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Nbcu celebrity social

  2. 2. The Influencer Spectrum the the the the FRIEND PROMOTER CURATOR CREATOR[Real Person] [Celebrity] SocialToaster 2012 Online • Daily life updates • New events • Aspirational content • Original content Presence: • Personal interests • Recent features • Expert opinions/reviews What do they contribute? • Shoutouts • Content releases Consumer Introduction to the Desire: Immersive access Insider info Entertainment What do people new and noteworthy want from them? Justin Timberlake Ashton Kutcher Jennifer Lopez James Franco Celebrity Icon
  3. 3. the FRIEND
  5. 5. HUMANIZE WITH PERSONAL NARRATIVE Jennifer Lopez TWITTER FOLLOWERS 14MM FACEBOOK LIKES 18.8M MAKING IT PERSONAL In December, Lopez hosted a contest to TALKING ABOUT win the chance to meet her backstage HER 238K in Puerto Rico to raise money for charity. Using the same personal voice, calling her fans “LOVE!RS” and calling on her FORBES MOST friends for help, Lopez galvanizes the INFLUENTIAL community to act together. SOCIAL CELEB #1 in 2012 Forbes 2012 SOCIAL ENDORSEMENT Kutcher, now a high profile tech investor, frequently uses his influence via social media sites to endorse his investments including a recent curated collection onAN INSIDE LOOK Fab.com and plugs for Pickwick and Weller, his newest fashion investment.With her triple threat singer/songwriter, actress, popculture icon status, fans can’t get enough of J. Lo. Onthe star’s Twitter page, she gives them exactly whatthey want: extra content that gives them a constantlyupdating feed into her life. RALLY THEM TO ACTION
  7. 7. INVITE THEM BEHIND THE CURTAIN OF YOUR LIFE Madonna’s MDNA FACEBOOK LIKES 10.8MM IMMEDIACY AND TALKING ABOUT HER FAN EXCLUSIVITY 63K For the March 2012 release of TOUR REVENUEMadonna’s MDNA album, she turned to $296MMsocial media for promotion. Rather thanpromote through magazine covers and YEARLY ALBUM SALESmorning-show concerts, the artist gave 521Kjust one in-person interview, broadcastexclusively to her Facebook page. TWITTER FOLLOWERSFollowing up the Facebook interview, Over 10K in a matter ofMadonna tweeted for one day only in a hours live Twitter chat with fans. EXTRA CONTENT, INTERACTION AND INPUT In preparation for her MDNA tour, Madonna posted pictures of tour rehearsals as well as some bumps and bruises along the way. She also polled fans about which back-catalog songs they’d like to hear while she’s on the road. This not only served to validate fans’ affection towards the star, but also allowed for LIMITED EDITION ACCESS increased word of mouth promotion of MDNA. Madonna’s MDNA Tour sold out instantly in To give fans the opportunity to chat with her, the 88 venues and was dubbed as the highest- icon joined Twitter for a single night to answer grossing tour of 2012 by Billboard Magazine. questions about her new album, sending tens of MDNA reached #1 in over 30 countries and thousands online flocking to catch her. soon became certified Platinum.
  8. 8. SUPPORT THEM IN A PERSONAL WAY Justin Bieber Sick Visits FACEBOOK LIKES 51MM GIVE GRACIOUSLY DURING TALKING ABOUT HIM 761K A TIME OF NEED TWITTER FOLLOWERS As a celebrity, Justin Bieber makes it a 33MM habit of visiting his most loyal sick fans. In February of 2012, he met a 6 year old RETWEETS OF HIS terminally ill girl named Avalanna, surprising her and her family by flying them AVALANNA to meet him at his New York concert. CONDOLENCES 129K PROVIDE CONTINUOUS SUPPORT Throughout her sickness, Justin would continue RALLY YOUR FANS TO to post about her, talk to her and support her family through their difficult time. EXTEND THE GOODWILL In September of that year when her parents shared the sad news of her death, Bieber sent touching tweets out about her, rallying his fans globally to tweet their condolences.
  9. 9. SHARE YOUR CULTURAL PASSIONS Various Activations AUTHENTICALLY EXTEND YOUR PERSONALITY In December, the New York Knicks announced that comedian Tracy Morgan would be taking over their Twitter account for one game. Known for his off-kilter, slapstick humor fans were delighted with Tracy’s antics from the sidelines and clubhouse. PROVIDE CULTURAL COMMENTARY FOR THINGS THAT IMPASSION YOU Many celebrities responded the the 2012 November election, but it was Adam Levine’s humorous and genuine quip that gained wide scale publicity and BE PLAYFUL WITH CULTURALLY circulation, gaining him over 38.6K retweets. RELEVANT STUNTS In the summer of 2012 prior to heading to the London Olympics, the US swim team put together a playful version of the “Call Me Maybe” hit video. Amassing close to 11MM views, fans and viewers alike welcomed the humorous content as they followed the progress of the awarded swim team at the games.
