Petition to legalize cockfighting in the U.S.


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Cockfighting is An Individual Liberty.
Cockfighting is The Only Universal Sports.
Cockfighting is An Industry.

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Petition to legalize cockfighting in the U.S.

  1. 1. United Nations of CockfightingCockfighting is the Only Reason There are Great Breeders and Great Cockfighters || A Political Organization Petition to Legalize Cockfighting In The U.S. Be a signatory Petition to Legalize Cockfighting In The U.S. To: U.S. Congress Before basketball and baseball took the Philippines by storm, cockfighting was and still is the Philippine’s most popular and national sport. Cockfighting has a history which traces back to times before Christ. However, before cockfighting even became a sport, the bird, the fighting-cock, was regarded as an admirable animal, drawing respect from men. The fighting cock was a subject of religious worship. According to Diodorus Siculus, the Ancient Syrians worshipped the fighting-cock as a deity. The Ancient Greeks and Romans associated the fighting-cock with the gods Apollo, Mercury and Mars. Magellan claimed that in Borneo, the bird was so sacred that no one could eat its flesh. In South Canara, the bird claimed to ward off evil demons. In Sumatra, the gamecock was worshipped, a temple built to it, and rituals performed to honor the deity. Cock fighting occurred in the temples and the dead bird which lost the battle was prepared to be presented to the deities. The bird would be placed in a gold cauldron, soaked in gums and spices. Then its body was burned on an altar and its ashes were placed in a golden pot or urn. Scott, “History of Cockfighting” The history of cockfighting is hazy, there does not seem to be a definitive point in history as to when cockfighting became an official sport. In the times before Christ,approximately 3,000 years ago during the times of the Phoenicians, Hebrews, and Canaanites, cockfighting was popular. Breeding gamecocks for fighting in a pit was considered an art and trading these birds was profitable. In Egypt, in the time of Moses, cockfighting was a favorite pasttime. During the height of Greek civilization, Themistocles — a general who was preparing to drive away the invading Persians — decided to hold a cockfight the night before the battle to inspire his men by showing the courageous nature of the fighting cock. Persian traders loved to gamble by pitting their fighing birds against each other. They would often carry their birds with them and pit a fight in the marketplaces and trading centers. In the first century after Christ, Julius Caesar led Rome into enjoying the sport of cockfighting. He was the first citizen of Rome to be an enthusiast of the sport. Caesar ultimately introduced cockfighting into England. In the 16th century, cockfighting was flourishing in England. During the time of King Henry VIII, cockfights were held at Whitehall Palace. The game became a national sport at one point and exclusive schools were required to teach students the points of cockfighting, such as breeding, walking, and conditioning of the gamecock. At its very height of popularity, even the clergy encouraged the sport. Church yards and inside of the churches were used as an arena for cockfighting. The sport declined in England during the reign of Queen Victoria in the 17th century, when she banned cockfighting with a royal decree. Today, cockfighting is almost nonexistent. However, in the British isles, there still esixts a breed of gamecocks known as the Pyles strain of Charles II that is a highly sought after bird by cockers and breeders. In ancient Gaul, cockfighting was somehow brought into the country through travelling caravans or by those who returned from Rome or the East. During the Middle Ages in France, cockfighting was very popular. Eventually, France adopted the cock as a national emblem. Today, cockfighting has been driven underground. In Spain, cockfighting has existed for the longest period of time. How it arrived is uncertain. Theories point to travelling Phoenicians or the conquering Moors. Today, cockfighting is a popular sport in Bilbao, Oviedo, Madrid, Barcelon, and Valencia. Many Filipino breeders travel to Spain to obtain ideal birds for breeding. Many gamecocks in the Philippines have a blood strain of Spanish game cocks. In the United States, famous presidents who were lovers of the game were George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Andrew Jackson, and Abraham Lincoln. It was socially acceptable and encouraged for a gentleman to have a flock of gamecocks and to be an expert on the sport. At one point, the U.S. became a center for cockfighting activities and events. Cockfights were even held in the committee rooms of the President. It is said that the fighting-cock
  2. 2. almost became the national emblem. It lost by one vote to the American eagle. Cockfighting declined when the civilwar started.In the Philippines, it was said cockfighting was already popular by the time the Spaniards arrived. It was recorded thatin 1565, natives of Butuan were watching cockfights when the Spaniards came for supplies.Legalizing cockfighting would bring in billions of much needed tax dollors!!It would help out a number of feed mills and gamefowl supply stores.Also the hotel and resturant industry’s would skyrocket.Overall there is everything to gain and nothing to lose except needed money!!As Abraham lincoln once said:“As long as theAlmighty has permittedintelligent men, createdin his likeness to fight inpublic and kill eachother while the worldlooks on approvingly, it’snot for me to deprivethe chickens of the sameprivilege.”Abraham LincolnThank You.Sincerely,The UndersignedSignatories and Their CommentsUpdated 23 April 2011For up to date list, go here.3681. Brooke I’d rather watch birds anytime not grown men and women its rediculous!3680. Cody Kreizenbeck3679. John Webb Give me Liberty, I will do the same for you3678. jose d martinez legalize this old sport mass murder of chickens is allowed by kfc but this noble sport is outlawed wtf3677. Troy Thrasher3676. Timothy D. Poss A rooster is born with the deep drive to fight,you can’t teach him.They are natural born fighting/killing machines.If you put two game roosters close to one another.One would kill the other.You should at least legalize natural heel fighting.3675. Emily Coleman3674. Stacy3673. Edwin Oquendo Legalizing cockfighting = tax money3672. Robert Smith What gives the animal rights supporters the right to take away our heritage.3671. jessica3670. justin oliver if they are going to allow men to fight in cages they might as well let chickens fight3669. desirae this fine3668. Stephanie Oliver3667. Levi Wilson
  3. 3. 3666. Ryan Chaney we raise chickens,cows,and pigs to eat but people believe its wrong to let them fight wich would happen in the wild as they were please explain why two men can fight in a cage but measly chickens are unable3665. Stephen Green3664. Brandon Rhudy3663. Adam Rhudy3662. wesley jarrell3661. jonny lee3660. jonny .D.3659. Ray Carrillo3658. Misty foust3657. brent ogletree3656. Dallas3655. Norman make it legal it would help the country alot. i think Abraham Lincoln said alot or should i say (Honest Abe) refereering cock fights is where his name came from and not to mention 2 more famous names in American cocking the first u.s. president George Washington and the 7th u.s. president Andrew Jackson (chicken George) won his freedom owing to his skill as a “handler”and feeder” of fighting cocks.On the other hand President Andrew Jackson – (The old Hickory)- kept his brown red gamecocks in the WhitHouse stables so give us back out rights that should of never been taking.3654. Andrew C. Shupe I believe that the sport that I came to love at such a young age has been unfairly banned from every state. It has been attacked by different standards than are used to pass any other law. The bans on the sport have been strong armed through the law making process by the politicians that are running this great country into the ground. I love the sport and everything that comes with it and would love nothing more than to be allowed to participate in it once again without fear of persecution.3653. gaidon this is mother nature creation ,its been here since adam and eve it needs to be legal just like casino in the world3652. Dewayne Brooks3651. Ashley3650. Larry3649. Eric this article came out of the game cock How about this decision. The United States Supreme Court, Handed down in 1871 a decision, that may be of interest. The Court held that canary birds were NOT live animals because in a tariff act Congress spoke of “animals, living, of all kinds,” in one paragraph and of birds singing and other in another this the Supreme Court said, showed that Congress did not believe that birds were living animals.The Appellate Court took it from there. The canary bird decision, it said, also indicated that Congress meant that only FOUR LEGGED creatures were animals3648. rick cantrell family tradition3647. robbie legalize cockfighting if you dont like it dont attend them its alot of our lives3646. William Ross3645. Michael Wigginton3644. Matthew3643. Martin F God Glory Gallos Legalize It !!!
