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Xilinx Alveo FPGA Expertise — seek no more!


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byteLAKE’s Alveo FPGA offering includes:
- Expertise Consultancy: to assess how partner can benefit from Alveo based deployments
- Expertise Software Services: our experts in the field deliver projects ranging from algorithms adaptations to single accelerator cards, to complex deployment in multi-accelerator & many-nodes cluster (HPC) architectures.
- Thru our partners, we also provide complete HPC infrastructures as well as instant VPN or Cloud access to the latest configurations.

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Xilinx Alveo FPGA Expertise — seek no more!

  1. 1. byteLAKE’s Expertise: Xilinx Alveo FPGA
  2. 2. HPC at byteLAKE Accelerating time to results and adapting complex algorithms to GPU, FPGA, many-CPU architectures. Unleashing the power: • selecting the right programming model to a given problem (task parallelism, data parallelism, mixture of these two) • providing the right balance between CPUs and GPUs/FPGAs • optimizing data transfers between host memory and accelerators • code adaptation to a variety of computing platforms Bottom line: lowering TCO thru various optimizations (performance, energy efficiency, accuracy of calculations) More at: Making the most of the hardware: • Speedup: accelerating time to results for complex algorithms • Green Computing: optimizing algorithms to reduce energy consumption • Scalability: from single nodes to clusters
  3. 3. Crypto Mining Suite Expertise Software Services Exceptional Alveo experience: CFD Suite (FPGA) Acceleration and TCO Optimization More at: Customized HPC Solutions
  4. 4. Expertise in Alveo FPGA programming PCIe x86 CPU Host Application Runtime and Drivers Acceleration API FPGA Accelerated Functions DMA Engine AXI Interfaces byteLAKE’s Alveo Code Xilinx Acceleration Platform C/C++ code with OpenCL API calls C/C++ or OpenCL C FPGACPU 4
  5. 5. Example Project: CFD Adaptation Typical CFD workflow From CAD to MESH… (meshing) …to CFD simulation and visualization. • MESH conversion (input) • byteLAKE’s CFD Code • Data output for visualization upto5% ofsimulationtime major workload Image source: OPENFOAM® is a registered trademark of ESI Group. This offering is not approved or endorsed by ESI Group, the producer of the OpenFOAM software and owner of the OPENFOAM® and OpenCFD® trademarks.
  6. 6. • MPDATA (Multidimensional Positive Definite Advection Transport Algorithm) – main part of the dynamic core of the Eulerian/ semi-Lagrangian (EULAG) model – EULAG (MPDATA+elliptic solver) is the established computational model, developed for simulating thermo-fluid flows across a wide range of scales and physical scenarios – currently, this model is being implemented as the new dynamic core of the COSMO (Consortium for Small-scale Modeling) weather prediction framework – advection (together with the elliptic solver) is a key part of many frameworks that allow users to implement their simulations • Advection – movement of some material (dissolved or suspended) in the fluid. Algorithm: Advection (MPDATA) General Information
  7. 7. • Compute domain divided into 4 sub- domains • Host sends data to the FPGA global memory • Host calls Advection kernel to execute it on FPGA (kernel is called many times) • Each kernel call represents a single time step • FPGA sends the output array back to host Algorithm: Advection (MPDATA) Architecture
  8. 8. • First-order-accurate step of the advection scheme. Second-order is an option. • Input data – Array X – non-diffusive quantity (e.g. temperature of water vapor, ice, precipitation, etc.) – Arrays V1, V2, V3 - each of them stores the velocity vectors in one direction – (optional) Arrays Fi, Fe - implosion and explosion forces acting on a structure of X – (optional) Array D with density – (optional) Array rho which defines an interface for the coupling of COSMO and EULAG dynamic core (used to provide the transformation of the X variable) – DT – time step (scalar) • Output data – single X array that was updated in the given time step Algorithm: Advection (MPDATA) Technical Information
  9. 9. Algorithm: Advection (MPDATA) Benchmark INTEL XEON E5-2995 INTEL XEON E5-2995 INTEL XEON GOLD 6148 INTEL XEON PLATINUM 8168 XILINX ALVEO U250 Performance (the higher the better) INTEL XEON E5-2995 INTEL XEON E5-2995 INTEL XEON GOLD 6148 INTEL XEON PLATINUM 8168 XILINX ALVEO U250 Energy (the lower the better) INTEL XEON E5-2995 INTEL XEON E5-2995 INTEL XEON GOLD 6148 INTEL XEON PLATINUM 8168 XILINX ALVEO U250 Performance/W (the higher the better)
  10. 10. AI • highly optimized AI engines to analyze text, image, video, sound and time series data. • Detecting shapes & patterns. • Complex tasks automation. • IoT/ edge, Cloud, on-premise. HPC • accelerating time to results and adapting complex algorithms to GPU, FPGA, many-CPU architectures. • From single nodes to clusters. Meet byteLAKE AI and HPC Experts Your software partner for AI & HPC projects Experts in adapting & optimizing software for Select Products AI for CFD. Ultra fast results, radically lower TCO. New possibilities. Objects Detection Edge AI and real time computer vision. 56x faster AI training. R&I • R&D • Licensing
  11. 11. byteLAKE among top AI companies in Poland! "It contains information on practically all meaningful companies operating in Poland which offer services or products in the field of modern technologies. We believe this map will be necessary to help both domestic and international investors looking for interesting projects in Poland.", Aleksander Kutela, President of Digital Poland Foundation