  11. 11. the PROMOTER
  13. 13. IMMERSE THEM IN ME-GLORY SO THEY FEEL IN THE KNOW Justin Timberlake TWITTER FOLLOWERS 15.5MM FACEBOOK LIKES PERMISSION TO PROMOTE 18MM Justin Timberlake has established himself as a successful actor, TALKING ABOUT businessman, and singer/songwriter - he is able to speak about and promote a HIM 280K wide variety of events with credibility. Fans still love him for his music. SINGLE VIEWS ON YOUTUBE IN THE FIRST DAY 123K INJECTING New Single ‘Suit & Tie’ PROMOTION WITH debuted to #1 on iTunes HUMANITYIn the debut recording of his ‘Suitand Tie’ single onto social mediasites, Timberlake drops in apersonalized note to his fans asvalidation for their continuedloyalty and following. STAYING ON THE PULSE Justin Timberlake uses his Twitter & Facebook to constantly announce new events, movie releases, and album debuts. Fans keeping up with JT will undoubtedly feel more in the loop.
  15. 15. FUEL YOUR PUBLIC CURRENCY Hey Girl (Ryan Gosling) RETWEETS 1.3K(Be opportunistic in a positive way) FAVORITES 605 WEEKEND BOX OFFICE $16.7M LA Times 2013 USE FAN CHATTER TO SPARK NEW ARDOR To promote the January 2013 pushed back launch of Gangster Squad, which was projected to be a flop, Warner Brothers KNOW WHAT’S OUT THERE slipped in the “Hey Girl” meme of star actor Gosling, playing off the existing heat ABOUT YOU SO YOU KNOW generated by fans. Not only gaining the HOW TO ACTIVATE IT attention of fans, the meme created a press frenzy with top sites like Mashable raving The “Hey Girl” meme is now so popular it about the single tweet. has spawned a book deal and lists upon DRAW FROM CULTURAL lists of ranked memes. MOMENTUM Originally launched in 2008, F**k Yeah Ryan Gosling Tumblr created the “Hey Girl” meme around Gosling’s ladykiller charm that sparked a cultural frenzy. The meme has gained such traction that the meme and the man are now inextricably linked.
  16. 16. CIRCULATE FIRST AND EXCLUSIVE ACCESS Pepsi One Direction BILLBOARD DIGITAL SONG LIST #1 OPPORTUNISTICALLY USE TIMING Billboard 2012 Launching in October in the midst of the PEPSI CO. MLB playoffs and World Series, NFL QUARTERLY season and X Factor, Pepsi strategically launched the One Direction and Drew DIVIDEND INCREASE Brees studded spot to syphon fame from 4% Pepsi 2012 both the QB’s burgeoning season as well as One Direction’s first week song fame. YOUTUBE VIEWS 981K video + 1.4M for extra footage USE SOCIAL MEDIA TO UNLOCK EXTRAS One Direction supported their new single “Live While We’re Young” via their Shazamable Pepsi commercial EXTEND THE INFLUENCE with Drew Brees. The song made history as the fastest selling single by Post the campaign, members of the band a UK artist. Fans could Shazam the and Brees used their social media profiles to TV or web version for exclusive tweet back and forth extending the fame. content and a link to iTunes to buy the song.
  18. 18. the CURATOR
  20. 20. ESTABLISH CULTURAL AUTHORITY AND PURVEY IT Ashton Kutcher TWITTER FOLLOWERS 13.5MM FACEBOOK LIKES 13.9MM TALKING ABOUT HIM 60K MOST INFLUENTIAL SOCIAL CELEB 34.2% SocialToaster 2012 INFLUENCE BEGETTING INFLUENCE 1.9MM views in Kutcher expertly uses his celebrity status 3 months of to promote his tech investments, helping launch to catapult them to success. In the same 7K subscribers Forbes 2012 AUTHENTIC ENDORSEMENT vein, Kutcher’s tech expertise gives him permission to introduce followers to new Kutcher, now a high profile tech investor, content and platforms, fueling the frequently uses his influence via social magnitude of his influence. When Kutcher media sites to endorse his investments tweets about his companies, the brands’ including a recent curated collection on A PURVEYOR OF CONTENT Fab.com and plugs for Pickwick and market value increases an average of $10.5K per tweet. Weller, his newest fashion investment. Upstart Business Journal 2012 Kutcher has worked hard to establish himself as facilitator and steward of cultural commentary. This is demonstrated both via his content and recommendation based social media feeds as well as his investment properties--The A+ List and Thrash Lab--two online content platforms.