  4. 4. 3642. C.Wombles EVEN our founding fathers were cock fighters and if it is done properly and carefully it can be very entertaning and profitable for the government!!3641. Steven LaRue as an avid cocker back when it was still legal, i can look back now and say that i really miss the sport3640. Mr. Page the native americans should open pits on the reservations. it would show the government how much they could be making. its really simple. have everyone fill out a w-4 at the beggining of every year like you would a regular job. then at the end of the year you get a 1099. at every derby they take 10% off the top of the entry fee and then that way they get paid twice. its just so easy even a caveman can do it3639. Brock Page think of the farmers. the feed they grow. the money it would bring in for our country3638. Brock by doing this millions will be made for business and will bring back the United States out of turmoil3637. Jessie Powell3636. robert vanderryt3635. Ben Dreyfuss3634. larry hatfield its our right to life liberty and the pursuite of happyness3633. Jessica Jones3632. Mitchell Romero Bring it back! Leagalize it.3631. scott feldpausch3630. Juan Murillo It’s an AMERICAN TRADITION!!!!3629. A.Souksan What is the point of it being illegal? Humans fight. There is a ref in the middle, but in cockfight the owner knows when to pull out his gladiator…. People should do what they want with their property as long as it is fed and cared for!3628. richard valenzuela3627. Angel Valdez Jr.3626. Angel Valdez Jr.3625. Kara It’s an amazing sport .3624. Virginia Chapman make cockfighting legal!!!!!!!!!!!3623. Ed Froyalde3622. Clint L. Welsh3621. Ellena Sanchez this would bring in money that is much needed in our economy3620. mike sanchez it will help our economy need grow corn to feed them.ever since all states banned the sport economy crashed look it up.3619. james bean3618. Aredee Andrade Bring cockfighting back it’s a traditon.3617. Mike Workman We butcher millions of unwilling chickens each year. Yet we can’t let 2 fight as they please?3616. William Carl Dockery III3615. William Carl Dockerey III3614. Thomas K. Beavers A family tradition3613. ROBERT L HATFIELD3612. George Branch3611. cesar calderon i really belive rooster fights should be legal. if they can use dogs in an
  5. 5. agressive manner to catch hogs. why not rooster fights3610. Brenda3609. Heather Boggs3608. Juan Benitez3607. Byron Pojol Gameness til the End ( – Publisher of articles about Cockfighting From All Over The World (The Only Universal Sports, 8000BC, An Individual Liberty)3606. B Ashley3605. william black3604. K Crow3603. Bryon Kelley3602. Joe Stuart3601. Joe Stuart3600. Nathan Stuart3599. robert j malig3598. charles stop being stupid3597. brian simmons do it3596. Cha Let the birds be the best as they can be and preserver the tradition of man kind3595. Brian Scroggin3594. Charles Barney III The United States of America is a free country… Right?3593. alberta Legalize Cockfighting3592. Rachael Jones Ft. Game3591. Matt Trulli3590. Ruben Morales Let me say a word or two and see what you think.3589. Jeff Ray3588. van lewis I think Lincon said it best……3587. dorothy moore Legalize it!!!3586. T.J. Legalize cockfightiing and keep america free.3585. Trevor Byers i want my sport back3584. mai_thaiarmy Cockfighter in Thailand3583. santiago3582. JOse!3581. Jose Romero3581. Jose Romero3580. jose Pulido13579. Justin P. legalize it3578. glenn burgess3577. timothy j. luethje3576. ronald barron3575. J M Jones Save our culture/ tradition and rights to private property.3574. Bobby Baird You have no idea the tax revenue that could be made right now…and we know our country needs it!!!
  6. 6. 3573. roger legalized it3572. justin wilson3571. joey3570. Andrew3569. Brian Cunningham I believe it should be a right. Not forced on anyone but a choice for a man to make.3568. beto3567. victor3566. Scott Noble3565. Nico Monarrez3564. Adrian Garza3563. john c stidman3562. Kevin Haynes Free or die trying!3561. jose romero3560. weston rines3559. lucio gallegos3558. Emer E. Manlogon3557. ryan surber peta and hsus kills all the birds at a raid atleast our birds have a chance to live in the pit3556. Raul R. Tiongson Please legalize cockfighting in the U.S.3555. michael kennedy3554. Bronx Susvilla3553. Ben J.Taylor Its a shame that a once great sport is looked on with such disdain by folks who want to do away with all animal agriculture and use cockfighting to raise money to see thier agenda through.3552. Miguel3551. Bryan Jongkind Just showing my support for other people’s cultural Heritage.3550. Diosdado D. Maninang3549. jimmy wilson3548. randy cash3547. kenny wilson3546. phillip cate3545. channing beeler3544. steven wilson3543. billy alcaide3542. pefecto alcaide3541. Waylon Lee Reamy NatureBoy Farms3540. Spencer Hartness Peta needs to be made illegal not cock fighting3539. Thomas Warfield3538. asteck souls this is supposed to be the land of the free3537. matt evans3536. Manuel3535. mario ibarra
  7. 7. 3534. Dennis Jolly3533. Thomas Bundy If men war unwillingly , why must fowl be made to quit their hearts desire.3532. Rigoberto O Rodriguez3531. ryan legalize it! the bet on ufc and boxing so why cant we on our chickens3530. Tommy Dunham This is cockfighters standing up for their God given rights.3529. erik3528. kevin branch3527. daniel vest this is our rights3526. James C. support cocking 100% keep the sigs comin3525. Tyler Branch3524. Jalyn Bray3523. Shawn Robertson3522. Casey Stewart Ft. Game Farm3521. Paul Jones3520. Gene jones3519. tristan satin they are natural warriors let nature be…3518. John D. Madisson3517. Travin Blaylock guess we will never be land of the free again as long as there is laws that will not allow us to simply enjoy our hobbies as our for fathers did3516. Jose P3515. Alberto Pulido3514. jose3513. issac its ok with me3512. Jarrod R. everyone needs to get there whole family to sign this we need a whole lot more people to sign this to get it passed keep the sport goin long live the game cock3511. Gilbert Vallejo Human rights first. Animal rights second3510. Genaro hidalgo3509. HECTOR CASTILLO LETS SUPPORT TO THE FULLEST.LET’S FIGHT FOR ARE RIGHTS!!!!3508. tara dickerson3507. chad dickerson3506. Humberto Romero3505. jose luis l.3504. eduardo r.3503. gabriela r.3502. Humbert R3501. Ronald W. Shepherd3500. Rodney Ferreira jr.3499. michael hardegree3498. nik why be allowed to pit two humans in a ring and not chickens3497. Creek Side Game Farm I have been around game roooster since I was about 2 years old the only thing i want to know is how can it be animal crualty when it comes
  8. 8. natural to a game rooster to fight to death i can unerstand dog fighting being elegal because you train dogs to fight each other but at 5 to 6 months of age a game rooster will become agressive toward another rooster. that is the way god wanted them to be.3496. carlos3495. Ponciano Batres stop taking from the people and start doing your job.3494. zach I think people should be able to fight gamebirds because its in there blood3493. Johnson Carlyle3492. Tommie Hall3491. jose d martinez3490. nicolas chavez cockfighting is a sport loved by many. please take the time and see how we kept the these birds a live and how we do daily chores to keep them as healthy as they can be. these birds are game and they are not trained to fight but conditioned to enhance there natrual behavers. legalizing cockfighting would bring back a sport that many have done for years.3489. nicolas chavez cockfighting is a sport loved by many.3488. kevin landers3487. Travis migues Like I was saying ive been fighting roosters since I was alittle boy and my dad has also been doing it since he was A young boy its mess up they took away the sport I love so much I still raise roosters3486. Travis migues Like I was saying ive been fighting roosters since I was alittle boy and my dad has also been doing it since he was A young boy its mess up they took away the sport I love so much I still raise roosters3485. Travis migues Like I was saying ive been fighting roosters since I was alittle boy and my dad has also been doing it since he was A young boy its mess up they took away the sport I love so much I still raise roosters3484. Travis migues Like I was saying ive been fighting roosters since I was alittle boy and my dad has also been doing it since he was A young boy its mess up they took away the sport I love so much I still raise roosters3483. roger prewitt3482. Jennifer Torres Legalize Cockfighting in America!3481. Genaro Torres3480. BARBARA AMAYA3479. Benjamin Cisco3478. Aaron Graley3477. Heather too be exact the last known cockfighting material dates back 743 years ago in jarusalim so if jesus allows it in his land seems like the goverment would follow the ten comandments and put no other god before him3476. rusty cockfighting is no diffrent than ufc cage fighting only cock fighting is illegal but you can get on tv and beat the brains out of another human and the world loves it3475. Sammy Dawson Be the Congress who brings back ” old and proven ways to exist”3474. DONNA KIM HAWKINS3473. JEAN NICHOLE DOZIER3472. DENNIS DOZIER leagl means of harvest3471. Bill Branson dis is ‘mericka! if me want cockfight, dats me right!3470. R R C I believe it is the right of those who choose to do so, to partake in both the enjoyment and competitive sport of cokfighting.
