughs) i hope so, for your sake!they kiss, and progress onto the bed CUT TO: GUARD none of them have it boss.. FRANK shit, check the CCTV (TIME LAPSE) GUARD (Looking through footage) BOSS! FRANK WHAT? WHAT? GUARD LOOK IVE FOUND HIM! FRANK GET OUT THE WAY, LET ME SEE.Frank stares at Drew’s image on the screen as he leaves theclub arm in arm with the girl (CONTINUED)
  6. 6. CONTINUED: 5. FRANK son of a bitch..ACT 1 SCENE 2 THE NEXT MORNINGDrew Stretches, scans the room first noticing the girl,clothes on the floor, wine glasses and an empty bottle onthe side, then the bag, perched at the end of the bed. Hehas flashbacks of taking it and running home with it. therealization of what hes done becomes very clear through hisfacial expression. DREW shit!Drew rushes off to the bank with the money, leaving the girlin bed. however upon arrival at the bank he recognises theguard from the club is waiting outside it. He panics andruns home. Once home the girl is gone and her number is on apostet note on his desk. DREW Ah, im going to be late!!He gets changed and rushes off to work, stuffing the bagunderneath a loose floorboard. (TIME LAPSE)As Drew arrives back at his house, Frank and the guard areleaving the house. Drew hides. FRANK WHERE THE FUCK WAS IT YOU WASTE OF SPACE?! GUARD I dont know boss.. FRANK Its only a matter of time ’til i find him, when i do, hes a fucking dead man!They slip into a black car and drive off DREW How did they know i lived here?!Drew rushes upstairs and gets the bag out from underneaththe floorboard. He empties it out onto his bed and looks atit with both awe and terror. (CONTINUED)
  7. 7. CONTINUED: 6.He then searches through the money frantically, doesnt findanything, he turns his attention to the bag and scans itcarefully, his fingers pass over a lump in the material. hecuts away and a tracking device falls into his palms. DREW oh my god (TIME LAPSE)ACT 1 SCENE 3Its half past five in the evening, twilight, Frank and theGuard are walking up towards the back door, still unhingedfrom the last time they broke it in. FRANK make no mistake if hes there we kill him and take the cash, if he isnt, we wait for him then kill him and take cash. GUARD what if he isnt there but the cash is? FRANK then its his lucky day aint it you idiot. but ill still find him tomorrow and kill him, no one steals from me GUARD i know boss i knowThey burst into the house and head towards the stairs. CUT TO:Meanwhile Drew is in his car, its dark, he looks down at thepassenger seat where a bag is placed, the sleeve of a tshirt is visible hanging out of the side. CUT TO: FRANK its gotta be somewhere in the bedroom the trackers still saying it is.They walk into the bedroom and find a bag placed on the endof Drew’s bed. (CONTINUED)
  8. 8. CONTINUED: 7. FRANK haha, hes bottled it i knew he would, you dont mess with Frank everyone knows that GUARD haha yeah, damn right too boss! CUT TO:Drew arrives at a hotel, holding the bag in his left handtucking the shirt sleeve into the bag, he checks in atreception. DREW room 301?The hotel assistant hands him the key. DREW thanks, 3rd floor yeah? CUT TO:Frank and the guard are stood over the bag CUT TO: FRANK open it then you plank GUARD sorry bossThe guard opens the bag CUT TO:Meanwhile, drew approaches his hotel room door 301. CUT TO:They open the bag and the bag is full of socks, with thetracking device placed delicately on top. Franks face fillswith an extreme anger and despair, while the Guard foolishlystates the obvious. GUARD its not here boss! hes taken it all! (CONTINUED)
  9. 9. CONTINUED: 8.Frank shakes his head in absolute disgust and resentmenttowards the Guard, he pulls his pistol out shoots the Guardthrough the back of the skull. His eyes look into space andhis facial expressions make it clear he is thinking aboutDrew. FRANK SON OF A BITCH, ILL KILL HIM ILL FUCKING KILL HIM!!! CUT TO:Drew opens the door to room 301, the beautiful girl from theclub is standing the middle of the room in a dress, with herhands behind her back, Drew smiles and approaches her, shesmiles. DREW Hey baby! GIRL Hey babyThe girls smile transforms into a smirk and as they embracethere is a flash of white; a gunshot. GIRL bye babyDrew looks down at his shirt which is now seeping with hiscrimson blood. DREW NO!Drew falls to his knees, his face encompassed with shock anddespair. He clutches his heart connoting not only thephysical pain of being shot but the emotional pain of beingheartbroken. As he collapses onto his front the life beginsto pass away from him.The girl steps over his bleeding body and exits through thedoor in her stiletto heels. (THE END)