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Basem Mamdouh zidan                                                 SAP Functional Consultant, Material Management (MM)   ...
   Creating a compelling value proposition       Presentations skills        ROI methodology        Sales closing tech...
   Configure new functions and post new activities in production planning such as:                 o Prevent goods moveme...
•   Physical Inventory and settlements            •   External Service Management (ESM)            •   Parking & Posting V...
o   Goods issue slip document for every storage location.                      o   Park the Invoice or save it as complete...
o   PLM115 (Basic Data for Process Manufacturing).                      o   PLM140 Variant Configuration 1 (Modeling).    ...
   A Team Leader with Good Qualities of Command   I Read a Lot, and Ready to Read and Study More If the task Requires  ...
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Basem zidan


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Senior SAP Consultant Egypt

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Basem zidan

  1. 1. Basem Mamdouh zidan SAP Functional Consultant, Material Management (MM) SAP Functional Consultant, production planning (PP) 5, Armed forces Street - the eighth district - Nasr City- Seventh floor Cairo-Egypt +201002529803 / +201000317878 / +966-580838579 January, 2007 - Finished Military ServicePOSITION SOUGHT Senior Certified SAP Consultant with 7+ years of IT specific 4+ extensive experience implementing and consulting Material Management (MM), Production Planning (PP/ PPPI) and supplier relationship management (SRM). Full cycle implementations, upgrades, integration, and support projects. In-depth knowledge of implementation methodologies, strong technical background, Strong Business and Academic background Major Clients: Pepsi Cola, Saudi electricity company, Hewlett Packard, Universal group, Amon pharmaceutical, and delta aromatic.PROFESSIONAL OBJECTIVE I am Targeting a Promising Career in a very well known Consulting Firm where I Can Gain Expertise in Providing High Standard Business Solutions.EMPLOYMENT HISTORY Certified It Consultant (CIC) – SAP MENA Partner January 2008 - Present SAP MM and PP Consultant 9, Ibn Batouta St., CairoCertificates  SAP Certified Application Associate - Procurement with SAP ERP 6.0 EHP4 SAP User: SAP0016579  Oracle Certified Associate (OCA)Responsibilities:  Conversion from non-SAP® Systems and Gap Analysis.  Implementation Services and System Customization.  Post-Implementation Maintenance and Support.  System Documentation / End-User Training.Project Implementations:Sales Excellence Workshop Training in Sharm El Shaikh5/2/2012 – 7/2/2012SAP EMEA Partner UniversityThe training focused on how to create urgency at customers through showing the value of changing quickly, followed byone-to-one reviews of some of our key deals and how we could maximize our value selling impact with the customer.Training Objectives:  Requalification for PE sales  Requalification for PE pre-sales  Using Value in the Sales Cycle
  2. 2.  Creating a compelling value proposition  Presentations skills  ROI methodology  Sales closing techniques  1 to 1 deal clinicsJob Title MM-SRM ConsultantIndustry Utilities06/2011 – 1/2012 Saudi electricity company –Eastern district  Tasks/Responsibilities: Creating and development SRM training materials for contracting department in Saudi Electricity Company which is:  SRM Overview: this course included an overview about the execution cycle on SRM system started with creating the shopping cart and finished with creating the final contract with the selective bidder.  Contract processing request which contains all process of the bidders that will be participate in the bidding such as answer Pre-Qualification Questionnaires, Payment Tender Fee and finally how to provide his commercial and technical response.  Bidding and Contract Administration for Short Form Contract, which contains all the de tails about hole processes of the Short Form Contract started from creating the shopping cart till final contract creation.  Bidding and Contract Administration for Long Form Contract  Contracting Review and Approval which contains the approval process for managers and executives directors on shopping cart, RFx, Bid Slate ....etc.  Reporting in BI for contracting and executives directors.  Contracting Master Data Administration.  Service Orders for Contracts.  Service Order Approval.  Finalized all datasheets for all courses on the training system  Train the trainers who will deliver the training for the end/Key users.  Train all Super users and support trainers in their locations.Job Title SAP MM-PP SupportIndustry Mechanicals09/2010 – 06/2011 Universal group – 6 of October, Egypt www.universalgroup.orgUniversal Group considered a leading and progressive group in the field of domestic appliances. Tasks/Responsibilities:  Support the end users after the Go live which is done in the 1 st of Jan 2010.  Solve some issues related to valuation and account determination and change some valuation types for some materials.  Implement new functions such as: o Maintained Quota arrangement and using it to assign selected vendor automatically to purchase requisition which is created from MRP run according to his quota. o Create new service Contracts with new vendors and create purchasing document reference to these contract. o Create new services specifications for some new services and create a purchase order every six months to make the periodic maintenance. o Apply new scenario for returns from production, customers in the Warranty period and out of this period integrated with SD and PP. o Create new reports using SAP quick viewer and other, integrated with ABAP module. o Configure manufacturing profile number (MPN). o Solve the two biggest problems in the company which is related to the value of warranty of finished goods in return to vendor scenario and return to customer scenario.