  9. 9. 3469. megan gentry3468. kenny bishop III3467. Anthony Condra3466. Paula Jeffery3465. Eric Layne3464. Alicia Condra3463. LESLIE CONDRA3462. Marc Joson3461. Albert Seastrom3460. jpex legalize cockfight3459. JESSE FRANCIA3458. Esben carrasco it can be tax for a poor country we live in right now and I am talking about the u s.3457. FRANCISCO HERNANDEZ3456. cecil dillman3455. Raul Casillas free the gamecock3454. Peter Quezada legalize, we treat them better than commercial farms treat thier chickens we eat.3453. John Cambra I think this is still a free country AMEN3452. FERNANDO RODRIGUEZ3451. marcos olivo3450. daniel marquez bring back what was once already here.3449. caston mai3448. joe savala3447. Jaime C This can help us fix the economy.3446. Rick S. Canete3445. Richard must preserve our culture3444. Brian Speights Thanks For Reading.3443. Mike rice3442. Papa Ritz If done correctly, we could help country finance problems from Local – State & Federal3441. Papa Ritz If done correctly, we could help country finance problems from Local – State & Federal3440. Juan Alonzo so many of us want it ….Give us our right.. The right of freedom!!!!3439. Mark Ziemkowski3438. Dezmond semana3437. kelcee chapman3436. Dale Sabungero Cockfighting is my life!3435. Joshua Alonzo3434. jason berry cockfighting is the oldest sport there is.3433. Shawn Hall MAKE IT LEGAL3432. Sheena
  10. 10. 3431. sam weaver3430. Chris3429. Jaocb W. Gohagan3428. Shauba vang3427. Hoang Long Nguyen3426. Jaime Sanchez3425. Jason Ray The people against cockfighting should leave all us alone and worry about the children being abused & molested,& get their facts straight on how a chicken is a fowl3424. Tim Teal people keep signin everyone should get at least 2 or 3 people to sign this to push to get it passed3423. ernesto fernandez UGBA3422. Albert O’Connor Please legalize cockfighting3421. WILLIAM MONROE SIMMONS IT SHOULD BE OUR RIGHT3420. willie p why take away a way of life3419. David Tanner What happened to the pursuit of happiness3418. gregory a nance god made the cock fight not man for his right to live3417. Stanley Ballo3416. Michael Chua3415. jaime cardenas this sport has been in my family for about 80yrs we are tax paying usa citizen and feel its not right that we have to hide to enjoy our time off work.3414. Nick Powell3413. Robert Vargas3412. Francis Lee Torres3411. Pedro Quezada if abortion is legal, why is cockfighting not???! and activists that raid farms kill the rooster they confiscate!!3410. Jason its a way of life for everyone to enjoy3409. Jose Romero3408. JUAN MEDRANO JR LETS SAVE OUR SPORT3407. zoraida3406. victor Legalize our Sport ! This is the land of the free ??? + the hole counrty could benefit from this.3405. cynthia costorio3404. Arthur Mangaoang3403. Glenn3402. Apolonio Garcia Legalize cockfighting in the U S3401. roger where is our freedom3400. erik eisenhower3399. Ken Ross3398. Andrew Gard3397. Jim Clem Legalize cockfighting! It is good for the country.3396. joel whitsel3395. luis ignacio larios mendoza
  11. 11. 3394. caleb summit3393. jaime rayo3392. Katheryn Tagomata Please legalize the cockfighting in the U.S3391. Lee Ledesma Please legalize the cockfighting and farmers will benifit to that too and help our economy.3390. James C. Yu Legalize Cockfighting to improve US economy. Money will be flowing in from all asian countries and Mexico3389. Jacob Fisher3388. tan3387. Drew Bailey This is a great thing we are doing to try to help out our country in this time if everyone on here could get at least one or two people to sign this our numbers will rise and have a great chance in succeeding the life that we know and love3386. kawika burley3385. Troy Guillory3384. anthony Santos3383. marcus olivo please consider as tax revenur3382. Louis Torree This most certainly would bring in the needed revenue to each state that allow cockfighting. Cockfighters are your typical factory worker, Construction, labor and many of the leaders of society. They are not like the PETA and Humane organizations that allow and approve of terroristic behavior.3381. jordan pavao3380. rafael fernandez3379. Art Hernandez3378. Junior Chaidez3377. Lalo Hernandez3376. Junior Hernandez3375. Rigo Hernandez Doing this wll help our country and communits at this much needed time, by bringing work of all kinds and tax payers. Right now that country needs more work for our taxpayers and money for the counrty, this is one small way to help our country and our people..3374. cody davis3373. Allen Self3372. William Martin3371. A. Vince Quimpo3370. Alvaro Garces we need this3369. Tammey Carter3368. Jason Everett3367. Jeffery Carter This is supposed to be the land of the free. But the goverment keeps taking our rights away from us. Our freedom of happiness was taken when they made it ilegal to cock fight. As you all know many of our Presidents fought game cocks but the goverment will never admit that this is so. Because they want every one to think that the sport is wrong when it is not.3366. Doug Miller Game Cocks are born with the instinct to fight. This is not something you can train these beautiful creatures to do. In the wild only the strongest survive and go on to produce hardier offspring that are less susceptible to disease. The Game Cock wants to fight another Game Cock to show the other that he is the most dominant. If they weren’t
  12. 12. meant to fight then they wouldn’t. God made them that way so let them do what they want to do. Let them fight!3365. Donnie Carter Cockfighting is a Sport of Kings and NOT a blood sport.3364. Justin At least consider legalizing cockfighting bare heel (their spurs are there only weapons)3363. Joseph P. Tavares Jr. It is our culture in Hawaii, and we will never stop3362. Victor A Juarez lets at least try it and come up with a saloution where everybodys happy death before dishonor3361. scott boyd3360. Sarah Massey3359. scott walker3358. michael deming3357. jason wiley Legalize our SPORT3356. Johnathon As Abraham lincoln once said: if god allows man to fight hewould not stop rooster fight then why is it elgal.3355. Justin Hudson3354. Rocio3353. randall hampton3352. Robert Foust3351. bobby stepps3350. troy3349. dan gasque3348. Catherine Stasevich3347. ROY QUICK3346. Jessica Conard3345. Ruben Hernandez Return to us the freedoms that our forefathers enjoyed.3344. james m griffith3343. timothy risner3342. michael wood3341. Juan Dominguez3340. myles oga3339. CREEK SIDE GAME FARM its ok for the goverment to push the little man aside but what happens when the little man pushes the goverment aside they through the little man in jail and for get where the key is ( THE LAST TIME I CHECK DIDN’T GOD MAKE EVER ONE WITH THE SAME RIGHTS) ALSO WHY DID GOD MAKE THE GAME ROOSTER AGRESIVE IF MAN IS GOING TO BAND FIGHTING GAME ROOSTER3338. scot andrews3337. Robbie Shelton there are alot of people that would sign this but they cant afford a computer cause of the rich man and that why th gov gets what thay want3336. Sean Hancock3335. miguel3334. jesse andrews jr I miss going to the fights i met so many intresting people there some friends and some not i miss doodles drag mountain dan valley sunset bayou club little boxwood hog waller south hill tommy greens
  13. 13. 3333. jesse andrews would like to see it come back3332. Christina3331. Anthony M rice Personally against cockfighting, but I don’t think it’s anymore inhumane than HSUS killing birds or Tyson foods farming practices. Do people think chicken meat just appears in your grocery store? Raise your own eggs and chicken and see how cruel tha animal world really is,3330. jerry this is an Americn tradition they should not take it away from us. Since the USA respects all our civil rigths and has justice for all3329. christian gilreath3328. marcus olivo3327. 4humanrights IT ‘s Not right & Immoral for an outsider NONTAXPAYING “Organize Syndicates” Terrorist animal groups, hsus & their militias, to IMPOSE their VEGAN Extremist animal Lifestyle to others so it’s leaders can Enriched themselves to live a LAVISH lifestyles & enjoy their over 200 million dollars in Pension funds…and it Economically /culturally descriminates Agricultrual zoning taxpayers & cultural gamefowl sports practitioners & it is UNCONSTITUTIONAL , to impose morale extemist animal values to others…3326. santiago teran this’s the country of the free3325. charles cashen our founding fore fathers engaged in cockfighting the founders of this free country how can you sit there and take this liberty and pursuite of happiness from the general voting people when the men that started this country agreed to it now you take it away mr congress person3324. Carl Johnston our Armed forces are fighting for the freedom of third world countrys to have freedom. While our Gov. is taking ours away one day at a time.3323. john monfort3322. john monfort3321. charles greer Please help save the sport we love and our pursuit of happiness.3320. Eric Horn i belive cockfighting should be legal but e have some nuts out their that think it’s a bigger sin to show our fowl than to steal from someone3319. zebred3318. tim kowitz3317. edward l wolverton jr3316. harlen butte3315. Gregory P. Scholten3314. Daniel Herrera3313. Thomas Beavers3312. cliff risner3311. kenneth tabor3310. Christian Widener3309. Linda R. Chamberlain3308. Artie Castle3307. Melissa Francis3306. WILLIAM TERRY3305. Richard Mallett3304. victor andalon3303. betty ryals3302. sam ryals
  14. 14. 3301. Lee Matthews3300. Mathew Stewart This is America, lets legalize some freedom!3299. Shelly Noland3298. teddy leo noland jr wish it would happen i would spend my money to have r famliy sport back3297. teddt leo noland jr3296. Israel Torres3295. doodle cook catch me if you can3294. Johnny Walker Britt3293. Jimmy Sorrells3292. Kyle Killingsworth Chickens die everyday3291. Shaina Giefing why not make rooster fight like a buiness we pay the goverment they let us fight rooster and ever one gets what they want3290. Lonnie smith honest abe got his nick name by being honest in the pit while fighting roosters so why cant we fight roosters3289. brandy smith I know why rooster fights are elgale its the money we dont pay the goverment so they dont let us fight roosters3288. Mike Giefing its ok for human to watch men fight each other but we cant watch rooster fights whats the diffrence3287. James Giefing3286. Johnathon Giefing they say fighting is crule what do they do with the roosters they get from a bust. they burn them, ant that just as crule3285. Davidy Keys3284. Jessica Keys I don’t see a problem it3283. Hunter Smith3282. Ariel Cabrera Use my tax dollars wisely3281. scot andrews3280. Andres Perez cockfighting is here to stay3279. Andres Perez a cultural sport my family has practiced for many generations3278. edgar3277. fidel sedano3276. michael johnson3275. Kevin Hansel3274. marc woodard its my culture and problly yours too3273. joe robert davis3272. Bob Gaskins Our stimulus, money , all spent on what,,ACRON ! YOU DO WHAT YOU WANT , SO WILL WE , SEE YOU IN NOVEMBER, WE’ RE INFORCING TERM LIMITS!3271. donald poe the united states could really use all the extra revenue that we can get. lets face it the rest of the world uses illegal cash crops to fund terrorists groups that pose a huge and obvious threat to the U.S. lets not forget we are at war in iraq and afghanistan which is a huge economic burden to the millions of hard working tax payers we work our asses off for our own government to tell us we cant have a little fun but yet we hear news about kentucky state troopers viewing this sport take place and not losing their jobs or facing the same criminal punishment as a regular civilian. there are some folks that live in areas where the best job may
