Game based learning


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Game based learning

  1. 1. Byron Mcgahan
  2. 2.  The goal of game based learning is to offer information and skills through a game in order to keep the students entertained Through this, students will retain information and have a better understanding of how it can be implemented in real life scenarios.
  3. 3.  Game based learning sounds simple and looks easy but it is hard to implement. In order to progress with the game you must learn and imply your learning. The student must have trial and error in order to feel a sense of accomplishment to encourage learning.
  4. 4.  The game should have “quests” and “bosses”. The quests should be more focused on teaching one target and contain varied objectives. The boss levels should be more difficult missions where the students have to use the information they learned in the quests in order to defeat the boss.
  5. 5.  Games that have been programmed for teaching purposes like flight simulators are called serious games and have already been implemented into today’s society. There is also off-the-shelf games used for education like Civilization V for world history and World of Warcraft for English where although the games were not intended to be educational they have the ability to.
  6. 6.  The main problems with game based learning are: Students may not be entertained with the games It may take longer to teach with the games It is hard to put information to a game.
  7. 7.  The solution to game based learning I would like to propose is to use a large social off-the- shelf game as the main game in class like World of Warcraft or minecraft while also using smaller games for tablets or smartphones like geocache, TurfWars, and Fleck.
  8. 8.  I believe this would work because while using only one game throughout the year to help teach, the game will start to lose its initial hype and begin to die off with the students, who will start thinking of it more like an assignment rather than a game. If you put in other little games throughout the year then you can keep touching up on your main game and that way all of the games you use will have a hype to them making the students want to play.
  9. 9.  I would like to see my solution implemented with a game called Minecraft while using geocache and possibly other mini games. The students will be expected to do assignments on the games as well as real life. The students will need to have some sort of mobile device or tablet in order to use apps like geocache or TurfWars.
  10. 10.  Minecraft is a game where multiple people may get on one server at a time and create a world. Minecraft also has the ability to create a world with quests and objectives making it extremely easy to modify the game around a lesson. Geocache is an app where items, puzzles, or places may be hidden and plotted on a map with its location. Geocaching could be used in many ways to get the students to learn by searching and thinking to find, acquire, and earn a geocache.
  11. 11.  Here is a general idea of what learning with minecraft looks like except it is on a second grade level If second graders can use this game in order to help their education then anyone will be able to use this game for game based learning.