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Mobile Real-time Physical and Web Interactions


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Describes different Mobile Real-time Physical and Web Interactions

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Mobile Real-time Physical and Web Interactions

  1. 1. Mobile Real-time Physical and Web Interactions C. Enrique Ortiz About Mobility October, 2009 © 2009 C. Enrique Ortiz 1
  2. 2. About C. Enrique Ortiz • Technology and Products with focus on Mobile and the (Real-time) Web, Demand Data, and Experience Management. • Spends quite a bit of time thinking about “futures” and the intersection of technology and business. • Engineering and management roles and author at About Mobility, Motive (Alcatel-Lucent), and Artemis Wireless Werks. © 2009 C. Enrique Ortiz 2
  3. 3. Making “Things” Around Us Interactive • Everything can be made addressable and thus identifiable. • Imagine making your products interactive (and connected to the Internet). – Interact via books or magazines, posters, soda cans, billboards. – Through a number to call, a short-code to text, RFID or barcodes, via augmented reality! • And the Mobile Handset is at the center of this – the gateway between products and information. © 2009 C. Enrique Ortiz 3
  4. 4. Visual Tags: Barcodes • More than 30 types of 1D barcodes. • More than 40 types of 2D barcodes. • Capacities from bits to thousands of bytes. • Store numbers, characters, URLs. • Some proprietary others “open”. • Requires camera and capture SW. • It is here today. © 2009 C. Enrique Ortiz 4
  5. 5. RF Tags: RFID, Near Field Communication • Contactless (swipe | touch). • Short-range ~4-10 cm. • Integrated into Phones, Cards, Stickers, POS, Smartcards. • Store numbers, characters, URLs, associate actions. • Requires enablement. • It is kind of here today – expect mass adoption 3-5 years. • Bluetooth (not shown) is a radio- based alternative for “nearby” pushed messages and user- initiated discovery of events. Pictured above: ACR122 NFC Contactless Smartcard Reader, ViVOtech terminal, Alcatel-Lucent’s touchatag NFC Kit © 2009 C. Enrique Ortiz 5
  6. 6. Messaging: SMS, Email, Life-Streams • Most predominant way to connect & make items interactive. • SMS: “young” folks loves and use texting – great channel for this demographic. • Billions of text messages sent every year – very pervasive. • Perfect for reaching-out (push). • Already enabled. • It is here today. • Bluetooth hasn’t been much successful as a messaging (push) marketing tool. © 2009 C. Enrique Ortiz 6
  7. 7. Mobile Web • Browser-based. • Typically requires user typing URLs or search strings. • Can be push initiated (via SMS including a URL). • Future browsers integrated with location and camera (i.e. scan barcode). Top: Android handset • Requires enablement: data- Right: Google Shopping plan. • It is here today. © 2009 C. Enrique Ortiz 7
  8. 8. The Real-time Web • Life-streams, Social Portals, blogs. Facebook, Twitter messaging. • As Real-time as it gets. • Perfect for reaching-out (push). • Search vs. Reach. • Requires enablement. • It is here today. © 2009 C. Enrique Ortiz 8
  9. 9. Augmented Reality • Superimpose digital information on top of the real-word, in real-time. • For searching. • For Product information. • Very exciting technology with great potential. • Requires enablement (camera and software). • It is here today. © 2009 C. Enrique Ortiz 9
  10. 10. Good ole’ Voice Call • It is here today and it works. • No enablement required. • Not “cool” enough? • Sequential. • Complex audio-menus. © 2009 C. Enrique Ortiz 10
  11. 11. The Role of the Mobile Handset isual a s • The Handset is right in adi a s the middle. i e Calls • Maximize the number of supported interaction types. bile eb • Texting is the most pervasive interaction. he eal ti e eb • Experiment with new ways such as barcodes and augmented reality. • All these are still very © 2009 C. Enrique Ortiz e tin u ented ealit new concepts for consumers. © 2009 C. Enrique Ortiz 11
  12. 12. But Why the Mobile Handset, Really? The Mobile Lifestyle © 2009 C. Enrique Ortiz The convergence between advancements in mobile technology AND the Mobile Lifestyle © 2009 C. Enrique Ortiz 12
  13. 13. Summary of Interaction Types Client Ease f Use C st f Intera ti n Intera ti n vailabilit Enable ent?** (f r user) Supp rt Easy (depends on High Voice* High No menu complexity) (server-side) Med-High; depends on SMS plan, Twitter, Easy for those who Messaging* High approach and volume etc. like to text (server-side) Easy-Med; depends Low-Med Mobile Web Med-High Data plan on app (server-side) Easy-Med; depends Low-Med Real-time Web* High Client SW on app (server-side) Low. Depending on Radio support, Easy-Med; depends Low-Med Radio Tags Region Device SW on app (device, server-side) Visual Tags Camera, Easy-Med; depends Low-Med Med (barcodes) Device SW on app (device, server-side) Low. New Camera, Easy-Med; depends Low-High Augmented Reality technology. GPS, SW on app (device, server-side) *Great for Reaching-out (push) **Some client SW enablement via App Stores. Note: Bluetooth would be similar to Radio Tags but with a HIGH cost of interaction support due to introduction of Kiosks or Bluetooth gateways. © 2009 C. Enrique Ortiz 13
  14. 14. In Conclusion • Consider supporting mobile interactions to complement other business data-feeds. – But take advantage of mobile handset – it is at the center. – Enable for physical interactions. Technologies already exists to take implement and advantage of mobile handset for interactions. • Context is key. Privacy is key. – Permissions and Trust are very important. • Leverage the Real-time Web – Monitor for trends, use it to reach-out, for feedback, as source of interactions • You have time to experiment; adoption is still early. – Good time to begin experimenting, pilots and educating both customers and consumers. © 2009 C. Enrique Ortiz 14
  15. 15. Thank You! • C. Enrique Ortiz • Email: • Mobile: +1.512.410.0236 • Web: • Twitter: @ eortiz © 2009 C. Enrique Ortiz 15