  15. 15. be just a few more cents than minimum wageand it doesnt pay them much to drive 80-100miles a day back and forth to work with gas prices the way they are these days and it makes it damn near impossible to raise a family with the skyrocketing prices of everyday living expenses.3270. billy dean cock fighting should not be against the law!!!!!3269. Dalon Simpson3268. Brandon Nelson It’s a true gentlemans sport.3267. Brandon Nelson It’s a true gentlemans sport.3266. Clay Wilson ……..3265. juan hernandez3264. Jerry Riley If people don’t start standing up soon, they’ll take everything from us!3263. clint chastain Theres notting wrong with it anybody who’s every had gamecocks knows that they fight till death .Theres usually only a few cocks left with several 100 hens just let it be.3262. juan alvarado this will help our economy in U.S by creating new jobs3261. gerardo alvarado3260. Joey West3259. Ricardo Leurin3258. ira thompson3257. Rico Rodriguez3256. Kaylee M. Wiley3255. Efren D. Rodriguez Jr3254. JOSE RAMIREZ COCKFIGHTING IS STILL GOING ON AND BY STATES MAKING THEIR LAWS TOUGHER ON IT WILL JUST CREATE MORE PROBLEMS THE BEST THING TO DO IS TO LEGALIZE COCKFIGHTING AGAIN. IT WOULD BE A DREAM COME TRUE FOR MANY TO BE ABLE TO FIGHT AT SUNSET OR THE BAYOU CLUB AGAIN3253. Antonio Rodriguez Jr just look at how much money we spend in feed..Imagine what would legalizeing the cock fight revenue would bring3252. shawl hughes i have been in chicken fighting for a while and i want it to be legalized again. thanks for puting up this petition.3251. Jacqueline Garcia today there is more laws telling us what not to do… What is going on with our freedom.3250. luis gabriel garcia let freedom ring3249. Donny3248. trinity simmons3247. brian simmons3246. morgan sines3245. tyler williams cockfighting should be legalized3244. Kyla3243. Raul G Chavez You should put in the petition that we will start paying taxes to each state. For example, if the purse is 1000 or 10000, the winner will pay taxes. Because that’s why they ban it. The lawyers should go and tell them will are willing to buy licence to fight roosters like fisher men. this money will help the economy and both of us will be happy. Cockfighting is a culture but I am willing to pay a yearly licence to fight roosters. imagine how much money will each state will get if they legalize cockfighting. Each state will get money from each licence and 10% of
  16. 16. the purse. Think about? Congress will consider if we petition this idea they could even test it for one year and if it doesn’t work then ban it.3242. Raul Chavez3241. Jimmy Ooten It is a heritage and is older than our nation…It should be legal and respected…,3240. raymond haynes3239. billy joe clark3238. ronald drappeaux3237. hannis stacey “BUSINESS” MIND YOUR OWN!3236. hannis stacey “BUSINESS” MIND YOUR OWN!3235. agcomm3234. esteban3233. tammy j cooper people need to mind their own damn business3232. tammy j cooper people need to mind their own damn business3231. fast lane give the cocks a bigger ring to fight3230. Scott Thofner this is smart you spelled dollars wrong you said “dollors” but it is still good3229. Destiny Edwards3228. randy johnson3227. Eris Murphy Legalize cockfighting. Devellop cock boxing.3226. Bobbi Jo Wagner3225. Albert Blakeman3224. JEREMIAH STANFIELD LEGALIZE IT THE ECONOMY NEEDS IT3223. Eric Lauer3222. Derrick Evans This is what they are bred to do. Anyone who thinks otherwise then I propose a challenge. I give you a mother hen and some baby chicks. You raise them and see if the roosters dont eventually fight til the death on they’re own. Also, whoever started this group, then please get a hold of me because I too am from WV and I really want to help my favorite sport become legal. This would be huge for our states economy as well as saving a sport thats been passed down from my ancestors.3221. Josue Rodriguez3220. jesse garcia i raise chickens and love them like u wouldn’t believe ,still ilove to see them in battle and they fight because they want to. if we train gamefowl to fight i want to see someone to train a cock how not to fight!!!3219. Shawn Rorrer I think if they tax cockfighting it would bring in a lot of needed money for this country. Whats the diffrence between two men in a ring beating the crap out of each other compared to roosters doing the same thing? Theres no difference at all!3218. Dustin Hall I been rasing chickens since 19943217. crystal martin have been a long time cockfighter and believe that the government would not have such an issue with the matter if they could regulate revenue after all was it not this very reason that they sicked the animal rights activists on us3216. Brian C. Brooks As a breeder of gamefowl I put so much love and time into raising and caring for my birds. It is against my rights as a citizen of a free country that I can not use my gamefowl how I see fit and proper.3215. Chris Elliott
  17. 17. 3214. Nick Fisher3213. Brendan McNamara3212. Michael Elliott3211. Aaron Greco3210. Earl Valley3209. Sharon Lucas3208. jaime rodriguez cockfighter till the day i die! what does it take to make this sport legal in the U.S. i guess horse races may have to start be illegal to people put steriods in them and bet money which is known as gambling!3207. Bryan Lucas3206. alex escobedo3205. josue escobedo legalize cockfighting wheather it is legal or not it will still be going on no matter what!!3204. Josh Strouth3203. Kane Ratliff they were breed to fight,its our heritage,and its a sport like anything mean people bet on horse races3202. T.Selvaraju Abraham lincon was told this As long as Almighty…………………….chickens of the same privelege.He was Popular president in USA.he was not banned the cock fighting.But George W.Bush banned cock fight.At the sametime to fight with Iraq and killed public and soldiers.Abraham Linclon was guard the Humen ,George w.Bush to guard the Cocks.3201. Wayne Campbell Jr. Cockfighting is part of my Hawaiian culture! Why should I be penalized for practicing my culture?3200. jose vega3199. troy takahashi3198. mike johnson3197. Don E. Johnson I live in Louisiana cock fighting is now illegal. The so called do gooders have killed more rooster in the past year than we killed in the derbies we had. If the state od Louisiana would wake up and bring cock fighting back to our state and tax winnings they would see how much they have lost in the state the past 40 years.3196. lawrence D Johnson3195. Chue Moua We should legalize cockfighting in the US, but without knifes.3194. Charles SimmonS3193. Tabatha SimmonS where are all our freedoms going3192. Brian SimmonS its more cruel what they do to the chickens we eat3191. Martin Torres i approve of rooster fighting, they are created for fighting. If you were to put two chickens outside a couple a feet away from each other, and as soon as they see each other they will fight to the death untill one of them runs .Both of them would die ,two roosters can’t live with each other not even if they were related they would still kill each other.3190. Jose Luis Torres I love my roosters and hen, and I approve of game cock fighting. Why do ya kill chickens for kfc ? Its like the same thing but the chickens you kill can’t defend themselves but ours can !3189. Michael R Johnson God created all things, animals,even the fowl of the air and put man in charge of them. If you don’t believe read your Bible.So therefore I think cock fighting sould be legalized. The gamefowl only missed by 1 vote becoming the American symbol. It is a beautiful fowl in its likeness. (Religious believers). I saw on TV the other night 2 men fighting on an ultimate fighting adventure and it was legal and on TV but there is big
  18. 18. money involved in it and it was ok, therefore I think cockfighting should be legalized and the monies used and be taxed. and the revenue goes for paying taxes.3188. Steve Decker im even more of a redneck3187. Dan Stitt im a redneck3186. Robert Adams Long live the gamecock3185. Jacob Wright Its a sad day when you can drive by a broiler farm where they raise chickens in the poorest conditions, and that is legal, but cockfighting is banned. These birds recieve the best treatment, and happiest lives. This sport is a part of my heritage all the way back to immigration. It’s sad it will fade away.3184. Eberardo Robles3183. maricela rodriguez3182. Erica Rodriguez3181. Michael Thompson Let Freedom ring3180. David De La O3179. Dawn Mayerhofer3178. lawrence poff i think it is to god wether they shud fight or not and he made them to fight3177. joe guffey3176. Jose Martinez its our culture3175. Tommy Honaker3174. chris oliver3173. Selena Thompson I believe that if people would like to have cockfights, I think they should. It’s what they love to do and for some of the men it is all they know. Why should we take that from them? One should look into the lives of these familys and see how much cockfighting is apart of the life.3172. Bobby Jason Barley Ive not raised fighting cocks in 10 years, but I think about it all the time. My father loved it and his father loved it and his fathers before. They say its okay to be gay its okay for humans to fight they even say its okay to kill a unborn child but its not okay to let roosters be themselves. I was raised to treat my birds with respect and to give to them even if I had to do without. Who has the right to tell me right from wrong other than god. Everyone who loves there history and country should stand togather for there rights. BRING THE SPORT OF KINGS BACK.3171. Steven Crews It’s about time3170. Homero Lopez Gamecocks aren’t trained to fight or be agressive. It’s in thier blood and comes natural to them. If made legal , by all means … Tax the hell out of it. Im allmost positive , thier isn’t a cocker out thier that would have a problem with paying thier dues. In exchange we ask that you leave us alone and let us enjoy our birds.3169. Norman H Davis III3168. arturo gomez3167. aixa3166. Manuel3165. Chris Shoemaker its better than legalizing dope3164. shannon raines3163. William Sterling save the breeds3162. Alfredo Larios Good enough for great gentalmen great presidents ,good enough for me.
