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Tuesday Meeting Powerpoint 05 14 2019


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Tuesday Meeting Powerpoint 05 14 2019

  1. 1. Leo Meeting May 14, 2019 By: Sampson and Tia
  2. 2. Thank you to those who volunteered for: Grade 7 Orientation
  3. 3. Upcoming events
  4. 4. School Leaving Ceremony Senior Consultant: Cara and Mohammed Chairs: Alexi, Digi, Cherry, Christeena When: Thursday, May 23, 3:30PM-9:00PM Volunteers: Vincent, Sheree, Patrick, Christeena, Megan, Cherry, Jane, Kison, Mohammed, Denisse, Xzyanah, Ruby, Aleksandra Rehearsals: Wed, May 22nd. Lunch to D Block 8 Volunteers: Aleksandra, Alexi, Digi, Cherry, Christeena, Cara, Sheree, Vincent, Mohammed
  5. 5. Grad Ceremony Rehearsal Senior Consultant: Ms. Fujiki Chairs: Digi, Cherry & Alexi When: Wednesday, May 22nd When: Block C & D (leaving during lunch, so bring your own food) What: Organizing and helping Ms. Fujiki We need 7 volunteers ( +3 chairs)
  6. 6. V.I.C.F Key Volunteers: Ian, Justin M., Umamah, Irene, Abbie, Jaiden, Alexei, Hannah Where: Granville Island Date: May 27th - June 2nd. To sign up online: Go to and click Volunteer. Scroll down and under “Join The Team,” click the Volunteer Registration Form.
  7. 7. Maywood Carnival Senior Consultants: Alexei and Andy Chair: Aleksandra, Karmanpreet, Justin V. When: Friday, May 24th, 5pm - 9pm What: Interact with kids in Maywood Community school near Metrotown!
  8. 8. Volunteers: Volunteers: Umamah, Patrick, Tooba, Seok, Mae, Alexi, Justin M., Alexei, Digi, Andy, Jane, Mehar, Cara, Elisha, Mo, Sampson, Michelle, Leanna, Angela, Kison, Sheree, Meagan, Raine, Christeena, Cherry, Rabee, Madison, Gabreal (?), Xzyanah, Victor Y., Julian, Vincent , Silvia(32/35)
  9. 9. Run for H20 Senior Consultant: Mae Chairs: Elisha & Michelle When: Early in the morning Saturday, June 15, 2019 There will be an orientation What: Every year, the run raises money for water for Guatemala. Volunteer at the run and support HOPE!
  10. 10. Volunteers: Aleksandra, Alexi, Digi, Angela, Irene (?), Meagan?, Raine, Christeena, Sheree, Tia, Ruby, Denisse , Silvia (BE THERE BY 7:30) Runners: Sampson, Alexei, First, Wayne, Cara, Patrick Reminder: When you register as a volunteer, go on to the website: Orientation Dates: Wednesday, May 29, 7-8: 30 pm and Sunday, June 3, 7-8: 30 pm at Lord's Love Church 645 47 Ave E, Vancouver
  11. 11. The CeLEObration Senior Consultants: Irene and Elisha Senior Chairs: Karmanpreet, Leanna, Alexei Junior Chairs: Sheree and Loraine When: Friday, June 7th, 2019 Time: 3:30 - 8:30 (Starts at 6:00 PM) - Atrium This event is exactly like the Thanksgiving Dinner but we do not provide the food, those who are attending will bring their own. EXECS are expected to ATTEND + BRING THEIR OWN DISH
  12. 12. Sponsor/Teacher Comments:
  13. 13. Sign Up Sheets Maywood Carnival Run for H20 Vancouver International Children’s Festival Sign up is online at childrensfestival. ca The CeLEObration School Leaving Ceromony Projector