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Tuesday Meeting Powerpoint 04 30 2019


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Published in: Education
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Tuesday Meeting Powerpoint 04 30 2019

  1. 1. By: Irene and Elisha April 30,2019 Leo General Meeting
  2. 2. If you haven’t already...Sign up at!
  3. 3. Shoutout to those who attended: Byrne Creek Famine 2019!!!
  4. 4. U P C O M I N G E V E N T S . . . .
  5. 5. Chairs: Digi, Mehar, Christeena, Aleksandra Senior Consultant: Wilson Where: Byrne Creek Dates: Wednesday, May 1st - Saturday, May 4th Time: 4pm - 8pm Dress code: Semi-Formal (white top and black bottom) Spring Theatre Production: The 12 Jurors
  6. 6. VOLUNTEERS: WEDNESDAY: Kison, Justin M., Alexei, Tooba, Michelle, Jane, Andy, Leanna, Cherry, Doug THURSDAY: First, Leanna, Tooba, Sheree, Alexi, Jane, Kison, Cherry, Doug FRIDAY: Alexei, Jane, Tooba, Leanna, Michelle, Kison, Irene, Cara, First, Alexi, Sherri, Karmanpreet, Silvia, Doug ALL DAYS: Kison, Tooba, Leanna, Cherry, Doug
  7. 7. Hope International Dinner Chairs: Leanna and Michelle Date: Saturday, May 4th Time: Meet at Edmonds Skytrain @ 2:30pm Dress Code: White dress shirt, black bottom
  8. 8. VOLUNTEERS: Volunteers: Alexei (?), Irene, Michelle, Leanna, Aleksandra, Tia, Angela, Patrick, Raine, Tooba, First, Meagan, Christeena, Alexi, Sam, Loraine, Weibin, Andy, Francine (?), Sampson, Silvia, Sheree, Seok, Cherry, Cara, Jane, Mehar, Digi, Andrea, Doug
  9. 9. Grade 7 Visitation Chairs: Irene and Elisha When: Thursday, May 9th Time: C & D block What: Tour guides
  10. 10. VOLUNTEERS: Digi, Andy, Alexei, Sam, Meagan, Tooba, Raine, Christeena, Aleksandra, Harnee, Sheree, Alexi, Loraine, Gabby, Elisha, Leanna, Michelle, Justin V., Irene, Shahd, Ian, Doug, Elijah, Travis, Marc, Aeisha, Ruby, Renee, Xzyanah, Christine, Ria, Denisse, Sean T., Markus, Zephaniah, Ian O., Joseph
  11. 11. Maywood Carnival Senior Consultants: Alexei and Andy Chairs: Aleksandra, Justin V. and Karmanpreet Date: May 24th Time: 5pm-9pm What: Interact with kids in Maywood elementary school
  12. 12. VOLUNTEERS Umamah, Patrick, Tooba, Jaewhan, Mae, Alexi, Justin M., Alexei, Digi, Andy, Jane, Mehar, Cara, Elisha, Mo, Sampson, Michelle, Leanna, Angela, Kison, Sheree, Meagan, Raine, Christeena, Cherry, Rabee, Madison
  13. 13. Vancouver International Children’s Festival Key Volunteers: Ian, Justin M., Umamah, Irene, Abbie, Jaiden, Alexei, Hannah Where: Granville Island Date: May 27th - June 2nd. To sign up online: Go to and click Volunteer. Scroll down and under “Join The Team,” click the Volunteer Registration Form.
  14. 14. Run for H2O Chairs: Michelle and Elisha Senior Consultant: Mae When: Saturday, June 15 Time: TBA What: Every year, the run raises money for water for Guatemala. Run or Volunteer. *there will be an orientation (TBA)*
  15. 15. VOLUNTEERS: Aleksandra, Alexi, Digi, Angela, Irene (?), Meagan?, Raine, Christeena, Sheree, Tia, Participants: Sampson, Alexei, First, Wayne, Cara
  17. 17. Sign Up Sheets Projector Theatre Production HOPE International/ Run for H20 Grade 7 Visitation Maywood Carnival Vancouver International Children’s Festival Sign up is online at childrensfestiv