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Byron Miller Top 10

  1. 1. …THINGS I LEARNED IN PR PUBLICATIONS<br />-Byron Antwan Miller<br />
  2. 2. … 10<br /> Publicizing your WordPress blog to Twitter<br />…Does your blog need more publicity? …Are you upset your twitter only allows 140 characters?<br />Well here is a way you can post your blog posts to your Twitter page with a Click of a Button!<br />Simply logon to your WordPress account, Go to the My Account Tab in the top left corner, click on My Blogs, and where it says Publicize… click on Twitter. Easy as 1,2, 3….<br />
  3. 3. … 9<br /> The Language of Image<br />…Photo Types? …Single Elements? … Multiple Elements?<br />I had a feeling that there were different elements of photos but after enrolling in PoynterNewsU( course, “Language of Image”, I discovered that creating photography was much more complicated than I thought. Maybe this is PoynterNewsUidea of photographic elements, but I was intrigued that a picture could be purposely fixed to capture a particular essence.<br />Juxtaposition<br />Surprise<br />Rule of Thirds<br />Contrast of two images to create irony. In this picture, there is a factory that is polluting God’s Earth against a Religious Mosque.<br />Picture Divided in Visual Thirds<br />In this picture, there are three generations of a family eating ice cream.<br />The Unexpected… Humor<br />In this picture, the famous Lucille Ball is surprised in a famous satire comedy, I Love Lucy!<br />
  4. 4. … 8<br /> The Popularity of the color… Blue<br />“…Bluueeeeee, Oh, so lonesome for you” – LeAnn Rimes<br />Ever since I could color with Crayola crayons, use color blocks, and play with Play-Doh; my favorite color has always been blue. It is somewhat cool to know that it is also readers most popular color. The transparent and soothing color that reminds many of the sky or infinite oceans, create a subjective impression of fearfulness. <br />In publications, the color blue is…<br /><ul><li>The most dominant color
  5. 5. “the safest color to use in publications”
  6. 6. Preferred by readers 13 and older (THAT’S A BIG RANGE!)</li></li></ul><li> … 7<br /> The Possibilities of a Blog!<br />…Where my bloggers at?<br />Honestly, I HATE BLOGS! I thought it would be a waste of time, but I was required to do it in Mrs. Nixon Publications class. Throughout the semester, I did my assigned blog posts, did the necessary categories and tags, and created a creative and appealing design. However, that was it.<br />But… as I looked at some of my classmates pretty impressive blogs, I realized that blogs are a great networking tool! They can be created to show one’s personality and work; a GREAT way to sell yourself to potential employers. So.. Maybe I’ll continue my blog, but leave the class work out!<br />POSSIBLE BLOGS!<br /><br /><br /><br />
  7. 7. … 6<br /> Eagle Print Shop!<br />…The Cheapest Print Shop in America, in the world?<br />So my Publication classes took a field trip to the Georgia Southern Eagle Print Shop, and I learned that their prices are EXTREMELY FRUGAL(Yes, I used an SAT word!) I think I found a new printing best friend! And what’s best, is that you can use their services.. Even when u LEAVE Georgia Southern. That means, I could be in Wasilla Alaska, and have all my printing supplies shipped to me. So folks… take advantage. I’ll leave you with contact information.<br />Located at Centennial Place on the corner of… Georgia Avenue and Forrest Drive. <br />Statesboro, GA 30460.<br />912-478-5697<br />Hours of operation: Mon-Fri., 8 a.m.-5 p.m.<br />
  8. 8. … 5<br /> Business Cards<br />…Simple networking tool<br />I had to create a business card. It was ok! Nothing special. Simple. I like simple. I think I’m a simple guy. Ok.. Enough of my rant! But business cards are IMPORTANT! I realized that when I went to a LEAP Certification mixer, in which I networked with many faculty and staff. Unknowingly, the person who collected the most business cards would receive a prize at the end of the night. I only collected two, and lost. However, it pressed the point that aspiring PR leaders should always collect, and carry business cards as a networking tool. It may be the only thing they remember you by.<br />
  9. 9. … 4<br /> Process of Creating a Publication<br />…More complex than I thought<br />I have been making flyers since I have been in elementary school, but never have I learned so much since taking Mrs. Nixon class. She would show a flyer in class, and asked what was wrong with it. I would find the smallest details, that actually would have made it better. Now when designing a publication, I make sure I use details when creating alignment (layout of items among lines), proximity (unifying items), typography, and the overall creativity of the publication. I think I have a key EYE for DESIGN! Hey.. That rhymed!<br />What is wrong with these flyers?<br />
  10. 10. … 3<br /> Adobe InDesign<br />…itssss GREEEAT!<br />I have created many publications on Microsoft Publisher, thinking I was creating a work of art. But as I have learned some of the ins and outs of Adobe InDesign, I realized that it is a much better program. It offers much more features and options than Publisher, and is more compatible with printing options. I will now use this program to create Publications necessary for my employers or clients.<br />
  11. 11. … 2<br /> Understanding your Client<br />…One of the most important rules…<br />When creating my brochure, my first existing draft fitted my personality. I showed my client, and I asked him to be completely honest, and he honestly did not like it. He thought it was nice, but it did not represent them to the best he believed. A practitioner can create one of the best publications, but if it does not fit what your client wants, you wasted your time. It is important to get a feel of what fits them best, and not use your own personal opinions to create the entire piece. <br />
  12. 12. DRUMROLL PLEASE…….<br />
  13. 13. … 1<br /> KNOW PHOTOSHOP!<br />…THE GOLDEN RULE<br />It is IMPOSSIBLE in my opinion to create a successful publication, without knowing the fundamentals of Photoshop. Photoshop can turn your publication from BLAH!! to REVOLUTIONARY! While creating my brochure, I would spend hours trying to successfully learn something. It inspired me to enroll in a Desktop Publishing class my Spring semester, and I inspire others to the same. Learning Photoshop is evolving from a special skill to a required qualification. Purchase any Photoshop version and HAVE FUN!<br />