Nov 27 Leo Meeting


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Nov 27 Leo Meeting

  1. 1. LEO MEETING Tuesday Nov 27, 2012
  2. 2. Meeting Courtesies• Please be respectful during the meetings(dont make a mess and listen quietly)• Dont ask questions until the presenter is done talking• Please return chairs and clean up the area• Only start packing up after the meeting is ajourned• Use the table clothes• Take away all of your garbage and dont dump food into the sinks!
  3. 3. Sign-up on if youhave not already and remember toget a Leo shirt for only 10 dollars.
  4. 4. A BIG THANK YOU…Goes to those who participated in… The Festival of Lights
  5. 5. SBNH Christmas Gift Wrapping• Metrotown, outside of the Disney store• Friday Nov 23rd to Monday Dec 24th• Mandatory Orientation last Wednesday• No longer accepting anymore volunteers• Remember to keep a record of your own hours• Check your emails for your own specific schedules
  6. 6. Volunteer List Twinkle Perfecto Raphaella Robles Chiu Yi Ho Ashley Cayabyab Molly Yang Michelle Kurtagich Charmaine Shi Jacky Chen Maggie Fang Hanz Cruz Jessica Lusuegro Rebecca Yet
  7. 7. Child Minding• Wednesday Nov 28 from 6:45 to 9:15pm in the community room• No longer requiring more volunteers
  8. 8. Child Minding Volunteers Richard Robles Raphaella Robles Twinkle Perfecto Ashley Cayabyab Erika Tajiri Sharon Lam Jeffery Lam Insan Hage-Hassan Joyce Kam
  9. 9. Edmonds Community Centre Volunteer Tea • Edmonds• Thursday Nov 29th Community Center from 2:00 to 3:30pm. 7282 Kingway• You will be missing block D• Performers only (Instrumental, choral, entertainer, etc...)
  10. 10. Edmonds Community Centre Volunteer Tea Volunteers! Edward Chanco Maggie Fang Nicole Jingco Maggie Lee Jessica Lusuegro Leon Wu Molly Yang
  11. 11. Christmas Luncheon• For new immigrant students• There will be arts, crafts, games, activities and caroling• Monday Dec 17th Blocks C and D• Mrs. Fujikis Room• 5 -10 volunteers per block!
  12. 12. Christmas Card competition• Christmas Card Design competition• Hand in by next Tuesday Dec 4th• Please pick up application form to hand in with design!• There will be prizes for the best artwork!• One page 8.5 x 11”, Christmas holiday themed• It can be either hand-drawn or electronically done• Best designs will used for Byrne Creek Christmas Card Sales!• **Will need volunteers to sell during lunch!!**
  13. 13. Christmas Food Sale!• Wednesday Dec. 19• Leo Club Year End Fundraiser• Goal: To support the Byrne Creek Music Program• Sugary/oily foods not allowed (in high content)• Multicultural Food• Provide ingredient list
  14. 14. Larceny & Old Lace• Theatre Company Production• Dec. 12-15 (Wednesday – Saturday)• Volunteers: 5-9:00pm• Priority given to those who can attend all days• Need around 10 committed volunteers• Do not expect to be able to watch!• Dress code: white top, black bottom & shoes (formal)
  15. 15. Sponsor Teacher Comments 
  16. 16. List of VolunteersSNBH Christmas Gift Edmonds Community Ctr Wrapping Child Minding Volunteer Tea
  17. 17. Sign-up Tables Edmonds Community Christmas Ctr Volunteer Tea Luncheon (Performers only!) Card Competition Applications Larceny & OldDeadline is Tuesday Dec 4th Lace Christmas Card Christmas Food Selling @ Lunch Sale!