  3. 3.  Configure new functions and post new activities in production planning such as: o Prevent goods movement reference to production order that has a technically complete status. o Create a training document for capacity planning leveling, evaluation and determinat ion the available capacity for each work center in the plant. o Create a training document for MRP and long term planning. o Make end user training for planning department which is contained:  Define the important master data in MRP views and its features such as (MRP types, lot size, strategy plane, consumption mode, reorder point, safety stock, coverage profile and other important data).  Reviewing the important data for every work center such as its capacity, operation formula, scheduling and integration with finance to determine the cost of operation time regales labor, setup and machine time.  Reviewing evaluation for all work centers and overload from planned and production orders.  Using planning table to reschedule and distribution (Dispatch and De -allocate) the production orders and confirmed planned orders on available work centers.  Create a new scenario for long term planning and test it in simulation mode to determine the budget for purchasing department from row and packing materials.  Comparison between operative and simulative mode and specifying the difference between them and how can transfer this plan to active version.  Create production plan in SOP using different ways reference to sales plan, supplying days, and safety stock and the way to trans fer it to demand program as independent requirements.  Run MRP and reviewing MRP list result for all planning materials . o Create a new order type for returns from customers in maintenance period to make reproduction by adding some components and assigning to specific operations on some work centers using new scenario integrated with SD and MM modules. o Maintain the serial number profile for the finished product (heaters) integrated with SD module. o Create new reports using SAP quick viewer for customer require ments.  Function team leader for the support team.Job Title SAP MM trainerIndustry Utilities06/2010– 08/2010 Saudi Electricity Company (Atos Origin Middle East) Tasks/Responsibilities: Deliver thirteen courses for more than 700 end users. The training courses are including: • Company Enterprise Structure • Master Data (Material, Vendor & Info Record) and Assign Object to Classes • Data Management Control (DMC) • Purchase Requisitions Process for Inventory Material & Direct Charge Material/Service • Source Determination & Vendor Selection • Materials Requirement Planning (MRP) • Request for Quotation (RFQ), Bid Invitation and Bid Comparison • Purchase Order Processing, Monitoring and updating Order Acknowledgement and Reminders • Release Procedure Process (Internal and External) • Outline Agreement & Contract Management (CM) • Custom Management • Inbound & Outbound Delivery • Receiving, Transferring and Issuing of Goods within Warehouse Management • Stock Transfer Order (STO), GI with reference to Reservation (Cancelled Automatically or without), Transfer Requirement Automatically, Transfer Order and Confirmation
  4. 4. • Physical Inventory and settlements • External Service Management (ESM) • Parking & Posting Vendor Invoice • Block & Unblock and Cancel (Subsequent Debit & Credit) Vendor Invoice • Post-Implementation Maintenance and SupportJob Title SAP PP ConsultantIndustry Chemicals (Flavors, Fragrance & juices) 01/2010– 06/2010 Delta aromatic Company - Cairo, Egypt Full cycle implementation Tasks/Responsibilities:  Preparing the Blueprint according to the customer requirements.  Configure the system in order to comply with the business requirements Conduct all the testing activities.  Upload the data from the old system into SAP using LSMW.  Built all the training materials for users which consists of o The Production execution’s material for every scenario (discreet manufacturing, process manufacturing and repetitive manufacturing execution). o Planning material which includes Material Requirements Planning (MRP), capacity Requirements planning, long term planning and Rough Cut Planning. o Material for the Master data which contains material master / BOM /Work centers / Rate Routing /production versions / Master Recipe and resources and how to maintain all of them.  Test the Production Execution’s scenarios (final integration test). o Make to stock in process manufacturing for semi finished product (Flavors & Fragrance). o Make to order in Discreet manufacturing using variant configuration and configurable material for finished product (because there is different packing). o Repetitive manufacturing for juices production line.  Maintain the Production Scheduling according to customer requirements.  Support after Go life and post all activates.Job Title SAP MM ConsultantIndustry pharmaceutical (process industry)10/2008 – 12/2009 Amon Company - Cairo, Egypt Full cycle implementation Tasks/Responsibilities:  Configure the system in order to comply with the business requirements Conduct all the testing activities.  The structure consists of two company codes one for distribution and the other for the production.  Every company code contains only one plant.  The independent requirements and all the customer orders coming into the distribution plant and then after MRP run on the distribution plant the production plan transfer into the production plant.  Make stock transport order from production plant into distribution plant.  Built the training materials and train the key users.  Post-Implementation activities o Activities related to Materials / Vendors Master with reference to Company Code & Plant level. o PR, RFQ, Maintain Quotation, local PO, foreign PO, and Outline Agreement (Scheduling Agreement & Contract) o Maintain Source determination (Source List) and Purchase Info record. o Maintain Vendor evaluation criteria (Quality, delivery and quantity reliability). o Release Strategy for all purchasing Document (Internal / External) depending on the total value of the document. o Batch determination depending on FIFO and also Shelf live expiration date.