  19. 19. 3161. floyd merriman3160. Aaron Andress Long Live Tradition3159. Ruben Castellanos I think it to be the saddest thing when the cultures of our people are being taken away from us by these corporations that kill thousands of animals per day and consider themselves animal protectors. They are so asanine asking people for donations so that they can euthenize 600 birds in one location and regarding our birds as too agressive. It’s depressing to see how bad our economy is in California and to realize that there’s a multi-million dollar solution right in front of their faces and yet all they do is make laws that impede people like me from geting out of the recession were in. Well hopefully our customes don’t end up being squashed under so many laws. Good luck and thank u for keeping the fight. I know me and all my fellow breeders will keep fighting these California laws.3158. sean wright3157. james feigl3156. Andres Torres hope this signature helps3155. Donald McCandless3154. Roger Arellano Our founding fathers would have never banned this to begin with.3153. John Bernal3152. Hector Avila3151. joel stewart3150. Morris Coker Look at History of this Country3149. Tim Casey3148. Tom Smith3147. Micheal Dotson3146. Melvin McCOY3145. Jerry Hatfield3144. Frank Smith3143. santiago garcia the economy needs this money! Legalize it!3142. xavier Legalize cockfighting,and bring back all them tax dollars3141. Abbie Schradin legalize cockfighting!3140. Lester J. Willis In Puerto Rico alone, this is a $400,000,000.00 industry. The revenue from the states would be astonishing. This is our cultural right, and all could benefit.3139. james r adkins i think it should be legal3138. Jordan Kinderman Lift The Ban3137. Hayden Hise3136. TJ Nickell please dont do this!!! God made gamebirds for a reason3135. fred jljljao3134. kevin H. everyone has the right to dislike cockfighting so why do we not have the right to like it ?..we let you live your life and do not bother any1 so therefor i want the same respect. LEAVE us ALONE peda we dont bother yall soo give us that much respect and dont bother us.3133. T.J. RESHONSKY u.s. should legalize it3132. Toby Bogart3131. Chris gamefowls are not animals, there reptiles
  20. 20. 3130. jon mencer3129. Alex Choi god bless america3128. Jose Game fowl are the best3127. Jody Cherry3126. stanley risner the bible says not to be a busy body in other mens matters if other people to fight chickens so be it thats thier god given right .3125. Braenna Burke3124. Peter Gonzales I have seen how regular chickens are treated for meats and eggs with cockfighting the birds are treated better then regular chickens3123. Kathy Gonzales I would rather have my son raising and fighting game fowl then on the streets useing meth and bein in gangs and bein a gang banger cock fighting involves family and doin it together3122. terry burton who am i to judge what other people may find offensive. i do not like gays lets ban them too..3121. Diane Jessup While watching chickens kill each other is not my idea of a good time, as an animal lover and 20+ years animal control officer, I feel that fighting cocks live an extremely humane life up to the point they are pitted. They are far better cared for than other fowl. They may die in the pit, but it is no worse than the BILLIONS of chickens killed by KFC.3120. Greg Mousel3119. H.B Mousel3118. Jesus A Garcia jesus_a_garcia1@hotmail.com3117. Cristi Griffin people that live in city apartments and never go out in thy country need not stop us from what we love an dthe birds love it too.3116. tim griffin when they gas them by the hundreds how humane is that?3115. Tammy Mousel I think we should be aloud to fight are birds if other people can smoke and drink and do the things they want to we should be able to do the things that we want to do as well.3114. Trey Young3113. Zachary Frederick3112. jimmy cornett its a sport not a crime3111. paul goins i have been around cockfighting since i was born i have brought many people that have never been before and before they left they realized there is nothing that i do that make the chickens fight all i do is give them better chance, also you tell me what is more inhumane fighting them or giving them a shot and killing all of them at least if i fight them they have a chance to come home they can not beat the needle!!!!!!!!!!!3110. Jordan Cupps3109. Keith McGuire3108. Dwayne cum jr i think u should be aloud to fight chickens3107. Ronald Bassi It should be allowed3106. michelle everly3105. Tiffany Piwowar3104. Robert Everly (porky)3103. Stephanie Everly3102. paul everly LONG LIVE COCK FIGHTING3101. jessica everly3100. Rogelio Balderas
  21. 21. 3099. kelly burns3098. JAMES BOGART freedom, liberty and peace is all we’re asking for3097. michael mckenzie Ima be right here with everybody who believes in cockfighting all the way and we wont stop till its legal again!! go for it boys3096. Trey Anderson Should be legal…anyone against it should aducate themselves as to the nature of game fowl.3095. cody lawson3094. mountain Bear3093. Vicki Siders we do not instill the fighting nature of theses wonderfull WILDLIFE3092. Timothy Baker Its not just a sport its a life still.3091. Bryan Davis Thall shall not inposses thy beliefs on no one citizen of one said united states of AMERICA3090. Jeff Hatfield3089. Larry Wolford3088. tony montenegro3087. TONY HANG How is it cruel when its naturally in their blood? Its natures way of Culling the DULL!..3086. James Bedard3085. Lydia Currin Its let us kill em’ our way or let the spca and humane society do it their way. Check their pulse both ways and I guarantee they will be the same3084. Brett Currin Jr. My family was in it for years. We had a strong business, shipped game cocks nationally and outside the US. We provided an income for our families and provided jobs for others to support their families as well. When cockfighting was outlawed in the US there went the work and money. Lets bring it back. Theirs no harm. The country could benefit.3083. Serjio Diaz Legalize it I hate to be viewed as a criminal because I breed gamefowl.3082. Alex Perez3081. Rich Anderson3080. tony powers3079. Kevin Jude Its either, let the birds fight for survival, or let PETA cut their heads off.3078. James M Goff3077. James M Goff3076. brooklyn more jobs would be available for this country3075. roger you dont have to train game fouls to fight its in there blood3074. bailey the government can make a lott of revenue in a organized situation3073. douglas campbell we need the income from the taxes to dig us out3072. Christopher Johnston3071. Chris Duncan3070. bobby jarrell3069. eula spaulding3068. Steve Stewart i agree its not cruel and it would bring billions of tax dollars in.3067. Trey Anderson Whats next? Outlaw hunting? Fishing? Rodeos? Circuses?3066. Brad Shuster