  22. 22. UNLOCK ORIGINAL EXPERIENCES (LIMITED ACCESS) Nike+ FuelBand INFLUENCERS INVOLVED 100 GET THEM IN ON AN INVITE USE SOCIAL MEDIA TO ONLY EXPERIENCE LIFT THE VELVET ROPE CASEY NEISTAT LAUNCH EVENTTo promote the release of its Prior to the influencer launch day, theFuelBand, Nike invited 100 bloggers, FuelBand had gained a lot of press as the new YOUTUBE LIKESfashionistas, reporters, and athletes ‘it’ tech toy. The exclusive and limited launch 248Kto NYC for a series of challenges and was hosted by Jimmy Fallon and containedactivities - both sporting and lifestyle - appearances by Lance Armstrong, Kevin TIME IT TOOK TOto put the FuelBand to the test. Durant, and Carmelita Jeter. Fans and overlookers alike burned to have a front row SELL OUT OF PRE- access which influencers like popular director/ SALE producer Casey Neistat provided when he 8 minutes documented and shared the experience in a Youtube video, which amassed 248K views. MAKE FANS A PART OF IT The Nike FuelBand sold out in the first 8 minutes of pre-saleUsing curators to disseminate the happenings and its accompanying promotional video gained 8-millionof the day, followers felt informed and involved views in a week, a viral video record. The FuelBand remainsin all the happenings--validating their respect one of Nike’s best-selling products.for their followed informer and making them bydefault feel that they were in the know forseeing it first.
  23. 23. UNLOCK ORIGINAL EXPERIENCES (REMIXED/REINVENTED) Tosh.0 TWITTER FOLLOWERS 7.5MM HARNESS THE DYNAMISM AND FACEBOOK LIKES REINVIGORATE VIEWED CONTENT 9MM ENERGY OF THE SOCIAL SPACE For some popular online videos featuring songs, Tosh TALKING ABOUT HIMDaniel Tosh, a popular stand-up comedian, started will interview the artist and then remix the song in 52KTosh.0 in 2009. During the show, Tosh dissects, typical Tosh comedic fashion - such as Samwell’srecreates, and comments on popular online videos. ‘What What in the Butt’. Tosh’s recommendationsThough originally presented on his show, Tosh bring more popularity to interesting videos and gives TOP YOUTUBE VIEWS fans a chance to experience them in a new light. 2.4MMdynamically uses the same digital media he drawsfrom to repost his videos and spark conversation. CONTROL THE CONVERSATION Originally only scheduled for one season of ten episodes, Tosh.0 became the second- Tosh posts all of his ‘Web’ clips on his blog, most-watched cable network show in its which is then reposted to Facebook & Twitter. time slot among 18-34 year-old males. In Fans have a chance to vote on which clips December, 2012, Comedy Central renewed they like the best as well as contribute the show for its fifth season. captions to some of Tosh’s curated photos.
  24. 24. PROVIDE A PERSONAL POINT OF VIEW Mary Kate + Ashley StyleMint STYLEMINT TWITTER FOLLOWERS 17K CEMENT YOUR STATUS Since their induction into the style hall of STYLEMINT FACEBOOK fame, the Olsen twins have created upwards of LIKES 4 fashion lines, including mid to high end 250K casual line, Elizabeth and James as well as high end ready-to-wear, handbags and eyewear brand The Row. TALKING ABOUT IT 5K PINTEREST FOLLOWERS 5K MASTER THE ART OF CURATION AS INFLUENCE The Olsen’s most recent fashion initiative is the site StyleMint, a site where you get styled by Mary Kate and Ashley after filling out your style profile and have the chance to purchase their picks. On the site, the twins use their high influence curation to promote their lines in a way that helps shoppers see their collections in a new light. BORROW FROM YOUR OWN FAME When the Olsens moved to New York City in 2004 to attend college, the press had a frenzy over their evolved sense of style. Called ‘homeless masquerade’ by some, “bohemian bourgeois” by others, their unique style has carved out a niche fashionistas continue to flock to. New York Times 2005
  26. 26. the CREATOR
  27. 27. the ICONJAMES FRANCO
  28. 28. CREATE WITH ABANDON & MAKE IT ACCESSIBLE James Franco TWITTER FOLLOWERS 210K Franco’s Bieber FACEBOOK LIKES impersonation 518K RAW AND UNFILTERED has 99K views on YouTube TALKING ABOUT James Franco’s bold and unfiltered stream of creation has onlookers HIM 3.5K captivated and curious, giving them a unique glimpse into his life, VIDEO VIEWS 108K IMPERFECT CREATION Actor James Franco’s side project, Rabbit TV AN ENDLESS STREAM OF CONTENT features a seemingly endless stream of videos of everything from interviews to raw shorts ofIn recent years, James Franco has been identified as a jack of all trades. ambient time with friends. All of which JamesFrom directing his own music videos for his band to putting together Franco posts to Twitter and Facebook.several eclectic art installations of drawn on photographs, Franco hasn’tstopped creating and fans haven’t stopped asked for more.
