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Link-Building for Startups--General Assembly


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This is a presentation for General Assembly's class on link-building for startups. It was presented on May 3rd, 2011.

Published in: Business, Technology, Design
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Link-Building for Startups--General Assembly

  1. 1. LINK-BUILDING FOR STARTUPS Or: What the “business guy” can do when the tech guy is busy building something amazing.
  2. 2. WHY LINK-BUILDING?• Skills required: can you type? Are you sane? Do you have a cool story? Do you have a highly variable amount of free time?• Core of PR, SEO.
  3. 3. A WORD ON ALGORITHMS• Search engines look for: – Authority – Relevance – “Brandedness” – Timeliness – Location – + much much more.
  4. 4. IDENTIFY YOUR AUDIENCE(S!)• Two constituencies: who buys and who links.• Popularity arbitrage.• The “Boring” paradox.
  5. 5. GETTING BLOGGERS TO LIKE YOU / LINK YOU• Fundamental laziness (in a good way)• Deference to experts• …who are defined as “anyone who says something interesting.”
  6. 6. GETTING JOURNALISTS TO LIKE YOU• Also fundamentally lazy (also in a good way)• Need more plausible deniability• “…it is far safer to be feared than loved.”
  7. 7. GUEST-BLOGGING• It’s cheesy, but it works.• Commenter > emailer > guest-blogger > repeat.
  8. 8. UNSUNG HEROES• Your alma mater• Professional organizations• Brand mentions > links• Partners• Coworkers
  9. 9. FUN WITH Q&A SITES• Be your own Demand Media.• Lurk.• Answer.• Canonicalize.• Repeat.
  10. 10. ISN’T SEO DEAD?• In some cases, sure.• Maturing industry.• It’s a growth industry.• Economics still favor the miserly workaholic.
  11. 11. 3 EASY WAYS TO GET STARTED• Copy Competitors: – – –• Answer Questions – (search + RSS)• Take Credit – Google tools: “alerts” and “related”
  12. 12. CASE STUDIES, Q&A, ETC.• Granite Countertops and Baseball• “The Tax Rascal”• Targeting the Pre-K market via Halo 2.• Frenemies at the NYT and TC.For