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  1. 1. Dozens  of  entrepreneurs  daily  join  ByXpress.  Some  of  them  are  not  sure  how  to  start  a  new   business;  so  we  came  up  with  special  trainings  that  help  our  users  have  a  great  start.   The  trainings  are  a  part  of  our  X-­‐Academy  courses.  X-­‐Academy  embraces  the  whole  range  of   seminars  and  coach  sessions  an  entrepreneur  needs,  including  sales  and  leadership  trainings.   • Secrets  of  Sales  are  divided  in  three  parts:  Basic,  Advanced,  and  Expert.   Basic  and  Advanced  sales  trainings  teach  parFcipants  how  to  enhance  their  performance  and   adopt  the  right  approach  and  aGtude.   Secrets  of  Sales  is  a  guide  for  sales  managers  on  how  to  moFvate  and  educate  a  sales  team  at   every  level  of  business  process.   • Secrets  of  Leadership  consist  of  two  parts:  Basic  and  Master.  While  ByXpress  the  first   helps  to  improve  professional  performance  and  team  management,  the  second   includes  exclusive  sessions  with  world-­‐class  coaches. The  Right  State  of  Mind ALer  the  compleFon  of  X-­‐Academy  trainings,  our  members  learn  than  success  and  prosperity   oLen  depend  on  the  right  aGtude.  OLen  personal  problems  or  professional  issues  have  a  negaFve   impact  on  the  business  performance;  thus,  a  successful  businessman  has  to  be  able  to  hold  the  inner   balance. When  the  balance  is  there,  we  reach  stability.  However,  this  is  not  the  only  significant  factor   driving  you  and  your  business  ahead.  PosiFve  thinking  plays  a  key  role  in  the  correct  business   strategy,  especially  a  new  one.  AQending  our  personal  growth  sessions,  ‘Believe  in  yourself’  seminars,   you  will  realize  that  having  a  posiFve  aGtude  to  the  future  is  a  complex  maQer.  Naturally,  success   doesn’t  come  solely  because  of  imagining  things  happen  the  way  you  want  it,  it’s  the  result  of   exhausFng  daily  work  and  focused  personal  efforts. Heading  for  the  prosperous  future  should  not  be  accompanied  by  constant  comparison  and   compeFFon  with  other  businessmen.  It’s  the  wrong  way  of  doing  things.  The  only  person  you  have  to   compare  with  –  the  old  you.  See,  what  you  were  yesterday,  a  week  ago,  a  few  months  ago,  or  a  year   ago,  and  make  comparison  with  the  present  you.  Looking  at  it  like  this,  you  will  realize  how  much  you   have  changed,  where  you’re  heading  and  decide  if  it  is  the  right  direcFon.  Or  it  may  occur  that  you   haven’t  changed  much  over  the  years,  and  there’s  a  key  for  a  change.  PosiFve  thinking  involves   posiFve  projecFon,  e.g.  imagine  the  perfect  you,  or  the  person  you  want  to  become.  It  may  be  useful   to  write  down  all  desirable  qualiFes  or  describe  your  goals  on  a  list  of  paper.  Create  guidelines  for  the   perfect  you  and  use  them  as  a  helpful  resource,  or  even  a  cheaFng  mechanism,  when  you  need  to   take  a  serious  decision.   Ask  yourself:  What  would  the  perfect  me  do  in  this  situaFon?  How  would  a  person  like  this   cope  with  the  problem? Surround  yourself  with  people  who  share  your  idea  of  posiFve  thinking  and  can  support  you.   AQend  more  business  events,  like  conferences,  seminars,  workshops,  to  meet  prospecFve  clients  and   partners  or  just  make  new  friends.  We  offer  two  helpful  online  sessions,  Believe  in  yourself  and  Start   ByXpress  seminars.  Sign  up  for  our  newsleQer  to  keep  up  with  the  latest  ByXpress  business  seminars  
  2. 2. and  meeFngs  we  organize.     A  personality  can  build  a  great  business,  and  a  personality  may  destroy  it.  OLen  personal   problems  or  professional  issues  have  a  negaFve  impact  on  the  business  performance;  thus  a   successful  businessman  has  to  be  able  to  hold  the  inner  balance. When  the  balance  is  there,  we  reach  stability.  However,  this  is  not  the  only  significant  factor   driving  you  and  your  business  ahead.  PosiFve  thinking  plays  a  key  role  in  the  correct  business   strategy,  especially  a  new  one.  AQending  our  personal  growth  sessions,  ‘Believe  in  yourself’  seminars,   you  will  realize  that  having  a  posiFve  aGtude  to  the  future  is  a  complex  maQer.  Naturally,  success   doesn’t  come  solely  because  of  imagining  things  happen  the  way  you  want  it,  it’s  the  result  of   exhausFng  daily  work  and  focused  personal  efforts. PosiFve  thinking  starts  with  the  way  you  walk.  Happy  brain  means  lots  of  great  ideas.   Working  on  the  upright  gait  won’t  take  that  much  effort  and  Fme,  especially  if  you  sign  in  for  yoga  or   Pilates,  other  sports  will  do  as  well.   Other  Products  and  Services We  offer  great  informaFon  products  and  devices  that  bring  you  fun,  growth,  and  rewards.   At  our  ByXpress  website  you  can: • Book  an  airplane  Fcket  or  a  hotel  room  with  TravelByXpress   • Buy  a  tablet,  a  jacket  or  a  book  with  ShopByXpress   • Read  the  latest  updates  at  NewsByXpress, • Watch  films,  video  clips,  and  listen  to  radio  at  PlayByXpress   • Enrol  for  various  business  courses  at  E-­‐LearningByXpress   • Have  fun  playing  online  games  at  GameByXpress • Connect  with  you  friend  and  find  new  partners  at  SocialByXpress We  also  offer  a  range  of  informaFon  products  that  allow  you:   • Create  and  manage  ad  campaigns  with  AdBlaster • Build  a  professional  website  with  PageBuilder,  and  a  branded  portal  with  X-­‐Page • Track  and  manage  your  savings  with  DebitCard • Use  the  advantages  of  branded  Mphone  and  Mwatch • Become  eligible  to  promote  MobileCoin  cryptocurrency  and  recruit  new  merchants