  30. 30. UNLEASH RAW ARTISTIC EXPRESSION will.i.am Intel YOUTUBE VIDEO VIEWS SHARED AND DISCOVERED > SOLD Over 3MM CREATING AND SHARING In just 3 months, Project Ultrabook releases in Mexico City SEOUL VIEWS GENUINE CONTENT and Seoul were viewed 722,847 and 1,250,581 times 1.3MM respectively. The project also saw tons of supplementalAs Intel’s new Director of Creative publicity when collaborating artists released their ownInnovation, will.i.am was sent to cities documentations of their experience. MEXICO CITY VIEWSaround the world armed with an 723KUltrabook to do what he does best--write, record, and release new songs.Part travelogue and part insiders’ guide,the Ultrabook Project is a musicaljourney and a global cultural experiencethrough the eyes and ears of therenowned hip hop music legend. REAL TIME + SOUGHT AFTER ACCESS Free downloads of all releases were available on Intel.com. In addition, fans were able to watch the progression of the tour in real time on the blog timeline, view and comment on various content that inspired the recordings.
  31. 31. EXPAND THEIR HORIZONS Portlandia Kumail Web Series FACEBOOK LIKES 422KMORE WHERE THAT CAME FROM TWITTER FOLLOWERS 33.5KFans of the IFC comedy seriesPortlandia will be able to experiencemore of Portland through the eyes ofKumail Nanjiani, a frequent guest on theshow. Kumail visits places mentioned inthe show and interviews local Portlanders in this supplemental web series CONTENT TO WHET THEIR APPETITE With the added content, Kumail’s web series lets fans experience an added dimension of Portlandia outside of the show. By interviewing Portland residents and business owners, in between episodes fans have more content to pour through building excitement for what’s to come. ALLOWING THEM TO GO DEEPER In his web series, Kumail visits places which have been popularized in the show. This way, fans can see the inspiration and likeness behind some of the show’s most popular scenes - including the feminist bookstore.
  33. 33. the KEY BEHAVIORSthe theFRIEND PROMOTER Invite Them Behind the Curtain of Your Life Fuel Your Public Currency Support Them in a Personal Way Circulate First and Exclusive Access Share Your Cultural Passionsthe theCURATOR CREATOR Unlock Original Experiences Unleash Raw Artistic Expression(limited access) Expand Their Horizons Unlock Original Experiences(remixed/reinvented) Provide a Personal Point of View
  34. 34. the MARKETING RULEStheFRIENDEnsure Authentic Relationships with your BrandthePROMOTERCleverly Collide with Celeb’s Public CurrencytheCURATORRemix Your Brand and Allow Celeb’s Personal POVtheCREATORPosition Product as Inspiration and Platform
  35. 35. The Influencer Spectrum the the the the FRIEND PROMOTER CURATOR CREATOR[Real Person] [Celebrity] SocialToaster 2012 ‣ Invite Them Behind ‣ Fuel Your Public ‣ Unlock Original ‣ Unleash Raw Artistic Currency (Be the Curtain of Your Life Experiences (Limited Expression Key Behaviors Opportunistic in a Access) Positive Way) ‣ Support Them in a ‣ Expand Their Personal Way ‣Unlock Original Horizons ‣ Circulate First and Experiences (Remixed/ Exclusive Access ‣ Share Your Cultural Reinvented) Passions ‣ Provide a Personal Point of View Ensure Authentic Cleverly Collide with Remix your Brand and Position Product asMarketing Rules Relationships with Celeb’s Public Allow Celeb’s Personal Inspiration and your Brand Currency POV Platform