  22. 22. 3065. Andrew Farmer3064. Blake Shuster3063. Rachel Cusick3062. Jennifer Wattle3061. Sam Wattle3060. Tori Shuster3059. james corn3058. mark taylor Lets take our country back3057. Edgar Sanchez3056. Jody Wiley3055. randy bogle same as 30133054. Pete Grivetti3053. Denine Shuster3052. Rickey Grivetti Jr I am 15 & me & my dad have always enjoyed the rooster’s,hens & chicks but it is a shame its outlawed because i miss all the good people ide meet at the pits…i really hope this hepls3051. Rick Grivetti its a real shame that hsus made felons out of good hard workin people who pay taxes daily….something must be & has to been done….3050. shawn chafin3049. sonja chafin3048. shane heath3047. bj zeek3046. chris heath3045. douglas heath n.s railroad3044. Vanessa Deleon dont see the harm in rooster fights people still do it any way3043. dustin cook it would keep alot of young kids out of touble. on saturday morning instead of being on the corner selling durgs or getting shot at they will say hey let go to cockfight. in other word it would change alot kids3042. Jerry L. Myers government should spend more time and money elsewhere instead of messing with folks tha play with they realize i can go in the back yard and brutaly murder a chicken!(cut its head off like granny did)and that is ok,but i cannot use the birds natural ability to please myself or make money?but i can make a huge bull buck and spin and charge for amusement and money.I can hunt with firearms big game in pens that have no way to escape for pleasure and money,blow half a leg off and lose the bloodtrail and let the animal suffer and die,SLOWLY!!!!but this is nature and life on earth and only the strong will survive!3041. Mariano Sy This creates more jobs and business to our country.3040. danny i think cockfighting should be legal3039. mikah dowdy 10133038. boi calivoso brah we gotta make um legal cuz the vice is so iratating3037. shawn royal3036. ethan royal3035. shane osborne3034. nathanaiel osborne3033. wilma dye
  23. 23. 3032. Bryan Dye3031. Kayla Compton3030. Bryan Jared Dye3029. Bryan Jared Dye3028. Bethany suleckie3027. Brain Yates Its funny how a group of peaple can pass laws on something they never attended or not know anything about and lead peaple wrong, saying that we train/make a rooster to fight i mean realy what we gona do talk to them and threaten them. And for them thats what they would rather do than anything else. Its their nature and thier gona fight regardless its all someone can do just to keep them apart. And the goverment could make a killing off rooster pits on taxes and all the gas spent going there hotel renting or make there be a licens and charge $100 a permit . Millions of dallars could be made and if everyone signed this petition it would be way up in the millions.3026. Keith Yates same as 30133025. Gabe lester same as 30133024. Nathan Wilkey3023. ryan3022. randall w hardwick i have been attending cock fights since i was 2. thats when my father started taking me . theres nothing like it. it would boost the economy 19 now i would rather fights my chickens than listen watch a boxing matcg or a horse race. chickens are not trained to fight its in there blood.3021. randall william hardwick there is nothing wrong with cockfights3020. Timothy Lester i have never attended a cock fight. i have owned a small sting of game fowl but only in the past few years. if people can fight in an arena and kill or severely injure each other why can we not allow these birds who fight by nature not by man do what comes natural to them?3019. shirley lucas3018. ruben Its a free country3017. Timothy N. Anglin3016. Alex Zuniga legalize cockfighting land of the free3015. Dr. David E. Harrington Until man decides to stop killing his brothers, he has nothing to say about the fate of a bird.3014. John Myles3013. Alex Tejeda I do not fight gamefowl, but I don’t see anything wrong with it. If everybody who owned fowl let them be,they would suffer much more than in an organized fight. Many fowl receive better care than most children in the world in my opinion. People who are against this have not experienced it for very long if at all. Like I said, if the gamefowl had their way, they would all become extinct in about a year. Abortion, hunting, boxing, and UFC fights are just a portion of bad things that are tolerated here in the US. Native Americans did it before any white man arrived in the US; why take part of their culture away as well? Legalizing this would also make a great boost in the economy. Many people travel across the world just to see a one day cockfighting event. Thousands of people in the world have died in war even presently. We can take someones life in war, someone who doesn’t want to be killed and taken away from family, but we can’t let two gamecocks battle together willingly? Make the country better. Legalize3012. estevan orozco if u don’t like the sport stay away from it. stop trying to make it your business.3011. Carlos La Luz
  24. 24. 3010. Donnie Brown3009. Albert Kirby3008. Curtis Howard3007. Dianne Jarvis3006. jason goolesby allow gamecocks to do what comes to them naturally–fight!3005. JAMES PERKINS3004. Randy Knott if you dont like it, dont attend!3003. christopher payne3002. gregsmartin3001. CIPRIANO SULAMO3000. Raymond E. Jenkins Jr. I am glad to see there our some people as game as our fine fowl. THANK YOU to all who support us.2999. Bobby Rogers2998. Kyle Warren I love breeding and fighting gamecocks please don’t take this away. When I get depressed or if I am feeling blue I can go outside and play with my birds, and they make me feel better.2997. Dereck Ford Only in the land of the free does the gamecock crow!!!2996. Shawn Perry2995. brandon taylor cockfighting should be legal in the states it was because you don’t have to make them fight they fight on thier on. thanks all of thecockfight jod bless you2994. lacey bailey2993. trisha frazier2992. matthew sammons2991. veronica stracener2990. elizabeth bailey love this ideal just let us have fun and enjoy our sport2989. robby bailey2988. phillip Its the best thing alive.2987. Tina Taylor We need to stand for what we believe in, I don’t see anyone whining over bullfighting in Spain, let our cocks battle!2986. Drew Dahlberg2985. beverly robinson libs have ruined our culture,let.s take it back2984. edward smith is in their blood to fight we just take care of them if 1 died there 10 sons and hen of that one is natural2983. Andrew Rivera Legalize Cockfighting2982. Derrick Wigley2981. monte tait legalize it .put on controls, and taxes.2980. Frincine Tait2979. Cory Tait Actually there were gladiators that used to be honored for doing the same but the sheep below with the hillbilly coments would know nothing about honor2978. Andrew Mills2977. Pam Johnson2976. Linda Underwood
  25. 25. 2975. Larry Johnson2974. Bryan Johnson2973. Bryan Johnson2972. Joyce Conn Its about time we stand up for whats right2971. Tony Conn Do the right thing LEGALIZE IT2970. Jason Johnson lets go WV get this legalize get r freedom back.It would bring money into the little communties and it would benifit everything2969. Jason Johnson2968. darin legalize its how i make a living2967. Vincent L. Pate2966. Car Mann let chickens die with honor!2965. Christofer Tang2964. nathan applegate LEGALIZE COCKFIGHTING!2963. DEVIN PRICE Go ahead WV do it. Hell let’s be first at something. I like it.2962. Kevin Williamson2961. Jason Duffield God made chickens for fightin’. PERIOD.2960. wes hawkins this would save a lot off people in this world it cant get any wores then it is know we can all make ends meet with this working they can get there dollar i would be just fine with that2959. Lesa Gambrel I see nothing wrong with cock fighting, I”ve been around it many years. Regardless if its done in the pit or in the front yard or regardless if someone is even handling the cocks, they will fight. I don’t see it as animal cruelty, especially when the only purpose for these types of chickens are to fight. If you ask me its the chickens that we eat everyday and their living and dying situations thats cruel. You stick them in 2X2 cages piled up on one another where if one uses the bathroom the one underneath gets it. These chickens live atleast 2 years before their fought, whereas the chickens we eat int he super market only live a few months before their killed. So what’s inhumane in this situation? Ask yourself.2958. RAFAEL MARTINEZ2957. Brian It should be legalized immediatley2956. Anthony2955. DEREK Please give us our rights back as good up standing, tax paying, free, american citizens.2954. Roger Choate2953. Ruben Cortes Why not, makes perfect sense to tax it.2952. Deb Ferrell This is the most SICK and depraved idea to be even contemplated. DO NOT allow this disgrace and disgusting torture of animals. DO NOT ALLOW OR GIVE THIS PIECE OF TRASH IDEA ANOTHER THOUGHT. KEEP COCKFIGHTING BANNED FOREVER2951. Bruce Jones2950. mike ibanez jr.2949. Bruce STUPID HILLBILLIES!2948. Karl Brock WHY DON’T YOU REDNECK/MORONS JUST FIGHT EACH OTHER TO THE DEATH SO WE DON”T HAVE TO DEAL WITH YOUR CRAP!!! CHICKENS WERE PUT HERE BY GOD FOR HIS PURPOSE NOT YOURS!!!2947. lorraine hatfield