  5. 5. o Goods issue slip document for every storage location. o Park the Invoice or save it as complete and the finance post it. o Maintain the conditions for the purchase order and also outline agreement. o Valuation & Account Assignment. o Inventory management / Goods Movements / Material Documents and service master.  Upload the data from the old system to SAP using LSMW.  Test all scenarios with all modules (internal test) and finally with the key users (FIT).  Create some reports according customer’s requirements using sap Quick Viewer.  Supports go live and post all go live activities for two months.Job Title SAP MM ConsultantIndustry Food & Beverage01/2008 – 10/2008 PEPSI Egypt Rollout - Cairo, Egypt Project Rollout implementation (PEPSI, CHIPSY, and BAKSHAN) in Egypt Branch as a part of a World Wide Implementation (Phase 1). Tasks/Responsibilities:  Activities related to Master Data (Material Master Record, Vendor Master Record, Info Record, Source List)  Source determination and vendor selection  PR, RFQ/Maintain Quotation, Price Comparison and Purchase Order (Standard and with different Account Assignment Categories)  Outline Agreement (Scheduling Agreement & Contract)  Inventory management (Goods Movements; GR, GI, TP and ST)  Split Valuation  Physical Inventory and settlements (posting differences)  External Service Management (service entry sheet)  Valuation & Account Assignment  System Documentation (Training Manuals & QRC) and Key / End User Training  Post-Implementation Maintenance and Support after Go Live  Issues analysis, solution proposals and executing the solutions  Lead for support team (more than thirteen plants under three company codes)Task Diploma from ITI (Information technology institute)From 07/2007 – 01/2008 The Diploma included a complete academy in materials management and production planning and the integration with the other Modules such as SD, QM, PS, and FI and included these courses  In Materials Management: o SCM500 (Processes In Procurement). o SCM510 (Inventory Management and Physica l Inventory). o SCM515 (Invoice Verification). o SCM520 (Purchasing). o SCM521 (Pricing in Purchasing). o SCM525 (Consumption-Based Planning and Forecasting). o SCM540 (Procurement of External Service). o Scm550 (Cross-Functional Customizing in MM). Courses In Production Planning: o PLM114 (Manufacturing and Product Management). o PLM110 - PLM111 (Basic Data). o PLM112 (Basic Data Customizing).
  6. 6. o PLM115 (Basic Data for Process Manufacturing). o PLM140 Variant Configuration 1 (Modeling). o PLM143 Variant Configuration 2 (Integration). o PLM146 Variant Configuration 3 (Scenarios). o SCM340 (Process Manufacturing). o SCM360 (Capacity Planning). o SCM240 (Production Planning). o SCM130 (SAP R/3 Planning and Manufacturing overview). o SCM310 (Production Order). o SCM320 (Repetitive Manufacturing). Integration with F I (Financ ial Accounting) o FI Master Data (GL Accounts – Vendor master). o FI Enterprise Structure (Company code –Chart of Account). o Accounts Payables. o Accounts Receivables. o Tolerance group (User -Vendor). o User Profile and Authorization. o LIV (Logistics Invoice Verification). o Product Cost Collector. Integration with PS (Project System) o Project Contracts IN Outline Agreements. o Release Orders and Call of For Project Contracts. o Maintain Activity Contracts based on WBS Elements. o Maintain Service Entry Sheet. Integration with SD (Sales and Distribution) o Maintain the item category in the sales order to define make to order and make to stock. o Maintain the configuration profile for the configurable material. o Maintain the planning strategy to take or not the sales order into account at MRP run.04/2007 – 07/2007 Oracle Developer course in Orascom Telecom Company Course included SQL-PLSQL-Forms-Reports Certified OCA01/2006 - 03/2007 finished Military Service.05/2005 – 09/2006 take two certificates in Micro controller (PIC), programming logic control (PLC), and SCADA system from faculty of engineering, Mansoura UniversityEDUCATION AND LANGUAGES01/2000 - 03/2005 Bachelor of engineering in control systems and computer science. Mansoura University faculty of engineering Graduation Grade: Good Project Grade: Excellent Language Skills: o Arabic: Native Language. o English: Fluent.PROFESSIONAL and PERSONAL SKILLS  Excellent Communication & Presentation Skills  Excellent Explanation & Training Skills  A Hard Worker, Able to Work under Pressure for a Long Time without Losing My Engineering Sense
  7. 7.  A Team Leader with Good Qualities of Command I Read a Lot, and Ready to Read and Study More If the task Requires Proficient in Microsoft Office® Design Tool: SAP Configuration (IMG) SAP Reporting Tools: Report painter, ABAP Query & Quick viewer SAP Data Migration Tool (LSMW) [BAPI-Direct input-Batch input(Recording) -IDOC] Presentation Tools: Visio & PowerPoint Ability to work with people from different cultural and professional backgrounds Passion to travel worldwide Analytical, Communication and Interpersonal Skills Ability to accept change and diversity Using SAP Tutor to create training materials Programmer for Microcontroller (PIC), Programming logic control (PLC) & SCADA systems using C & C++ and assembly language.