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Complete document4


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Complete document4

  1. 1. Complete Document Design Exercise # 4 A. How would you advertise your business to the community? Write 5 points to exp lain how you think the ideas / concepts will be successful. Explain how another company selling a similar commodity markets their product. First, We will make Pamphlet which is written about business plans. I think that the community will understand our busisiness more. Second, The Pamphlet is set at various places. Then, a lot of people will see it and they may be interested in our business. Third, we make the poster which is written about our business, and it placard at the train and station and so on. Fourth, our business commercial message broadcast. Today, many people look at broadcasting So, our commercial message is look at many people too. Finally, It give out at the corner of a street. I often sees it at my hometown. We will give out it with tissue, many people take it well. B. What is the job of the human resources division in a company? How will you set up such a division in your company? Write down 5 questions that you will ask a potential employee in your company during a interview. First, I ask the employee a question what interested field. Why I ask the question, interested field is better than not interested field. Second, I ask them qualifications. Why I ask question, if they have qualifications, I want to exploit it. Third, I ask how much you can contribution this business. I want to know them motivation. Fourth, I ask what do you think about this business. I want to know them thought and I hope the person who can steadily say them opinion. Finally, I ask self public relations.Self public relations is to the sales of them. I can know them motivation. C. How will you divide the responsibility of running the company amongst your group partners? Person who promotes the sales of product to enterprise and ordinary family. Person who develops fashionable, lovely design, good-looking design or interesting application fast. Person who explains product and answers telephone. In a word, person corresponding to guest. Person who discusses as rival firm. It is a person in the rival firm who spies. Person who manages money of profit of sales and company and bankruptcies, etc. The most important official position for these people is to develop a new commodity. Because the dependence our company can discriminate gradually against other rival firms like the commodity it is possible to do. It is important that the president give the environment of which the employee works easily.
  2. 2. Complete Document Design Exercise # 4 D. Clearly write down the 5 different ways you will treat your potential customer with after-sales service. If something goes wrong with the product after it is sold, how will you provide customer service. Provide an example of how something might go wrong with the product. If the products which are sold have problems such as breakdown or initial failure, we would fix without charge with conditions such as within 1 year of purchase. Also, we'll provide customers with a service that check the product regularly. And, we'll explain our services to the customers who have any question about our services simply. Additionally, we would provide customers who purchase our products with service that customers gain advantage. For example, when the customers who purchased our product before purchase new one, we would sell new one off at a lower price than first price. E. How will you study the local market and what your competitors are doing? What will be some of the methods and approaches that you will consider? If the business is started, it thinks about an excellent point more than other companies. For instance, the catchphrase and the feature of the commodity that captures the customers' interest are recommended to be advertised. In addition, it is necessary to investigate the other enterprise to discriminate in other companies. It can obtain information on the other enterprise by taking the questionnaire in the customer. When information on other companies is obtained, it thinks about the one that is better than it in our enterprise. Copying other enterprises uses the information at least referring because it is not good.