  26. 26. 2946. clayton hatfield2945. gentry hatfield2944. john sartin2943. stephanie blackburn2942. earl blackburn2941. lacy reed2940. john bentley2939. David MacMillan2938. JASON GIBSON GIVE OUR COUNTRY BACK2937. candice davis2936. chris faine2935. Robert Lee Stuart Don’t let these out of state nuts come in and take your freedom2934. Michael Guy It about time we stand for our rights2933. Leanna Sizmore2932. Ernie Guy2931. mike chambers If this Law passes West Viginia ,will be the only real free state in the united states ,good for them ,and i hope it does pass,for human rights .2930. Carl E May We need to still be Americans please honor2929. David Duenas II2928. Doug Williamson2927. Eddie Dearnell Glad someone is standing up for our rights2926. Kristy Dearnell Lets Get our Freedom back2925. Trey Furby2924. Walker Cisco2923. Curtis Elser2922. Jack Nantz WHERE ARE OUR FREEDOMS2921. J.D. Delaney this country needs the money that legalized cockfighting would generate,2920. Donald Newman spot this vicious act of cruelty.2919. doug king2918. aimee clingenpeel this should be legalized2917. Shannon Dotson if the presidents done it then its fine for me. there is a difference between animals and fowl2916. Sheila Grafton Isn’t this a free country? We have to many laws now, we are becoming communists, by all the laws you are shoving down our throats,Back off big brother let us live our own lives GOD,COUNTRY, FAMILY My chickens get better care than a lot of children do, NOW THAT IS A CRIME!!!2915. Garret Gordon2914. Tara Grafton2913. Kris Carter2912. Joel Grafton2911. col. sanders2910. Sam Holder
  27. 27. 2909. Laura Holder2908. David Dominguez2907. kelly oldaker2906. Ben Dover Is this anything like cock wrangling?2905. DAN R. BATEMAN2904. kayla bergeman2903. scott kimbrough2902. estel baker2901. kenneth sommers Puerto Rico could be used as a model2900. gary evans2899. elijah varner2898. Marguerite Christine Cannon2897. steven cannon its time to take our rights back.2896. John Ray2895. eugene facemyer the gamecocks teech usabout courage2894. Paul Wood2893. willam alton thomas2892. Charles Greer Please help return freedom to our country.2891. mike taylor2890. Justin Thomas2889. stephen corley legalize cockfighting2888. Rickey Hampton2887. steven bond i care for game cocks and like to watch them do what comes natural2886. joyce whitley i care for game cocks and like to watch them do what comes natural2885. Ernest M. Guy2884. Christina Alsip2883. Tom Jackson2882. Jerry Hensley2881. Adrian B. Avila2880. luis lopez2879. EDWARD PRICE No other state has it…………WV could, OK sure , why not. And do you know what happens to Most roosters………..they are ground up alive by the millions thanks to your major grocery stores only wanting hens and eggs. So let a few live to fight another day. At least they will be cared for for a while. And don’t talk to me about animal rights, while the killing of unborn babies goes on.2878. Omar Avila2877. Brandon Porter2876. jackie smith im am 47 years old, been enjoying gamefowl for 40 of those years,oh and by the way i dont drink, dont do drugs, havent ever spent the night in jail, and i even have a job. WOW, some bad guy im am huh. these animal rights people just dont want a stop to cockfighting,they want a stop to all animal use,and you lawmakers are letting them do it one step at a time, its time someone stop them in their tracks2875. james c everitt how true itm is ritten
  28. 28. 2874. George Helton2873. Butch Helton2872. uriel jaimes2871. Justin Boyce to not let citizens own and test these beloved fowl is a disgrace. The revenue this sport could bring to our ailing economy is much needed2870. Estevan Valdez2869. Brian Ferguson2868. tamala mccoy2867. Jeffrey Goggans2866. roy stephens2865. Gordon Sullivan2864. billy alford2863. joey murray2862. joel andrew whitsel pit em2861. walter dotson they turn a drug dealer loose put a chicken man in jail2860. tonya combs lets get it legalized it keeps our children outa trouble an is our culture2859. lance combs we need to stick together take our country back2858. jason mccoy givem hell2857. Ramiro Benitez Legalize The Gentlemens Sport2856. mike scott let the people vote…..bring back the honorable sport of cockfightng…2855. Dylan goodie2854. Preston von Kreisler MERIKA2853. lindsay schneider2852. andy Miller2851. Kenneth Byrd Without sacrafice there nothing gained2850. Will Mousel Long live cock fighting2849. prunk2848. Mike Nguyen yes to only cockfighting2847. danny craig leagalize abortion but dont fight a rooster which is natural what a communist country its is2846. LAMARQUE Richard Il y à d’autres problèmes beaucoup plus important à interdire, plutôt que de s’acharner sur des coqueleurs sans défense, parce qu’ils n’ont pas d’appuis politique.2845. richard pacetti thank you2844. Ryan Ingle2843. dustin cook need to legalize the sport of cockfihgting2842. Daniel Thornton2841. Marcelino Borces2840. Betty Bauders2839. Ronnie Bauders2838. Franklin Brown2837. Mary Sturm2836. Louis I. Nava “We want to keep our traditions”
  29. 29. 2835. Samuel A. Agado LETS GET IT ON !!!!!!!!!!!!!2834. danny craig its a tradition2833. shane hall2832. Mickey Walker2831. tom oboyle2830. Pablo e. rodriguez no one is hurt by the legalization of cockfights2829. AnnaMarie Hurtado2828. Eric Ramirez2827. Juan Hernandez2826. Martha Andujo2825. joan castillo I grew up with my family fighting roosters.I think we have a right to our traditions.If people dont like it well stay away from it.When they take roosters away from cockers they end up putting them too sleep anyways.So they arent so diffrent,we do it for a sport.Why do they put them too sleep??2824. Nic Bueck It’s about time we come together!2823. william smothers I am 43 years old and some of my first memories are of fightingcocks and the great men who breed and raised the wonderful birds2822. Alberto the humane society dont know what they are talking about they are just people that got too much free time and try to make us suffer by taking our loved sport that would benefit the country2821. Allan Abrea It’s just not fair to ban cockfighting and allow hunting. Worst thing, those who favored the ban enjoy eating chickens too…2820. Maryann Chapa2819. Sergio Andujo2818. Andy Greeson2817. Ronald E. Lynch I have been to a few I dont see nothin wrong with it.2816. John W. Lynch Jr. It is natural for them to want tot fight.2815. Daniel C. Lynch They have a choice.—- They choose to fight so why can’t I give them an opportunity to do it equally…2814. David Lynch Jr. I love my roosters2813. April L. Lynch Our Rights are fading away one vote at a time2812. Jonathon D. Lynch Sr. We have the Right to Life Liberty and The Persuit of Happiness even if you do not like it I Do!2811. Betsy Clements I WANT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!2810. Will cockalicious2809. Joseph Lara2808. eugenefacemyer abraham linclon aproved and so do I2807. charlie antrican2806. Ashley Duncan I hope that some day we can go back to fighting our birds legally and no one will bother us.2805. Anthony2804. Nicky Shrum Not a game fowler myself but it is a historical sport that should not be criminalized2803. Daniel Shelby IT’S OUR HERITAGE. MAKING COCKFIGHTING ILLEGAL BROUGHT IN THE OUTLAW ELEMENT.
