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Leo powerpoint sept 29

Leo Club PowerPoint 9/29/15

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Leo powerpoint sept 29

  1. 1. MEETING POWERPOINT September 29, 2015 By: Ian Chu and Ashley Cayabyab
  2. 2. MEETING COURTESIES • Please remain quiet during the meeting • Remember to use the tablecloths as to not spill food on the tables •Kindly fold and put tablecloths away after the meeting
  3. 3. MEMBERSHIP New and returning members must please sign up on our website to ensure that your hours will be recorded. Step 1: go to Step 2: click on membership applications Step 3: click and launch general leo application and fill it out!
  4. 4. THANK YOU to everyone that volunteered for •Clubs day poster meeting •Meet the teacher night •Grade 7 Music Rental •Club’s Day •Thanksgiving Dinner Poster Meeting
  5. 5. Thanksgiving Dinner Chairs: Maggie Lee and Twinkle Perfecto Date: Friday, October 16 Time: 6-9PM Meeting Place: B102 Set up begins afterschool Dress Code: Leo Shirts
  6. 6. HALLOWEEN CARNIVAL Chairs: Ashley Cayabyab and Janice Huang Date: Friday, October 30 (tentative) Time: Block B, C, D Dress Code: Halloween Costumes!!
  7. 7. Halloween Carnival Set Up Chairs: Gio Dulay, Averrie Aniban and Erika Moje Date: Thursday, October 29 Time: Afterschool Meet at room B102
  9. 9. Halloween Fieldtrip Chairs: Ivan Endrinal Date: October 30 (tentative) Time: TBA *more information will be held*
  10. 10. SENIORS TEA Chairs: Michelle Kurtagich and Raphaella Robles Date: November 27 (tentative) Time: TBA
  11. 11. Multicultural Potluck Chairs: Kimika Ozawa, Sojin Lim, Ella Soriano Date: November 20th (tentative) Time: TBA
  12. 12. Sponsor Teacher Comments?
  13. 13. presentation Halloween Carnnival Halloween carnival set up Thanksgiving Dinner Halloween Field Trip Multicultural potluck Seniors tea Sign Up Sheets