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Description of Mobiz technologies expertise and services in the domain of contactless cards, NFC, mobility, digital security...

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Mobiz Technologies services

  1. 1. July 2012 Secure Transactions Payment – Retail – Transport -Digital Security
  2. 2. July 2012 Mobiz Technologies Presentation 2 Mobiz Technologies is a Singapore IT services company established in 2005, specialized in the secure transaction world. CMMI L3/4/5 , ISO 9001:2000, ISO 27001 centers in South East Asia. A unique concept to drive project success: the Mobiz Project Consultant (MPC). A management with 20 years+ of expertise in Secure Transactions, smart cards and Embedded Systems.
  3. 3.  Acquiring and Issuing systems in payment terminals, vending machines and mobiles July 2012 Mobiz Technologies Presentation 3 PAYMENT – RETAIL – TRANSPORT – DIGITAL SECURITY POS Systems, Loyalty, Merchant services Public transportation, e-ticketing, M2M Identification, Access control, active security, counterfeit handling
  4. 4. Secure Element definition and implementation, NFC acceptance, Smart cards and embedded systems architecture July 2012 Mobiz Technologies Presentation 4 CONSULTING– TRAINING– DEVELOPPMENT – VALIDATION NFC and smart cards norms and standards for secure transaction systems World qualified development methodology in the secure transaction (NFC, Smart cards, Mobiles, Embedded systems, hosts) Testing and validation labs for secure transaction systems
  5. 5. July 2012 Mobiz Technologies Presentation 5 NFC– SMART CARDS– MOBILITY– EMBEDDED SYSTEMS State of the art services for Semi-conductors manufacturers, handset makers and services providers. Contact, contactless cards for payment, retail, transport and digital security Mobile applications on IOS, Android, Windows Mobile and RIM platforms. Low level firmware, HAL, design and validation
  6. 6.  Payment applets for Secure Element  Secure Element added value features  Complete stack infrastructure building including all  NFC Forum tag personalization:  Mifare, Felica, Topaz, jewel, Tagit, LRI Micropass…  Porting the stack on various chipsets  Functions extraction for specific adaptation July 2012 Mobiz Technologies Presentation 6 CONSULTING– TRAINING– DEVELOPPMENT – VALIDATION
  7. 7.  Java card applets  Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Amex, EMV, Electronic Purse  OSPT, OSPT mobile, ICAO…  Biometrics (Match-On-Card technology),  Global Platform  GP 2.1 and 2.2 validation  Test suit development to complete official GP test suits  Porting / validation of proprietary or java applets on GP July 2012 Mobiz Technologies Presentation 7 DEVELOPPMENT – VALIDATION
  8. 8.  Applets for NFC mobile  Payment terminal applications  SIM toolkit applications for mobile payment  Loyalty and CRM applications for mobile  Mobile transport applications  M2M applications July 2012 Mobiz Technologies Presentation 8 DEVELOPPMENT – VALIDATION
  9. 9.  Consultancy for system definition, design, validation and release to production  Embedded secure transaction systems  Payment embedded software and firmware  HAL, Drivers for Linux systems and proprietary OS  Integration of cash registers hardware for mobile devices July 2012 Mobiz Technologies Presentation 9 CONSULTANCY - DEVELOPPMENT – VALIDATION
  10. 10.  Low cost quality work  Supply of resources in ODC model invoiced by time and material  Fixed price  Controlled by dedicated projects consultants  Expatriate engineers, highly experienced  Plugged in the local team, speaking local language  In direct link with the client, to manage the project July 2012 Mobiz Technologies Presentation 10
  11. 11. Thank you ! Skype: bnzysm Twitter: @bzysman Development & validation team Management team Singapore Sophia Antipolis – France Ho Chi Minh City – Vietnam Hanoi – Vietnam Follow us on Linkedin