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Social Network for Career Success - Handout


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Handout designed for students at Humber College regarding job search tactic through Social Media - Created by Byung Oh, a career resource developer, the Career Centre at Humber College

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Social Network for Career Success - Handout

  1. 1. Social Network for Career Success Stop looking for a job – Start looking for a companyo It’s not WHAT you know but WHO you knowo Social Recruiting is an emerging strategy and growing fasto 88% of Canadian employers use Social Networking for recruiting (Source: LinkedIn Canada)o Is your ONLINE PROFILE ready for Social Recruiting?WHY LinkedIn & HOW to use it Why LinkedIn is #1 Social Media for Job Connectionso LinkedIn is CAREER-ORIENTED & has over 175 million users (5 m in Canada)o 95% of employers who use Social Media for hiring choose LinkedIn (Source: Canadian Association of Career Educators and Employers)o Google yourself, your LinkedIn profile is one of the top results (if you have one)o LinkedIn GROUPS & COMPANIES are unique sections to find potential connectionso LinkedIn is a great RESEARCH tool to find your potential careers, employers, co- workers, mentors, internships, and an insight into the companieso If you found an opening at a contact’s company, reach out to see if your contact has ADVICE on the best way to applyo LinkedIn profiles are easily COMPARABLE and SEARCHABLE by recruiterso LinkedIn profiles are ACCURATE because the profiles are seen by other colleagueso RECOMMENDATION and INTRODUCTION features enhance your credibility & ability to reach out potential connections 5 Golden Rules of Professional LinkedIn Profiles1. Fill out your profile to 100% completion  Real profile photo  Headline (professional title rather than the current position)  Keyword-rich summary & specialties  Include all experiences2. Join relevant groups3. Claim your custom URL: Request Recommendations5. Keep your profile up-to-date Humber College Career Centre • North: H107 • Lakeshore: H201 • 416.675.6622 ext.4966 •
  2. 2. FacebookMake Friends and LIKE themo Make your profile image more “ordinary”o No NEGATIVE comments about your employers or co-workerso Let people know what type of job you are looking for and with which companieso Find companies where you’d like to work and themTwitterWho do you follow?Follow someone – who can give you the right informationo Being an active follower is a key: Gaining top-notch info, connecting to expertso Tweet like a Pro: Share useful links, your opinions on current issues in your areao Research companies & Find employees of the company to get ‘advice’Social Resume for Social Recruiting Social Media integrated resume makes your online profile shine• Add your LinkedIn profile address on your resume (beside your email)• Convert your plain resume into dynamic infographic (• If you have a personal blog and actively maintained it, link it on your resume• QR Code can be a nice touch on digital resume ( Media – DOs and DON’TsDOs DON’TsProfessional image Improper photosRegular update Badmouthing previous employers, co-workersActive contribution Bad grammar or communication skillsPrivacy setting Discriminatory commentsAsk for advice, not a job itself Lying about qualifications (Source: control of your digital footprint and be a proactive digital citizen.Follow us on Social Humber College Career Centre • North: H107 • Lakeshore: H201 • 416.675.6622 ext.4966 •