Leo meeting dec 3


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Leo meeting dec 3

  1. 1. Leo Club Meeting December 3rd, 2013 Bowaine Ma & Rebecca Yet
  2. 2. Meeting Courtesies • Remain quiet during the meeting • Use tablecloths • Clean up after yourselves
  3. 3. Our Website If you did not know, the Byrne Creek Leo Club has a website! ByrneCreek.info On the website, you can sign-up as a member, view meeting powerpoints, see executive meeting minutes, and much more!
  4. 4. Absences If you are unable to attend an event that you have signed up for, please find a replacement and inform an executive in charge of the event or email ByrneCreekLeoClub@gmail.com at least 48 hours in advance. Failure to do so may result in a strike, and with 3 strikes, you will not be considered for future events that require dedicated members.
  5. 5. Service Hours If you would like to confirm that the hours we have on record for you are correct, then please fill out a service hours form and hand in to Ms. Fujiki. Forms can be obtained from Student Services or B102 (Ms. Fujiki’s room) Completed forms are due December 13th, 2013– hand in to Ms. Fujiki
  6. 6. Dress Code Unless otherwise stated, the dress code for all events is your blue LEO T-shirt. LEO T-Shirts may be purchased from Ms. Fujiki in B102 for $10 each.
  7. 7. Santa Grams Preparation When: December 3rd (Today) & 5th (Thursday) Where: Afterschool in B102 Help make Christmas gift boxes to be sold at school! Proceeds from the sale will go towards the Rare Disease Foundation.
  8. 8. Pancake Breakfast @ 2nd Street Where: 2nd Street Elementary School When: December 7th, 2013 (Saturday) 9:00am – 11:00am Dress Code: Leo Shirt 4 Volunteers needed
  9. 9. Multicultural Potluck & Performances When: December 16th, 2013 (Monday) 3:15pm – 8:00pm Where: At Byrne Creek If interested in performing, contact Clarissa Chiang (clarissa.chiang@byrnecreek.info)
  10. 10. Class of 2014, leave your mark at the school! Paint a ceiling tile and leave behind your legacy. Tiles are $8 each, and may be purchased in the atrium. Tiles may be painted alone or in groups during tutorial or afterschool on December 4th and 11th. More information and sign-up is available in the atrium at lunch.
  11. 11. Science Club Just a reminder that Science Club meets in here (B104) every Monday at lunch! If you have a passion for science, come check it out!
  12. 12. Sponsor Teacher Comments
  13. 13. Sign Up Tables Projector Pancake Breakfast @ 2nd Street Multicultural Potluck & Performances Santa Grams Preparation Thank you for listening!