  30. 30. 2802. Timothy Smith Cock fighting is an american tradition! IT IS NOT CRUEL it does not involve drugs like the humane society says. I’ve been to lots of differrent pits and never even saw alcohol served.2801. david bulfer2800. lannie embry cock fighting has been around for thousands of years it part of our culture and history2799. Moua Vang2798. jberdugo62797. lannie embry2796. Yim Go Cock Figthing2795. Mary Anderson2794. Isaac Casto legalize cockfighting its a way of life for some people and no one should ever be able to take that away2793. debra robinette2792. ruben campos hi eddie2791. Pedro Ortiz2790. Jesse Ladner2789. Edward Vargas2788. jeffrey robinette i don’t see why we should not be able to fight our game fowl legal it would bring some good revanew to all states2787. Kenneth R. Jammes(ll)2786. Amanda Rhineheimer2785. Jerry Blankenship2784. Marco2783. Leo Pressnell2782. josh meade legalize cockfighting2781. David Martinez2780. michael walker by the grace of God…… right!2779. mike Keep our culture Alive! Legalized Cockfighting2778. cynthia snow i agree with abraham lincoln2777. Leslie L Snow (Les) somehow we need to get this petition out to every person in the u.s. I think we might have something going here2776. NEFTALY C. RIVERA LEGALIZE IT2775. maria smith2774. jason smith I will forward this petition to everyone i know2773. Avery Bell2772. Carlos Estrada Cockfighting has been around for years I personally dont look at it as cruelty to animals. fighting roosters have it in their blood that’s why they’re called fighting roosters. It’s in their blood by nature. On the other hand the United States of America considers this as cruelty to animals but what happens when they seize these roosters from their owners? They euthanize them, that’s cruelty to animals. They should just let them fight in that case they should banned UFC fighting that’s cruelty to humans but it’s entertaining the same with cockfighting it’s just like any other sport.2771. Tim Ladner
  31. 31. 2770. josh v we aren’t criminals, we are being made criminals by hsus and other groups who don’t “like” our way of life. It is our birds natural instinct to fight, and we are made criminals for it. Why are women who are killing their unborn babies not made criminals if a human is a higher being than any pet or animal according to the bible? Legalize cockfighting and see how it will help the ecomomy.2769. REID RHODES2768. Alan Young2767. Ed Ramey2766. Trishia Kearns2765. Tommy Sanchez cockfighting needs to become legal again. If they could legalize gay marriage plus give them rights. which is more of a sin than fighting roosters.I understand that if these birds didnt have it in there nature but there born to fight.2764. jose why can the gov. raise lab rats to do experiments and be ok whit it.2763. roel2762. Andy Oviedo let us help the economy2761. Jeremy Napier2760. PEDRO GUTIERREZ Legalize the sport and all will benefit2759. pedro2758. lacy lowe long live the redfoxx2757. C. Rene Nava2756. eric monteagudo legalize cockfights, or banned all poultry slaughterhouses… cockfights are part of our culture.2755. James Thompson Legalize Cockfighting in the USA,2754. tammy brannan our men fight daily for our rights , but special interest groups work daily to take our rights away. i’m a buisness owner and the more the hsus and peta get laws pasted the more my buisness is hurt. i own a feed company and i have review a lot of hsus paper work and can find nothing where they fund any animal shelters or help any local shelters. but htey spend 2 million a year of tax free money on travel etc. if they are tax exemt why are they not using the money for hte care of animals not just travel etc.. why does the pres. wayne passell have a salary of well over 250 thousand dollars a year?2753. Jose Solano the goverment should not take our national traditions2752. MANUEL MANZO N/A2751. chris right on2750. jeffery looney I think that we should keep our heritage awake and lively and that no one in the white house with their head stuck so far up in the air that if it rained they would drown to be able to take our rights to express ourself away from us.2749. Jimmy Urmama they are taking away our rights2748. Carlos Diaz Soler These Kind of Particular Roosters are born to fight. It’s on their nature to fight. God gave them this unique instinct. They only fight other cockfighter roosters. Otherwise the interest for these unique animals will dissapear and they will be extincted from the phase of the earth. Why not preserved them as they are borned for: Cockfighting roosters?2747. MARK MONTALVO2746. tony villalobos why does the govt. spend millions of dollars on a chicken, there is better places to spend our tax dollars2745. M. Mundy Its too bad that we stopped teaching the true American history in 1920…actually changing the history books. Reason: They felt it was un-
  32. 32. fit to have the most highly reguarded and respected people in the history of this country as breeders, participants, and lovers of this sport….then in the same breath if air say “only scum-bags and illegal immigrants approve of that sport”. How ridiculous! …these people’s faces are on our money. Its a shame that its OK to kill 22,000,000 chickens per day in this country for chicken salads……BUT DONT LET THEM FIGHT FIRST!!!!!!! ….just making a point.2744. Paul Clayton2743. HENRY R YAWN2742. FRANCISCO DULANTO wE HAVE SCIENCES IN OUR FAVOR TOO2741. Richard Lakey2740. Richard In Okla.2739. JOSE J HERNANDEZ gamebirds fight because of there genetic breeding! just like race horses, they are for fighting!!2738. cynthia jones it would bring in alot of money2737. curtis ray howery thought this was a free country2736. Luis Perez2735. jacob schults Many people live from cockfighting so please legalize it2734. bob jones2733. Mel Caronongan2732. Romil2731. Phillip Garcia legalize it its the only way2730. jacky keith please legalize cockfighting2729. Dakota Reese2728. Steven Reese If america was smart they would legalize it.2727. joey perez2726. Derek clark i love the quotes and article. im a cocker and love the sport and live to pass it down to future generations. i have a strong passion and love for gamecocks. i even have spurs tatooed on my back2725. Thaddeus Shane Whittington2724. Dionicio dela Luna i think we should be able to fight them its our tradition2723. Joe teritorial animal free them to the wild2722. fidel burciaga2721. amber adams2720. mark semore2719. tony semore2718. Justin Massey It’s a good way to increase job employments2717. RICHARD ELLIOTT I SEE NOTHING wrong with fighting chickens. and im sure the government could make lots of tax dollars off fighters and spectators2716. leo hey guys how many signature do you need to make a petition for the legalization of cockfighting,we need to move now and do something every one of us suffering for taking our rights,its our traditions and passion theres nothing wrongs with this sports,this sports gives a lot of job to the people,its our passion,it is sad that this will end without sharing to the next generations,one of the happiest moment in my life is sharing thoughts about the chicken with my dad and grand pa,so it is very sad that this might not happen again with my son,bring cockfighting back bring the freedom back bring the tradion back bring the culture back!long live cockfighter!
  33. 33. 2715. Rickey Herring Sr.2714. Richard Waller legalize cockfighting in this almost socialist nation that we live in lets take back or freedom by going to the polls and calling your congressmen they work for you and tell their advisers that you want to talk to them not her/him . on another note do back ground checks on the HSUS they are a hidden terriorist group that prey on people for money to take care of “mistreated animals” and then turn around to do nothing but kill them wake up AMERICA to hell with liberals lets stop this ongoing socialist rule thats becoming of th UNITED STATES of AMERICA we can stop this2713. robert elliot2712. Justin Fears I am a soldier and if I can die for my country then a rooster can die for his farm!2711. doug frisbie legalize cock fighting.2710. presley2709. santiago garcia2708. joyce frisbie I THINK COCKFIGHTING SHOULD BE LEGALIZED.2707. Leann Simmons2706. andrea mcnelly i know that many people make money from this sport and in this economy every dime helps… is in their nature to fight……….so really what’s the big deal2705. Frederik Carrillo2704. ROBERT PRESLEY IT’S SHOULD BE OUR RIGHT TO BE ABLE TO FIGHT CHICKEN IT BEEN GOING ON SENCE AND BEFOR LINCLE WAS PRESEDENT LET KEEP IT GOING2703. Tina Coleman our fore fathers who founded this country must be rolling in thier graves over the freedoms we have lost in this country.2702. Dwain Coleman this law is not constitional. read the constition ,the bill of rights and the declaration of independence and explain how this is constitional. we are living in a communist country. each and every time you take away our rights you hurt our so-called free country.2701. London McClure2700. Wade McClure2699. Eddie McClure2698. Nena McClure2697. Jason McClure2696. Jeff McClure2695. chris kirby2694. marco ruiz jr ok a arina sell tikets spensefe tikets make it profeshional not a free sport just like any sport ,some pepole dont like surten things so just dont go ! and kids under age well not alow them just like casinos you have to be 21 over to gamble you can do it were so many were just driming of some day we can bring are fowl to the arina and batle to see that am the best of the best with my line of fowl , maybe no fights to death just a speshial miny boxing glub with a speshil ting that caunts the hits it dilivers and caunt points so on …..2693. antonio make arina like casino with law and order2692. Israel Medrano2691. loyd e. titsworth please make legal2690. jose carmona
  34. 34. 2689. Nardo if they can kill a chicken,if they can eat a chicken,why no cockfighting? in tradition, the loser gets eaten anyway. cock fighting in my eyes is very human,. and it’s a family tradition that we stoped when coming to the U.S they should make some type of I.D for cockfighters and tax us like $30 a month or somthing since the government loves to take our money. this is a great way for them to make some. lol. there isnt a problem with cockfight. its a symbol and tradition. Long Live Gamecocks!! legalize now!!! =]2688. Don B. Swayne It shouldn’t be illegal in a free society.2687. joesph p. collins2686. scott goff not pro or con on this / just think it should be legal2685. Tiggy Vang2684. brandon spell i say let em fight2683. lucas i 100% agree to make cockfighting legal2682. Jose romero2681. yob austria its a tradition and culture,if cockfighting lost the gamefowl will become extinct,its not animal cruelty becaused they breed thousands of chicken.if its cruelty so eating of chicken must also stop!2680. Johnson Dorroh2679. josemiguel torres2678. daniel humphries2677. tony garcia it’s afamely culture & tradition for the usa2676. ricardo rodriguez2675. sheliahuddleston2674. william toney with out cockfighting this magnificant bird will go extinct because there is no other use for it, what is more inhumane to let a bird do what it was put here to do or let it go extinct because some idiots that has never been on a chicken farm think its inhumane2673. colby reagan2672. stephen2671. jo cordero2670. mike murray2669. Feli Hernandez legalize cockfighting2668. Marvin O. Bagley2667. devin Adams …….2666. Lance Adams Tax the sport, it will happen anyway.2665. jose cuervo cock fighting is a honorable sport2664. daniel powers isnt this a free country2663. William Daniel Griffith2662. Denise Lynn Pellegrini This should be relaegalized, it is americas oldest sport2661. TONY LEWIS2660. Neal McKoy2659. ernesto fernandez how can you deprive an animals’ natural instinct. If even our founding fathers had no objections and moreso were more inclned to enjoy this sport.2658. Alberto Guerrero