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Leo club powerpoint april 18, 2017


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Byrne creek Leo club, Tuesday general meeting

Published in: Education
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Leo club powerpoint april 18, 2017

  1. 1. Leo Club Meeting April 18th, 2017 Ian and Averrie
  2. 2. Upcoming Events...
  3. 3. National Canadian Film Days at ECC When: Tuesday, April 18 and Thursday, April 20 Time: 5:30 pm to 9:00 pm Where: Edmonds Community Centre Active Studio What: Volunteers will help with photo booth, ticket distribution, and room setup, refreshment table, popcorn bag decoration station, drink mixing, garbage patrol ● 3 volunteers per day ONLY.. anyone interested? ○ Tuesday: ○ Thursday:
  4. 4. Byrne Creek 30-Hour Famine PLEDGING Chairs: Alina and Becky Date: April 19th to 26th at 4:30pm An opportunity to go around the neighborhood to pledge for your OWN donation fee if you are in short of money. *Anyone who is interested please sign up and state the dates you wish to pledge*
  5. 5. Reminders... VPA Productions: The Outsiders Chairs: Anthony and Dustin Date: April 19 - 22nd (wednesday to thursday) Time: 5:30 to 9:00 pm Dress Code: semi-formal (white top and black bottom)
  6. 6. Volunteers Elisha Jihwan Kiana Eric Mandy Jovani Justin Tony Tejawn Kison Leanna
  7. 7. Book Sale Chairs: Belle and Irene Date: April 20 (THURSDAY) at LUNCH 25 cents/book or exchange your book with a different one Volunteers: Alessandra Diotti, Gianmarco Luu, Alexi, Elijah Pizarro, Juan Mendosa, Kison
  8. 8. Vancouver Sun Run Chairs: Mohammed and Ian Date: THIS SUNDAY, April 23 Time: 8:00 @ Edmonds Skytrain... latest 8:15! Please contact the chairs if you are late Pick up your T-shirts at Ms. Fujiki’s room
  9. 9. Lunch after Sun Run Date: April 23rd, 2017 (Sunday) Time: After Sun Run Location: TBD Cost: ~$13
  10. 10. Pride Dance Chairs: Irene Date: April 27, 2017 (Thursday) Time: 3:20 for setup and decorations 4:30 for coat check Dress Code: TBA (maybe semi formal) NEED MORE VOLUNTEERS to help with set up About this event: ● District wide event happening at Byrne Creek ● This event is to raise awareness for LGBTQ
  11. 11. Byrne Creek 30-Hour Famine Chairs: Eric, Jihwan and Irene Date: April 28 to 29 Participation: minimum $25 donation Forms are due THIS FRIDAY 3:30 pm! Luggage Check in starts at 8:00 am, Friday
  12. 12. Participants: All executives = around 45 students
  13. 13. Volunteers: Erika, Anthony Alina, Gio, Averrie Ian, Janice, Allen Justin, Riza, Meijia Youjin, Kiana, Juan
  14. 14. Edmonds Spring Cleaning Chairs: Averrie and Riza Date: May 6th Time: 10:30 am to 1:00 pm Where: Edmonds Community Centre A gathering for all “City of Burnaby” volunteers!
  15. 15. Volunteers: Janice Erika Allen Alexie Gio Danakin Meijia Elijah Ian Chu Jihwan Juan Kison Alina Nina Samson Tony
  16. 16. Vancouver International Children’s Festival Chairs: Averrie and Eric Date: May 29th to June 4th Volunteers expect to receive an email from the organization and from us. After you receive both emails please email US back for confirmation or any alterations.
  17. 17. Volunteers: Thea Angelika Averrie Kristin Erin Eric Irene Alessandra Gio Becky Riza Lorraine Emma Kaya Hojung Jan Alina Gianmarco Janice Justin Boshra Erika Phuong Elijah Elisha Abbie Danakin Jihwan Michelle Leanna Alexei
  18. 18. Sponsor Teacher Comments
  19. 19. Projector National Canadian Film Days at ECC Pride Dance Lunch @ Sura Korean Cuisine 30-Hour Famine Forms 30-Hour Famine Pledging Edmonds Spring Cleaning