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Hacking Windows 95 #33c3


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Hacking Windows 95 #33c3 lightning talk

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Hacking Windows 95 #33c3

  1. 1. How to hack Windows 95 Zoltan Balazs MRG Effitas 33C3
  2. 2. How did I get into this? Hack Win95 at a CTF Could not hack it during the CTF time limit My goal • Hack it with existing tools (ain’t nobody got time for 0days) • Remote code exec • No user interaction Hack prerequisites • Default Win95 • C: writable share • Networking configured
  3. 3. - 158 page of manual !!!! Banyet Soft Labs, 2002?
  4. 4. Hack The Planet! @zh4ck Greetz to @CrySySLab, @SpamAndHex