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Tuesday Meeting Powerpoint 10 30 2018


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Published in: Education
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Tuesday Meeting Powerpoint 10 30 2018

  1. 1. Leo Club Meeting October 30th, 2018 By: Jaiden and Loraine
  2. 2. Thank you to those who volunteered for: Bonsor Big Boo Goodie Bag Making (Halloween Carnival) Cookie Baking Day (Halloween Carnival) Haunted House Setup (D1 & D2)
  3. 3. upcUpcoming Events...
  4. 4. Halloween House Setup Senior Chair: Umamah Junior Chairs: Alexei and Ruby Date: October 30th Time: After School Where: Byrne Creek Community School
  5. 5. Volunteers: Raine, Sean, Cherry, Loraine, Digi, Tia, Weibin, Sam ,Silvia, Aleksandra, Harnee, Jane, Youna, Christeena, Andy, Riccardo, Kison, Sampson, Alexi, Denisse, Ghinbar, Joseph, Meagan, Silvia, Cole, Claire, Pun Pun, Leanna, Michelle, Mae, Ian
  6. 6. Halloween Carnival Senior Consultant: Umamah Jr. Chair: Raine, Loraine, Jessa, Sam Date: Wednesday, October 31st Time: Blocks A-D (all day!) Where: Byrne Creek Community School
  7. 7. Volunteers: Jane, Digi, Sean, Cherry, Kison, Sampson, Justin V., Christeena, Ghinbar, Silvia, Andy, Harnee, Tia, Weibin, Aleksandra, Tooba, Umamah, Alex, Mae, Alexi,, Youna, Meagan, Cole, Ghadeer, Alisha, Karmanpreet (A-B) Sampson (no C), Jaiden (A-B) Michelle (A-C) Claire (B-C) Jeryl (C) , Abbie (B-C), Muhammed (C-D)
  8. 8. Community TeaChairs: Irene and Alexei Junior Chair: Andy, Raine Date: Friday, November 23 Time: 8:30 - 3:30 Where: Byrne Creek Community School Volunteers: ALL EXECS
  9. 9. Sponsor/Teacher Comments?